Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas Adventures :)

So I've kind of managed to pick out the best of our pre-Christmas  "Scarborough,Whitby,York adventure" photographs. It was a mad hit the road and zooom kind of trip , no luxuries or pampering , just run and pack in as much as we could in the time that we had :) It was a bit mad but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Once we had dropped the Angels of and ensured they were happy and settled we set straight off, but it still took us nearly 4 hours to reach our first destination of Scarborough, but what a beautiful night scene we were greeted with ...  
Scarborough at Night! With it being Winter I hadn't expected there to be tooo much activity going on, and mostly everything was closed up, but the Christmas lights still made everything look special, even the dark and cold beach ... 
We still managed to have a little play and run around on the beach...purely to warm up of course , because it was fffffffreeeezing!
I'm not tooo sure what the locals out walking their dogs thought of us but we did get a few funny looks as we were playing tag in the dark on the beach ... but it does warm you up! :)
All that running left us hungry so we went hunting for a supper of 'Fish & Chips' ..a must have at the seaside ..lol! Everyone was soooo famished that I didn't manage to get a photo of our huge portions before they were gobbled up and there's nothing like fresh seaside fish and chips ...very yummy :)

We were all still kind of buzzing with the excitement of our adventure, so we decided to head up the coast a ways to Whitby to see if we could find and witches and ghooooulies :)
Whitby is a lovely olde worlde coastal town, very sweet and picturesque in the daytime ... we  of course were visiting in the, cold and dark, ready to be spooked and scared, Sadly we didn't find any witches or vampires ... although at times I did feel I was out with a pack of Ghouls .. . hehe
We were cold and shivering but we did enjoy wandering down the cobbled streets...
and doing so Christmas window shopping ... Hubby's favourite kind of shopping ..haha ;)
All the little streets lead upwards towards Whitby's most notorious spot ...
The formidable 199 steps...
That lead onwards and upwards to Whitby's spooky Graveyard , Church and spectacular Abbey...
I absolutely LOVE this photo of the grave yard that Hubby took, it reeeaally does capture how dark and spooky it was up there :) The atmosphere is fantastic if you enjoy people jumping out from behind gravestones and making you squeal with delight ... which we did in a very respectable way ... we didn't want to disturb the residents and wake anyone up ...some of those graves have been there for hundreds of years!
The Abbey itself was closed naturally and we couldn't get too close ... not that I'd want to it was quite eerie up there in the dark, we had to use the lights from our mobile phones and camera's to see where we were going, no street lights up there ...it disturbs the Vampires ;)
And if you are brave enough to turn your back on the graveyard there is a beautiful view of Whitby below to enjoy..

When we'd had our fill of scary gravestones and spookiness we headed back down the 199 stairs  and headed back towards the warmth and safety of the car. Unfortunately my scariest and most embarrassing moment was yet to happen ... :(
As we walked down yet another silent,  dark and very possibly haunted street ...
I ... much to the delight of my younger companions, 3 of whom I might add are blood relations!!  I suffered a most terrifying experience ... just as I was passing a particularly dark and desolate spot, I was scared half to death by and very old and very bent lady opening a very rusty and creaky gate and suddenly I found myself surrounded by about 1/2 dozen or more black cats ... I have to be honest and report that I lost all dignity and screamed like a banshee and found myself in the rather delicate position of having wee'd myself!!  I was scared ... really scared ... it happens to ladies of a certain age ... it also seems to happen to me a lot, do I need to seek medical attention, or just get some bigger knickers? !!! Sadly I think I may have scared the little old lady too :(  It was a most perturbing incident, but amidst all my distress Hubby did manage to snap a quick picture before all the cats disappeared to who knows where ...just to add substance to my woeful tale.. Such a comforting Sir Galahad ...Not! :)

By this time it was getting quite late and we were cold through to the bone, so we headed back to our youth hostel and mugs of hot chocolate with lashing of whipped cream marshmallows, chocolate biscuits and a pair of very snuggly and dry Pyjama's. Our 'dorm' was a room made up of 3 sets of bunk beds and it was every man woman and child for themselves in grabbing a bunk ... I did pull matriarchal rights and insist on having a bottom bunk ... toooo many times in my life have I fallen out of the top bunk ..hahaha  Sleep came quickly and very comfortably I might add :)
We awoke in the morning to this beautiful North Coast view ...

Makes you feel happy to be alive ... as long as you are snuggled up in your thick coat, and woolly hat scarf and mittens ...hehe  
This is what our Youth Hostel looked like in the daylight, we were quite impressed ... it was very basic, but clean and perfectly suitable  for our needs. Hubby and I even thought it had positive potential as a possible holiday retreat to bring the Angels to ... as in nothing breakable  inside ...hahaha
When you go to the seaside, you have to have ice cream ... its another unwritten rule of life!   :))  We didn't want to break that rule, so for breakfast we headed into Scarborough and the infamous Harbour Bar and had ice-creams breakfasts ... much to the bemusement of the locals popping in for their coffee and toast. I had the Black Cherry Amour and  I can tell you it was even yummier in real life as it looks in the photo!
We are now back in the car and on schedule to hit the last leg of our adventure, so with a full tank of diesel we head back inland towards the city of York. A little bit of snoozing along the way ... fortunately driver hubby didn't need my navigational skills ... it was pretty much a straight road there ...lol
After just under an hours travel we were there ...
As we pulled up to these traffic lights our excitement was mounting as we saw the old walls and gates ( I think this was Monks Gate) It wasn't quite noon but already we could see the crowds of last minute festive shoppers building.
York is a beautiful city to visit, full of history and a magically olde worlde charm that just makes your heart sing. Down every cobbled street, around every corner there is something to gasp and marvel at, glimpses everywhere of a city rich in history from the Vikings and Romans to Dickensian and modern day enticements. The little streets lined with cobbles and buildings leaning so far inwards their roofs nearly touch, are filled with soooo many treats and temptations ... the only thing you can do is wander up and down, get lost and simply enjoy the wonderful atmosphere  ...

I think everyone loves the quirkiness of 'The Shambles' and I certainly did, there's nothing more Christmassy than peaking into little corners and hunting down your own treasures. We had a lovely afternoon wandering around, sampling foods from the St Nicholas Fayre, watching jesters and street entertainers. We managed to drag ourselves away from the festiveness of the town to enjoy the experience of the Yorvik centre which is just the place to go to experience Viking life ... fabulous, we loved it ... although sadly you can't take photos inside and I rather stupidly forgot to buy a magazine guide on the way out ... but when you buy your ticket it lasts for a whole year so you can go back as often as you like ... another visit is needed I think :)

On our whirlwind visit we also managed to see York Castle ...from a distance  hehehe

And the spectacular York Minster ... WOW! ..  Spectacular!!!  Because it was a Sunday we weren't allowed in but we walked all the way around it and it is truly a breath taking wonder, absolutely beautiful!
We had hoped to walk around the walls of York but sadly we were just too late before the gates were closed at dusk ... hubby was very disappointed ... but yet another reason to return   :)
I was tempted by some treasures in those magical shops, I couldn't resist this beautiful Bolivian teensy nativity
I didn't notice at the time ... Jacob very graciously pointed it out to me  ;)   but the donkey looks like he's had a little accident ...lol! Reminds me of someone else prone to piddly accidents ...hahaha
I also couldn't resist this sweet little woollen Santa, he came with his own sack too and was just too precious to leave behind  ;)
So that's about it with our adventure, it was mad, fast and hair brained but oh so much fun!  :)Everyone enjoyed themselves running here there and everywhere. Niece Leah got to spend some mad time with her crazy English family, Mr Boyfriend said he enjoyed being with us, I don't think he's experienced randomness like us before ..haha  All tired and worn out but with happy smiley faces we made the journey home in plenty of time for snuggles with the Angels who'd enjoyed their own party festivities with their friend's at Maplewood.  I hope you were able to follow everything ... maybe you'd like to come along on our next adventure ?? hehehe 
Its time already now for the Old Year to end and the New one to begin. Hubby and I are home with our Angels snuggling and playing hide and seek...  Niece Leah and Jacob are out partying with some friends from Church. Abigael is down in London shivering with friends waiting for the fireworks to go off, we're trying to spot her on TV ...hehehe
Wishing you a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year  :)
Hugs Wendy x x 

Monday, 30 December 2013

My Mother has a lot to answer for ...!

She has a lot to answer for with her choice of Christmas gifts for the menfolk in my home this year. What sane woman buys not one but two footballs for 'boys' who just can't leave well alone and only kick footballs OUTSIDE!!!!??  I can only think she was suffering from a momentary episode of madness... that and she only had daughters so has never suffered the torturous 'kick-about' that routinely happens when the phenomena of  'boy sees ball=boy feel uncontrollable urge to kick ball'... it happens a lot in our house! :(   And men will be boys too, even when they are closing in on the big ... well, lets just say its a figure that I'd hoped would lead to more dignified gentlemanly behaviour but he seems to be regressing closer to the age of his 17  (nearly 18) year old son!
 LOOOOOOK ... what they did ...
My Favourite Santa! :((
Not Angelic damage to my favourite Santa ... unadulterated football damage !!!
 Mother, Mother, Mother! What have you done to me? I will forgive you because I love you and I know you have very long, very sharp  knitting needles and if I but ask you will loan me one to perform some intensive keyhole surgery on those footballs :) One more chance that's all I'm giving them, then I'm off round to collect those needles ... I've done it before (admittedly with a BIG kitchen knife ... I was very mad and it was very satisfying! ... so they know I hold no fear in doing it again!!) Just one more chance ...you have been warned!!
As you can see from the photo I have managed to glue the big corner piece that was broken off and what little bits that left which were glue-able, back together and its far from a perfect fix but  fortunately the break was at the back so hopefully won't be toooo noticeable .... but I'll know! }:(  (that's supposed to be a frowny face ...hahaha)

Now take a deep breath and relaaaaaax ... lol!

I'm still in the midst of sorting through our adventure to Scarborough and York ... looooads of photos to go through :) Bear with me I'll get there, I really need to do it before New Year so that I remember everything we did! So after my football trauma/rant I'll just share some of my stitching bits and bobs from over the holidays, they were all nice quick and easy stitches, the type you can do whilst watching a Christmas film and nibbling on goodies :)
This is 'Kringles Crow' by Threadwork Primitives, a lovely stitch, mine turned out a bit bigger because I used a random sized fabric that I thought was about the right count size ..hahaha... I like it a bit bigger so I'm happy :)
'Rudolph & Co.' by With thy Needle & Thread, I did this one on the proper sized fabric count :) And I even used the suggested Valdani threads  which gave the finished piece a lovely variegated effect , I particularly love the antlers on Rudolph :)
'Merry Primitive Christmas' was a freebie by The Primitive Hare. I actually stitched a few of these for gifts last year so I thought I'd do one for me too :)  I was reminded of it when I saw it on Pinterest as a 'Pin' from someones blog a week or so ago, they'd tweaked the design slightly by missing off the date and adding a few extra snowflakes ... I liked that so I blatantly copied it from the picture/pin ...but I'm soooo rubbish with Pinterest that I didn't manage to save it on a board and now I  can't quite find the blog it came from, which is a shame because her finish was really nice and I bet she'd had lots of yumminess to drool over .... some people are just very good at the way they photograph and present pictures on their blogs  :) So to the nameless lady who's idea I copied, thank you and sorry for no proper credit but I still think yours is far nicer than mine :)
A teensy bit of woolly love ...
'North Woods Santa' by Cotton Tails, I think this was kitted  by Primitive Gatherings but I'm not sure... I've had it in my stash for years. I had to use the flash to get a picture that showed the colours up a bit more, its quite dark in real life. I bent my tree the wrong way as I was stitching it ..lol.. I always have problems with reversing the design from the paper pattern onto the fabric and  bendy trees are my nemesis ..lol! In the pattern it's finished as a framed picture and I actually might have just the right frame under my sewing table in The Quiet Room to fit ... I might not too and it will be dooooomed to become another 'piano pillow' ...hahaha (You should know by now that all the pillows I make end up sat on the piano out of reach of sticky Angel fingers ...hehehe)
A few more easy stitches are left in my basket to keep me busy over the New Year holidays until everyone is back to Work, School College and University in January ... then I hope to get round to completing everything so that its already for next Christmas :)
I can hear a football bouncing out in the corridor ... it doesn't take them long to start again!! BOYS!!! I can see that at some point today I'll be making a phone call to my Mum ... sharpen your needles Mum I'm coming round!!! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Is it over yet ...?

..Is it safe to come out? Hahaha ... Only kidding, I don't reeeeeaaally wish Christmas was over and done with  .. well maybe a teensy bit ;)  We've had a very busy year, tiring, hectic, but FUN :)
I've only just found my little net book, it somehow got secreted away when we were in the midst of tidying up for all our visitors and I've only just found it hidden behind the sofa! Lots to share and tell, so I'll have to pace myself otherwise I'll still be typing at New Year ..lol! We had a lovely overnight adventure in Scarborough, Whitby and York just before Christmas and I'll write about that later with LOTS of photos :)  Today I'll just stick with the Christmas celebrations.

Usually we have just a small quiet family Christmas, just with Grandma and Grandad visiting, they're no bother to have as the behave very well, eat all their dinner and do as they are told ...hehehe
This year my Sisters daughter (my Niece) was over visiting from America so was an extra body to feed/entertain. She was sweet and lovely and very grown up since we last saw her with a decidedly marked American twang to her accent (not quite used to that yet) I suppose she has been away for over 10 years so its to be expected ..hahaha  The Angels were a little bit unsure of her but generally more interested in opening gifts and playing with the gift boxes and wrapping paper :)  Also this year we had added additions of the Mr Boyfriend and his Mum and her new Husband. Now before you go thinking how wonderful and lovely I am in extending an invite to them, I will be completely honest and say that whilst the invite was true and sincere, I really didn't expect them to take me up on it ... I know I know, how sincerely offered was it if I didn't want them to accept...  you know you've done the same thing ...just probably not for Christmas Day dinner ...lol! Anyways Mr Boyfriend's Mum and hubby had moved from Wales up to Lancashire and the house they are buying hit problems and so their move-in date has been put off until after the New Year, so they've been 'living' in a Travel Lodge Motel for the last month or so and even a Grumpy Grinchy like me couldn't bear the thoughts of them in a Motel/Hotel room for Christmas ... hence the 'if you don't get any other offers, come to us' invite. Well, they didn't get any other offers  ... but we won't go into that... sigh!
So it was 12 for Christmas Day and dinner. Now, we have a new cousin/niece the Angels don't really know, Mr Boyfriend's Mum who we'd never met before either, and ...saving the best until last... Mr Boyfriend's Mum's new husband is a lovely Ugandan gentleman (my favourite visitor of the day, he was soooo lovely) He also happens to be a beautiful dark cocoa chocolate colour, bald (as in shiny, polished with a beautiful sheen bald) and very dapper in his dress style ... as in his jeans looked like they came from Saville Row, London!  :)  Plenty of new, fresh, blood for the Angels to terrorise! Needless to say I'm sure you know who they were smitten with! ...the Angels don't see too many African people and were obviously quite taken, lots of touching and squeezing, fortunately no cleaning with a tissue ( like Mim did years ago to an African lady at Church) His lovely head did get a rub once or twice and Mim loved looking at his hands, turning them over and back again several times with the odd pinch here and there.  Ooops how to not welcome new guests into your home!He took it all very politely and kindly... not sure whether he's ever been examined in such a way before :)
 Dinner went as well as could be expected, when you have a house full of starving guests, a table that seats a maximum of 8 and little Angels hungry and crabby because its 3pm and dinner still hasn't been served! Jake and I ended up in the family room with the Angels watching a Film on TV, all eating our dinner on plates balanced on our knees ... we actually quite enjoyed it as opposed to been squashed at the table :)  I have to be honest and say it was a loooooooong day, we saw our final visitors leaving at 9pm! I was pooped, the Angels were fraught, and there was a kitchen full of dishes to clean :( To try and relax  we ended staying up late watching new DVD's and eating Christmas cake ...which turned out very scrummy indeed!! :)) We didn't get to bed until nearly 1am but it was the nicest time of the day all cuddled up on the sofa in new jammies snuggled under blankets :) The simple, QUIET life definitely suits us!

It's Saturday now (I think!) and the dishes and pots and pans are all finally cleaned and put away for another year ... Yes, its taken me that long to clean up!!! The house feels like its settling back into a more normal 'us' routine and I can feel my shoulder and neck tension  muscles finally relaxing :)

Whether it was to make up for the extra Christmas guests or just because I am loved and adorable ;)  hehehe   ... I was treated to lots of wonderful Christmas gifts ...
Jacob 'won' the gorgeous vintage basket off of EBay and filled it with my favourite magazine and chocolates from Thornton's. Santa aka Hubby did bring me a lovely new camera, its very sleek and black, a more updated version of my old one, which I've loved because its a 'dummies-point-and-click' type, although my new one has IS don't you know ... Image Stabiliser for those not in the techy know ;) ... its supposed to mean I take less wobbly, blurry photos ...hahaha we'll see!
Abi also is quickly becoming an EBay addict like her Mum and she 'won' some lovely goodies too, a beautiful edition of  Louise M Alcott's 'Good Wives', a rolling pin and apparently something else that hasn't arrived yet!
She also did the Angel-Mummy-gift-shopping (after Daddy's terrible, no-Angel-gifts-for-Mummy-result-last year!!! We never forget in our house ...hehehe) I got a sweet Cath Kidston travelling sewing kit and a cute jar for buttons. She also picked out a beautiful silver snowflake charm for my necklace ..
 Isn't it pretty?  I also got gloves and socks and smellies, lots of lovely treats :) I'm a very lucky and very loved Mummy!
My Mum (and Dad! hehe)  outdid herself again with her gifts ...
Lots of Woolie yumminess ... all kits! Yippeeeee :)) Don't you just luuuurve wish lists ...hehehe
And the added bonus of a visiting/travelling niece is  no postage/import and duty charges ... she can come visit anytime ...lol! All my Yummy wool kits came from 'Winterberry Cabin'.

Now I don't want you thinking that I was the only one that Santa visited this year ... although I am a very good girl! (much better behaved than everyone else in this house!!..hehehe) Santa did an early December visit and delivered this gift for certain young people who need access to a set of wheels so that they can get out and about, out on the town ... I think its called a social life! ;)  Lol!  ..
'Little Red' is a dinky car, a Nissan Micra, it's veeeerry slow, and most unsuitable for flash boy/girl racers ...hehehe... but very suitable for Mums and Dads that worry about speedy driving  and have to pay the insurance fees!! A perfect first car :) There were plenty of happy smiles when the  car keys were shared/handed out.

I have managed a few little bits of stitching here and there, but uploading the photos is taking soooooo long, I'll save them for next time. Its time now, to cuddle with my Angels and snuggle in for the evening :) I'll be back soon to share more adventures ....
Hugs Wendy x x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Sometimes ...

..I even amaze myself with my brilliance! :) What I've accomplished is probably normal rote for most people but for me my accomplishment was pretty outstanding ...hehehe  ....
I finally figured out how to use the printer to print onto fabric! :) I did have a hairy moment with my first attempt when the fabric got jammed in side the printer but fortunately as I was panicking and turning the printer upside down and shaking it a little flap flipped open and I was able to yank the fabric out the back ...phew! I did nearly have a middle aged woman episode in my panic  (its a brand new printer for hubby to use for his Degree thingy, we've only had it a week!) After my first near disaster I 'cleverly'  thought about ironing some fusible paper to the back of the fabric and wouldn't you know ... it slid thru' like butter and printed really well with no blurring ... I'm dead chuffed with myself :) And why did I go through this lengthy life changing process ? ...
So I could finish my Santa and Ewe cross-stitch into a cushion of course :) haha
It looks a bit lumpy here but sat on the piano it looks sweet. I'm quite please with how the music printing looks on the finished piece... yes I can say I'm like the cat that got the cream .. I'm very pleased with myself ..Lol!
I also managed to finish my December Cross stitch pocket ..
Its good to see it finished and hung up in time  :))
We've had a  busy week here in the Kirby Household, Abi is home from University with two lovely large suitcases of washing ... hoooray :)   She's back working every hour Asda (Supermarket) will give her to earn pennies for next term. Jacob, Esther and Miriam finished School and College today for the Christmas Holidays so we are all systems go, panic stations alert ...hehehe 
I made some gifts for the Angels Teachers, this year I went for mini Christmas Santa sacks ...
I made 18 of this little draw string pouches and filled them with chocolates and treats, these are the 'spare' 3 that were 'just-in-case-I-missed-someone'  I'm sure I can find someone 's' to help me empty them :)
Angel Esther brought home her own Christmas collection of home-mades, or rather class-mades :) ..
I love her Reindeer bauble, not sure how long that would last if I put it on the tree ..hehehe The bauble is sat in what I think is a clay votive candle holder, I love that its covered in Esthers pokey finger prints. I think the Santa block is for holding a placement card for at the dinner table ... I need to put in an order for another 5! Hahaha   We haven't 'pulled' the cracker yet, you have to save some surprises for the big day ...hehehe.
Earlier in the week on Abi's one free night from work we had a special family trip to the cinema  to see ...
The Hobbit!!! We are BIG Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans in our home and we couldn't wait to go see the second film of the Hobbit trilogy. Hubby wasn't sure it was as good as the first one but Jake and I loved it :) We also loved the hot dogs, popcorn, slushies and ice-cream ...oh yeah when we go to the cinema we go big!! (We don't go that often and actually we had a gift card that paid for all the treats ...usually I'm lucky to get a sniff of  the popcorn ...hehehe)  And our pre-Christmas excitement doesn't end there either, tomorrow the Angels have an overnight stay at Maplewood and hubby had the clever idea that to distract me from my miseries and missing my Angels, we could go on a mini Christmas trip to York and hopefully visit the St Nicholas Fayre! As much as I'll miss my Angels, I am excited about York, its been years since I've been, possibly not since we were married.  Hubby knows how to entice me! ;) The Angels go into Maplewood  at 12noon and are home the following day at 3pm so we have just over 24 hours to enjoy our adventure. Maplewood have their Christmas party planned so I know my babies will have lots of fun too and probably enjoy that more than York :)
Well I need to go to bed and get some sleep because we'll be up and running as soon as we wake up and I need my beauty sleep so that I'm fully charged to enjoy our adventure and excitement .. Do you think if I let Santa know that I've been reeeeaally good he might let me unwrap a certain little present early???  Purely to document and photographise our adventure  of course :)
Big Hugs  Wendy x x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

December .....

is flying by at super sonic speed, and as usual I'm feeling waaaaaaaay behind with all my planning, buying, and preparing for Christmas. I think I've got all the important gift buying completed, just teeny odds and ends for stockings needed now. There is the dreaded food shop to do  but I'm hoping I could have a mini emotional break down and someone else will offer to do it for me ...hehehe... not much chance of that! :) 
At least we're up and ready with our Christmas decorations and best of all we finally got the tree up and decorated last night ...
if it looks like its leaning slightly ...it is! :) A certain little Angel (that's not-so-little any more) keeps crawling underneath it to switch the fairy lights on and off and press the little button box that can change the twinkles to flashes and back again ... she loves it! I'm calling her my technical electrical fairy light engineer ... if that tree isn't knocked over by her ample bottom by the end of the weekend , I'll be amazed ...hahaha
I've managed to decorate some of my favourite areas ...
The piano
I love this nativity, that is still managing to stay practically in one piece ... I have had to place the armless king towards the back at an angle and I noticed that he now seems to have mysteriously lost part of his nose too ...poor chap ...lol! Baby Jesus is receiving a lot  attention from the technical engineering Angel too ...she keeps picking him up to have a look and then tries to get him back in his manger ... I'm just waiting for him to suffer a broken arm or leg ...but she's soooo sweet with her tenderness and intensity in looking at him :) And my Santa's on the  garland all had to have a bit of a forced beard trim, because another Angel decided to have a tug and ended up with a handful of beard! I actually like them with their beards a bit shorter so no worries there :)
The Olde dresser ...
The large pea hen has suffered a slight 'throttling' mishap this very afternoon, but I managed to save him from a flight into the Christmas tree. I'm hoping my Santa's and trees are placed up high enough to avoid and Angelic lovin' hahaha ... you know you really wish you were here to share in our yuletide adventures :)
I had to do a little bit of seasonal shopping ... it is an unspoken and unwritten but legal requirement  you know,  for whenever you pop into a Quilt Shop, you have to obey the law! ;) So I was very obedient  and picked up these treasures ...
I needed the wool to finish a project :) And the Snowman and Gingers were 'life necessary needfuls' that had to come home with me, the candle smells tooo yummy and the bell sticks just filled the basket :) hehehe
Mr Postman kindly dropped these off these sweet additions to my Jim Shore Santa collection ..
I need to take a new photo of my Santa corner ...my little camera has sadly died since I took these last few pictures ..I'm hoping Santa has read my gift list ! :)
I finally, finally finished my 'with thy needle & thread'  "Merry Christmas to Ewe" cross-stitch ...
I had already decided before I started this stitch that it was going to be made into a pillow for the piano, so I don't feel guilty about not framing it. All I would like to do is either find some music sheet printed fabric, or try to print my own ... watch this space, but as usual don't hold your breath ;) ..hehehe  I did really enjoy stitching this design, and I probably would have finished it sooner if I hadn't been side-tracked by finishing another Christmassy woolie treasure ...
St Nicholas Mini Mat by 'Lily Anna Stitches' ... I've had this pattern as a kit for several years and after seeing several lovely finishes by other clever sewers I thought it was about time I completed mine :)  I just need to sew the blanket stitched edge and its all done .... Really, reeeeaaally need a new camera ...look how bad and blurry that photo is  :(   I think I definitely need someone to tell Santa that I've been a good girl ...hahaha
Well blogger is incredibly slow at uploading and such so I'm going to call it a day, or rather night and go snuggle with my Angels whilst we watch 'The Polar Express' on TV and nibble on homemade cookies  :)   Hope to be back soon.... 
Hugs Wendy x x

Saturday, 30 November 2013

The last day of November...

is it too late to share one last likkle pumpkin ... ??
or even 2 or 3 ??  I was just attempting to tidy up a teensy area in the Quiet Room among my stash ... have to make room for possible 'incomings' ;) hehehe  I found a lovely piece of white suede fabric that I thought would wrinkle perfectly to make a soft squishy pumpkin, and then I found two remaining tin tartlets that just cried out for pumpkin pies :)  I've made a few of the woolly ones with safety pins and bells for gifts and thought why not have one for me too! :) I've only been able to Oooh over them for a day or so as now they are getting ready to be packed away for another year, but I'm glad I took the time to make them  ... maybe I actually suffer from Pumpkin fever as opposed to Pumpkin Lovin ...hahaha
Its been a busy couple of weeks, not much sewing happening as life has taken over a tad... just the usual goings on, fortunately no drama. Although I was miserable and out of action for a couple of days with a broken filling in a back tooth, when I broke it it didn't actually hurt at all, no pain, but I didn't hang around for it to brew and it was soon fixed with a speedy dental appointment. It was after the appointment and new filling that the pain and discomfort started! Its settling down a bit now so I'm hoping I can start to pick up a needle again. Funny how tooth pain can drive you up the wall and stop you functioning properly.
Sooooooo I've neeeeeeeded comforting ...hehehe...do you know what's coming? ....Oooh yeah ...confession time!
A little collection of Winter goodies, 'winnings' and 'buyings' :)  The Santa's were bargains! haha The firkin bucket was just meant to be ... can't you just see a super-duper sweet prim Christmas tree in it? The Snowmen were practically freeeeee from TKMaxx and the small broom was an almost magical find! .. it just suddenly appeared on the computer screen and said take me home! ...lol I blame Pintrest ... I honestly don't quite get it, but I like looking :) All are welcome additions to my Christmas and Snowman decor ... soon to be out! :))
I was also lucky enough to be taken out for a treat one day with Hubby. We popped over to  our favourite haunt, Harrogate. Hubs got to wander around The RHS garden Harlow Carr and I got to wander around a conveniently, on at the same time, 'Knit & Stitch Show'! ;) No forward planning there, well not tooooo much ...  hehehe    I was in two minds when I got to the show and the  ticket stand and realised that entry was £15 !! That's more than I paid for the Festival of Quilts in the summer. I was stood debating what to do when a lady came up to me and offered me one of her group tickets for £10 ... I ummmed and ahhhed, still not sure, but the thoughts of a spare £5 won out and I believe I was successfully 'touted' .. I was sooo scared walking the all of 5 yards to the entrance and handing in my ticket, so much so that the security guard had to tell me twice to walk on in! (All touting transactions had been carried out in full view of the security guard  and he told me afterwards that the 'touting' lady had been OK'd to offer her spare group ticket to another person, still not so sure money should have exchanged hands though!) I just walked on as quickly as possible and tried very unsuccessfully to not look toooo guilty! Lol   The Show was HUGE ... it covered several halls and was jam packed with shoppers of the knitting persuasion. I didn't find tooo many stalls that I was tempted by and I certainly got whacked by several bulky but thankfully soft bags full of knitting wools and yarns .... some ladies must knit alot! haha
I managed to find a small Irish wool/tweed stall and was happily tempted  :) {I had to , she'd travelled all the way from Ireland!!} Also I found one stall that sold some of the cross stitch designs I like  ...
She had a nice selection of Blackbird Designs but no Country Stitches or Plum Street Samplers etc..  I picked up some threads and ribbon too with some  28ct  Cashel Even weave fabric. That was all I could find. I was quite pleased that I'd got in a bit cheaper as I was ready to leave after about 1 1/2 hours ... think I'll stick to the quilt shows! :)
I do have a lovely surprise to share, and it really made my day and me feel soooo special!
I received the most lovely package ....
Michelle from Goos Nest sent me a lovely box full of her most gorgeous wool applique patterns! I have to tell you it was the most wonderful surprise ever and the little note she enclosed touched my heart so very deeply. I even didn't know that Michelle read my ramblings about life and the Angels. To find out that someone cares enough about our little happenings to take the time  to not only send a beautiful gift but write such lovely words, my heart was overwhelmed.  Michelle, I will always be grateful for the hand of friendship and love and support that you stretched out ...even across oceans ..lol! Thank you are two words that do not convey enough the feelings of my heart. Oooh that could be almost poetic hehehe :))
So its the 1st of December in the morning ... I'm already and prepared ... I have my commercial tasteful chocolate Advent calenders ... no Peppa Pig this year, lol. This year its just simple Cadbury Stars :) I've also got a new wooden boxed Advent ...we'll see how long that survives in the hand's of two very enthusiastic and excited Angels! ;)  There's also our traditional Scripture Tree Advent and  I  ... wait for it... I even finished an Advent 24 'Cones'  type of hanging that I started several years ago ....
I think the original pattern is from a Tone Finnonanger/Tilda  Christmas book (Sorry I know I haven't spelt her name correctly there!)  I've just realised, looking at the photo that even now I've not quite finished them ... I've forgotten to sew on the rusty bells that are supposed to jingle on the end of each cone. That's what that bag of bells was for!! ...hahaha  Too late now they are hanging along the window frame, they'll have to be jingle-less this year.  Each cone is supposed to jingle and be filled with sweets and treats ...can you see that working with my Angels! :) I'd be just asking for trouble ...hehehe I'm going to use a little Gingerbread man to sit in each cone on the respective day ...possibly a bit over simple but it works for me ... if they are ignored enough I might be brave a slip a treat or two in  ... probably on day 24 .. hahaha :)  I feel quite proud of myself been soooo organised before the beginning of the month ...it must be some sort of unnatural fluke ...possibly cause by the tooth pain ...hehehe
Bed is calling my name now, and I'm ready to close my tired eyes, I just have to hope my two Angels are feeling sleepy too :)
See you in December ;)
Hugs Wendy x x x