Thursday, 29 November 2012

I had a plan! It was a good plan .. a well thought out planned plan :)  But I think my plan my have been scuppered by a poorly Angel :(  I've had my little Esther Angel home from school for most of the week with the dreaded 'bottom lurgy', as we fondly like to  call it here ... lol! ... YUCK!!! Poor little Angel has been all topsy turvey, we've had a bad spate of seizures (because of the bottom lurgy) and she's just all wiped out :( So my plan to get super organised for Christmas this year is rapidly turning into a 'hopefully  I'll at least get the Advent Calenders out on time plan' (last year I was even late doing that ...hahaha) I'm seeing a small glimmer of hope, as my little Angels' cheeky spark seems to be reappearing  and bodily things are settling down .... almost 48 hours 'dry' so to speak {Sooooo sorry that I share too much information ...hahaha .. its a cross my poor children have had to bear all their lives ... and I don't see it ending any time soon ... hehehe} If she picks up today she may even get to go back to school for the last ..and bestest day of the week  ...keeping my fingers crossed!

We've not done an awful lot here in the Kirby Home , but we always seem to be busy and here, there and everywhere yet nowhere at all :)  ... I'm enjoying being able to visit my Mum and Dad in their new Southport home, its a pleasant 40 minute drive thru' sweet villages as opposed to a mind numbing hour and 20 minutes drive on the motorway to their old home. I can easily do the 'Grandma-and-Grandad-Run' during school hours and spend some special time with them :) I think they might even enjoy my visits too ...hahaha   Abigael is having fun at University, she's 'in Like' ;) which is sweet  ... {'Like' with life and university Abi!!!  I know she'll be spying on me  ... Love you Abs!}  hehehe ... its a Mums perogative!! That all I'm saying :))  Jacob is and will forever be my blue-eyed-boy ... I love that boy sooooo much!! With my gorgeous Abi away at Unversity he has 'stepped up' and is such a help to me ... pretty good with his hugs too ... although I do miss my Abi hugs :) Esther and Mim are my hearts delight's, especially my gorgeous Mims little face ... every facial expression makes me smile and laugh ... especially the frowns, and her scowls are hilarious :)  She's been very 'vocal' in the last few weeks ... obviously no words, but lots of babbling like she's trying to have a conversation with  us  ... soooo lovely to hear. I don't ever hush her, as we so desperately want to encourage any sounds , but it is funny when she starts to babble during Church ... always the quiet moments too :)  But everyone else just seems as enamoured by her babbles as we are and she's making alot of people smile! Lovely Hubby is getting stronger after his back injury, still  lots of twinges and the odd bad couple of days (usually when he's been doing too much!) And he's still having treatment and does daily physio exercises. He had an MRI scan last week and held it together soooo well in that very narrow 'tunnel' you have to lie in. He hates anything like that.  All in all life is good  ... even for poorly little Esther who has enjoyed having Mummy all to herself for snuggles during the day :)

I've been sewing and sewing and sewing ...  desperately trying to finish some finishes so that I can feel 'guilt-free' starting some new Christmassy Projects. Pennies are tighter than usual this year ... I'm blaming it on the University and College students! ... it couldn't possibly have anything to do with my winning streak on E-bay ... I can't help it that I'm sooo lucky!! :)  hahahaha   So we are going to have a Homemade Christmas this year ... well thats the PLAN!!!! hehehe 

Here are some of my finally finished finishes :) ....
I was determined to get the sweet 'Witch Pumpkin?' Ditsy bag actually made up into a bag , I used the same homespun/plaid pumpkin orange fabric for the back , lining and strap. I'm pleased with how its turned out :) It's probably going to be one of my favourites to bring out each year.  I also finished and stuffed the small Owl and Halloween Pumpkin and the Witchy Crow. When it feels soooo good to actually complete a project, and I like the feeling of accomplishment, why oh WHY does it take me soooooo long to actually do it??? Hahahaha
I also had one last urge to make a few more pumpkins ... it wouldn't be right not to make a few pumpkins ... I would be slacking in my celebration of the pumpkin lovin' season ;)
I managed to find some more golder-than-the-'olde-golde'-coloured velvet that I used last time. Its a bit yellow-y, but not tooo bad, still not had any luck finding just the right burnt orange colour I was hoping for  ... but I have many more years of pumpkin production ahead of me so I'm not unduly worried :)  I also came across the beige fabric that is actually a very thin corded fabric (am I thinking of the right word there, my brain is going fuzzy!)  Anyways I thought it might be a fun texture to try ... and it is ok, just not so easy to sew and stuff and shape , very stiff and unyielding, but I managed to make 2 small pumpkins out of the piece I found so at least it wasn't wasted ... Hubby will be sooo pleased with my frugality ...  hahaha ;)   Also  I finally finished my woolly Autumn into another 'Piano Pillow' ( Piano - because that's where my woolly pillows inevitably end up so that sticky Angel fingers don't , well stick them up ..haha)  and the small sunflower wool runner is almost finished .. I'm actually stitching the last blanket stitches right now as I wait for the photo images to upload ... talk about multitasking :))
Last bit of stitching's ....
This is 'Hilda's Alphabet Brew' by Country Stitches. And can you see my major, major mistake???  I measured my fabric wrongly !!! I've barely left enough 'edge' to work with for finishing, not sure how I did it, I must have looked at the completed size as opposed to the fabric requirements and cut my fabric accordingly  ... boy was I lucky to sew soooooo close :)   At least its saveable and workable  :) I've also started my November monthly cross stitch by Country Stitches but have hit a teensy bit of a cross stitching block ... I don't want to add the turkey or the cornocopia because thats not my November,  I've come up with a tree dropping its leaves but I'm stuck for something else  ???? I thought of a poppy for rememberance day but its not quite  'doing it' for me, so I've just put it to one side whilst I think on it a bit more. I have been doing some giftie sewing which obviously I can't show yet and I have more planned. There we go again with the Planning of plans ... lol!  My best laid plans just seem to get bam-boooooo-zzelled by Angelic happenings!  ... I have to say in the time its taken me to write this and sew my sunflower runner, little Angel Esther is greatly back on form  ... little munchkin has just thrown one of my very-own-newly-homemade-velvet-pumpkins at me!!!  And for a 'special needs' child with limited fine and gross motor skills she was spectacularly well aimed ... it hit me on the back of the head !!   See,  a valuble lesson learned there .... never turn your back on an Angel ... hahaha!!!
I'm going to close very quickly now and go save my pumpkins!!! .... boy, is she going back to school tomorrow!!! :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I have Happy News!!! :) The bead is free! It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't nice, but its free! And Esther is sooooo much happier and I'm soooooo relieved :) Aaaaaand it was ch-un-ki-eerrrrrr than we realised!  More like a fat thumb than finger thickness ... Eeeeawww! How that poor little Angel actually managed to swallow it I don't know, she is sounding a teensy bit hoarse in her 'mamama' sounds so I may need to be on the watch out for a throat infection too! Oooh the fun never ends here in Angel-Land :)  We did have an unsettled night, but only one small seizure which we were kind of expecting. Today I've managed to get several bananas down her .. particularly appetising with whipped cream and chocolate sauce ;) She thought it was her birthday she was soooo excited!  I have had a major sort out and any chunky beads not bigger than 50p have gone into a bag ... she can't possibly swallow something as big as a 50p ... can she?? :)) Never say never .. lol!  Watch this space :)

So now that our bead drama is well and truly behind us ... it seems a waste not to share some goodies :) I must have known that I was going to be traumatised during the 1/2 term school holidays and sub-conciously planned ahead and 'won' :)))
These wonderful 'Attic Bears' from Angi of Drakestone Primitives (actually I 'won' them from her E-bay site-'countryspiceangel') I have wanted and wanted and wanted one of her prim pandas  for ... well  for-ev-er!!! So when I saw she had one up for Auction I was prepared to bankrupt us if needed ;)  Happily for me I didn't have to make an appointment with the bank manager although I do feel a bit sad for Angi as I do think he was worth more than I 'won' him for, there were just no other bidders to bid against! But I dooooo soooo love him :) And sat with him is another of Angi's 'Attic Bears' creations ... well I couldn't just leave him sat there on that E-bay page could I?? :) Both bears are so beautifully made ... new treasures!

I'd like to say it ended there  ... but... I think we all know it didn't! ;) Look at these little treasures ...

These are the most gorgeous 'Primitive Black Early Prairie Dolls' They all have tags with names and 'year' dates, there's... Arial, Tessa, Camella and Elveen ... such beautiful names, and they are all wearing civil war print fabric dresses with the cutest prairie bonnets :) I 'found' these completely by accident and I watched for awhile ...biding (as opposed to bidding) my time, just watching how they sold. Some dolls go for crazy amounts ... like $100.00 or more! Someone must like me because the most I 'won' one for was $30.00 and one for as little as $14.00 . They are beautifully made and the lovely lady who makes them is 'prims*and *patterns'. And what a lovely lady she is :) And what a happy lady I am! ;)
Best try and squeeze some sewing in :) Whilst I was rooting around for threads and fabric to start my November cross-stitch monthly I found June!!
I thought I was missing June! She was folded to one side just awaiting 4 more stitches!! 4! That was all that was needed to complete her ... how sad is that for a UFO! In my defense I think I must have run out of the thread colour and whilst waiting for it to be delivered from my new favourite online thread shop (The Patchwork Rabbit - Karla is soooo lovely, and usually next day delivery on orders too new bestest friend - although she doesn't know it yet ...hahaha) So I must have put it down and started another monthly and sadly forgotten about it, but all is well June is now complete and awaiting finishing .. along with May, July, August September and October!!! hehehehe ... I've got looooads of time yet to finish them ;)
I have got two smaller cross-stitch finishes from the 1/2 term holidays though ...
Loved this one :) Its "Witch Pumpkin?" by Country Stitches and is made into a hanging ditty bag ...  (just a private note for the 'heathens'... you know who you are! .. its supposed to look grubbied and old!) I reeeeaally can't wait to finish this one properly, once we are back to school on Tuesday after Grumpy Inset day on Monday  ... Grumpy because I HATE Inset day's tagged onto the end of holidays :(  I've already picked out the fabric for the lining, backing and hanging strap  ...thats keen that is ...hehehe
Also :)) I finished this little sweetie (Oooo that sounded very twee .. please forgive me ... too much drama and very little sleep can cause unexpected twee-ness!)
Here's the 'sweetie' ..wince!
Fresh out of the hoop :) 'Enchanted Crow Pinkeep' by Threadwork Primitives, an enjoyable stitch ;) Lovely easy chart to follow, my kind of relaxing sewing. I've also got 'Kringles Crow' which I hope to start soon :)
Thats it , thats all there is .... just realised what time it is ... need to get a spurt on I have Angels to bath and get Pj'd before Downton Abbey starts!!! Its The Last episode of this series tonight! :(  I soooo enjoy a bit of Downton Abbey ... helps me feel connected to Abi too as we watch together ... me at home Abi at University and then we text each other during the commercial breaks to share thoughts on DA ... Sad aren't we? :) So I best go chase some Angels and get some bubbles in the bath  to tempt them ... not that they need much tempting when water is involved ... hahaha :)
Take care ,  Hugs Wendy  x x x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

"There was an old woman that swallowed a fly...."   Ooooooorrrr!!!
"There was a young lady that swallowed a bead ... that wiggled and squiggled and got stuck inside her!" Are you singing along? THIS is how we like to spend a Friday evening :(  First you need an Angel that seems to require a lot of oral sensory input (that's clever speak for 'munchkin that mouthes alot' ... Don't you think it makes me sound fairly intelligent though  ...oral sensory input! :)  I kind of think it gives me a psuedo-professional aura ... hehehee ... Got to get that line in her home school diary for when we go back to school ... Lol!) So we have an Angel, next we need threading beads ... chunky threading beads! Then a bit of choking, bulging eyes, gasping for breath are all handy too.
To get the party really started we feel its important to invite friends. :) We had a rapid response team then the Paramedics and their ambulance. (In our home you know you've made it when the Paramedics arrive and say "Hi Esther what's up now"! He is a very nice paramedic and he has visited us quite a bit  ... probably should put him on our Christmas card list! hahaha) The rapid respone team, who arrived before our friendly paramedic and that strange moment when everything and everyone started to feel a teensy bit surreal was also someone we knew. She  was the former headmistress at the Angels school ... !!! ... {She must have had a career change, I thought she'd retired :)}  Sooooooo we 've got a house full of guests, unfortunately I'd forgotten to put the peanuts out ... but peanuts-schmeenuts we've got chunky beads!!!
After a  few general pokes and prods  and observation of said choking and gagging  it was generally felt that for that true 'friday night party feeling' we should go on a hospital crawl. {Pub crawls are sooooo out-dated and old fashioned!}So its off for a ride, with blue lights not quite flashing, but friendly-put-him-on-the-Christmas-card-list-paramedic did flick them on and off with the siren once or twice just to keep us in the party feeling.
First Hospital stop and they're not quite 'with-it' enough for our party so we go to the the place where its really happening (where  we're not tooo 'special' for them!)  Throughout this we're still gagging and choking but fortunately still breathing! New friends at the BIG hospital , want to party on down and watch some action. Gagging action :(  Then someone decides to get his camera out and take pictures (X-rays!) of now drooping exhausted choking Angel. Ooooooh is that a wooden bead stuck in the opening of our duodenum??? By Jove I think its is! What to do??? Mmmm how about a sleep-over!? Luckily someone 'upstairs' has a spare bed and we're off to visit our most favouritest place in the whole wide world ... hey its even better than Disney land! :) 
'Upstairs' we meet up with more friendly faces and after many furrowed brows and thoughtful poses along with observation of the near continual gagging and choking its decided that we should play a game ... a waiting game in the hopes that we can avoid a more invasive approach with the men in masks! Ooooh and one bright spark decides that what would really get things moving is a bunch of bananas!!  We lie around for several hours playing the 'game' gradually noticing a reduction in the gagging and choking until ... Heaven be Praised ... after a particularly nasty bout of gagging it all just suddenly stops!
Normal transmission so to speak resumes and ......   We have angelic-chaos-tivity on the move! She doesn’t seem to mind that it’s almost 2am so why should we?? Some party-pooper decides that the sleep-over is cancelled  and Party time seems to be over and it’s time to drag ourselves back home :) The morning after party news is … “there was a young lady that swallowed a bead ..  who now has to eat ‘bananas’ until the bead leaves!"  ... I'm guessing you don't want a detailed description about how we have to watch out for that naughty wooden bead ??? I can if you really want me too ?? No? OK , maybe I’ll save that for next time ;)  Want to come and spend a friday night at our house? hahahaa 
All that gagging and choking was pretty gruesome for us and understandably distressing for Esther but thats waht happens when you mix threading beads (educational play!?) with Angels, and to give you an idea of how chunky and supposedly 'safe' I thought the beads were .. they are about the size of a 10p and as thick as a finger ... ch-un-ky beads!!!!  Love my Angels! :)   It was suggested that  the duodenum opening was possibly irritated by the close proximity of the wooden bead and that was what was causing the gagging, it is also suggested that the bead has moved which is why the gagging stopped. We are on 'high-alert' for any recurrence of said gagging .. or 'other' complications???...  depending on which way the bead has moved, but hopefully we're awaiting the arrival of the bead which will put an end to all nasty thoughts of men in masks with scalpels!! No thankyou very much ... I've bought loooooaads of bananas today  ... and prunes for good luck  too ... now we wait!!!! :)

I kind of feel that to add any sewing woolly love here would ruin the whole essence of this post, so I'm going to allow it to draw to a natural close ...without photos ... unless I can find one with a bead in it ;) ... only kidding . This can remain a tale fitting for Angelic folklore for generations and posterity to come!

Hugs from an very tired Wendy x x

P.S   Esther is as a happy and giggly as ever :) And she was such a goooood girl at the hospital!
P.P.S   Jacob is a STAR , taking care of , feeding , cleaning and loving little Mim whilst we  we're partying!
P.P.P.S   She tried it  again! ... with another BIGGER bead about 1/2 an hour ago .... I may have turned the air blue with my protestations !!! :)
P.P.P.P.S  We got looooaaads of freebies gifts at the hospital ... a real party bag ..two teddies and a pelican beany thing. Can you imagine the gift bag at Christmas?? :)
P.P.P.P.P.S  The End! :))  x x x