Saturday, 29 September 2012

Well today was the day! :)  :(   My beautiful daughter has 'left home' to go to University. We had a full day, a tiring day and of course an emotional day. My wonderful carers helped sooo much by having the Angels for a long day (6 hours!) so that we could concentrate on Abigael and take her up to Lancaster without having to worry too much. [The Angels had a fun filled day at the cinema, playing in the park, treats in MacDonalds ... our carers reckon they could have done with another hour or so! :)]  One of Abi's close friends from College/Church who isn't going to Uni this year wanted to come and see her off. I have to admit to being a bit miffed at first, I wanted the time to be a special family time, but in retrospect now I realize it was a good idea :) Having a friend there helped everyone , me especially ;) stay calm ... couldn't embarrass myself in front of toooo many people ... hahaha. We drove up to Lancaster and  Abi quickly registered and found her room and we got her settled in. Then we had a mini panic when we realized the shared kitchen wasn't equipped with any basic items ... very misinformed there :/  A mad dash to the nearest 'shop' and one frying pan and a tin opener and 3 wooden spoons later ...thats aaaaallll they had! .... and we were ready to face the world ... hahaha ( In the process of placing an order with Amazon that can deliver by 1pm on Monday ... phew!)  I'm certainly not worried about Abigael's survival cookery skills, she's more than capapble of cooking for the whole university :) Its us at home that needs to worry, Abi was the cook not me, I'm a terrible  cook ... [back to Mum's famously boring pasta dishes Jake! ... unless you want to don the apron ;) ...hehehee]
All too soon it was time to leave and say our goodbyes. I was soooooo good , not one tear did I shed as we hugged goodbye, not one tear as we waved goodbye driving off. Not one tear all the way home, in fact I was beginning to worry I'd no heart and no feelings ...???... Until I went to serve up dinner several hours later and realized I'd not only cooked too many sausages, I'd automatically plated up dinner for Abi!!! NOW the tears have come! :( I must have delayed reaction or something :)  My tear ducts are filling up already just typing this so I won't keep wittering on for ages, I'll just share some pictures and probably go snuggle an Angel :)
I did manage to make the snuggle quilt and a couple of scatter cushions to snuggle up with for Absie :) I was pleasantly surprised with it , although it will never win any prizes and its quite possible that in the whole quilt there aren't any matching points, but if it reminds my girl that she's loved thats all thats important :)
Abi's Dorm block in Cartmell Collegiate on the University campus .... Home!
'Flat' 6  :)  with her own ....
teensy-weensy ensuite! :) You could actually take a shower, use the toilet and brush your teeth all at the same time (Eeeeaaw!) should you so wish .... not likely though ... hahahaha But its all hers and she doesn't have to share :)
I didn't get a picture of the kitchen / dining area ... tooo many people milling around but it was a good size  and is shared by 8 rooms on her floor so thats not tooooo bad :)
Saying goodbye to my beautiful Uni student :) 
A bit blurred but my last view of my girl :(  Love her sooooo much and I'm soooo proud of her for all that she's achieved and the big new exciting adventure she's just beginning ... just wish I didn't miss her sooo much :( Oooops starting to proper cry now ... need to go find an Angel to snuggle :)
Hugs for now 
Wendy x 


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ooops! September is almost over! I didn't think I'd been away that long!
So far our September has proven to be a busy, busy, busy month and I think we still have the busiest week to come! One more week before my first baby leaves for University ... honestly I don't know whether to cry and keep her locked in her room protected forever or move her out now and book her into a B&B in Lancaster a week early... hehehehe ... I'm thinking I'll let her stay a few more days and see how it works out ... stress and emotional levels are possibly at an all time high, between us  we're playing a bit of a  Mother and Daughter - Jekyll and Hyde duo :)  I guess its tooooo much of an exciting and scary time, changes are happening and we're both a teensy bit scared :)  But I do know that living away at University is  the right thing for her to do, she'll be able to experience life a she's never known it ... she'll still have to keep her bedroom door locked, but not because she's living with Angels ... lol!

School has re-started for the Angels after the long summer holidays and going back has gone suspiciously smoothly with two very happy little girls from the first day ... both loving their classes and teachers and especially loving the school bus arriving each morning and their lovely driver, he also works at school as a teaching assistant and takes Esther Horse-riding each week so extra giggles for him on a morning :)  Jacob has started college, and seems to be settling in OK, I think he's enjoying his new studies and he's starting to make new friends ... none of his former school friends are in any of his A level classes  :(  so lots of new faces to meet and remember. Keith has thrown a spanner into our nice easy ride into September by falling foul of a very painful slipped/protruding disc in his back, poor man is in absolute agony flat on his back literally locked in his bedroom ... I do unlock the door during school hours! He's been there for 3 weeks now and according to his physiotherapist who is treating him each week he could be there for another 3 at least  :(  He's not a happy boy! Mum and Dad have 'just about' sold their house and found somewhere this side of the Lancashire/Yorkshire border to live, having them closer will be sooooo much easier  :)  They're just waiting on a date to sign contracts but hope to be moving mid October. Lots of work ahead of me there, we've been slowly organising and clearing out 25 years worth of 'living' and I've ended up with some treasures that Mum and Dad won't have the room to store in their new place but didn't want to part with just yet :)   And me??? I'm sooooooo ready for some quiet easy time, once Abi is at University and Mum and Dad are moved I plan to book some days on the calender to do absolutely nothing! :)

I had a most unexpected and absolutely wonderful generous surprise this last week, I'm not going to name names but I can assure you this person was sooooooo LOVED before her wonderful surprise and gift .... now she has reached such heights she practically needs wings and a harp! This lovely nameless Angel had noticed that I was struggling a teensy bit with changes and just the general overwhelming chaos life can sometimes feel like, that she decided to lift my spirits in a way that only someone who truly loves you and knows you can! :) She sent me a parcel!  :) There was a note inside that merely said: ' Knowing your love of Mr Postman Deliveries/E-bay/Prims and things that make you smile I saw these and knew you had to have them ... Be happy and SMILE!' Then I unwrapped the paper and found these ....

A wonderful selection of Prim Dolls !!! I think they're all Amish style, The larger doll with her baby is just gorgeous and the other 3 are also Amish style I think and are 'bottle dolls' ... took me a little bit of time to work that out ... lol! I think they are actually designs/patterns by Angi of Drakestone Primitives ... I wouldn't swear to it but I'm sure I've seen something similar on her website ... didn't look toooo closely , didn't want to spoil the spirit of the gift :) I am soooo overwhelmed by the loving thoughtfulness of such a generous gift, I will treasure them forever for the sweet spirit of love I feel each time I look at them and smile :) THANK YOU my nameless Angel! ( she doesn't even read or know about my blog but I want to Thank her anyway!) But how blessed am I in my friendship with this wonderful lady!

Sewing! Not tooooo much of that happening around here at the moment, I am progressing slowly with my 'Salem Village' by Plum Street Samplers and still loving every stitch :)
I'm in desperate need to finish it and I soooooo want to frame it in time for the witching month. I would love to frame it with a hornbook frame but they are proving quite elusive ... I've not given up yet ... there's always the Internet and international postage ... hehehe

Abi surprised me just the other day by requesting a snuggle quilt to take to university, I'd been hoping she'd ask but not sure whether she'd want her Mum's stuff lying around her dorm room :) So I've been busy cutting out 5 inch squares then cutting again to make triangles to sew into piles of these ...
I'm now half way through my pile of triangles-back-into-squares and hope to get the next pile finished before the weekend which will hopefully give me a week to sew together to make a scrappy top to then back with a snuggly fleece ... at this point I think I'm planning on tie-ing the quilt just so she can take it away with her and when she comes home at Christmas I will try and give it some more permanent quilting  :) I don't think I've done tooooo bad for less than a weeks notice to make a quilt .... hahaha ...  maybe I should plan ahead now for Jacob and University so that when and if he asks for one I can just go ...  taadaahh!! :)

In between all our September madness I have managed a teensy bit of 'you-know-what-ing' on 'you-know-where'  ;)  You know how much I love 'winning' ... hahaha

I have always, always, always wanted a Firkin, but they are just soooooo expensive to buy and ship usually from America. So when I saw this one from a UK location ... well I just had to try ... and guess what  ???? No-one else was bidding .... so I 'won' !!!! Hoooraay!! I also 'won' the small wooden box, the shaker box pincushion and the olde sweepy-broom thing... can't for the life of me remember its name at the moment ... Brain cells must be shutting down for the night ... hehehe :)  And do you remember those doll's I was trying to win last time ?? ... well it wasn't to be  :(  But the lovely Barbara at Cairaid Bach Primitives had some more of her wonderful tiny dolls for sale on her website and I manage to come away a happy girl with these little beauties ... here's a closer look ....
Can you see how lovely and tiny and detailed they are! Barbara is just sooooo talented, each little doll is completely hand made ... those stitches are tiny!!! They are so very lovely and I'm really glad they're all mine!!! Mwaahahahaa :))

Well as usual its bedtime and Esther is getting tetchy with my slow one-fingered-typing, I best close and get down to some serious snuggly cuddling so that she'll close her eyes and sleep :)
Night night - Sleep tight - Don't let the bed bugs bite!   ...... Eeeeeaaww ..... what an awful thought to go to sleep with .... bed bugs .... Uuuurrrghhh!!!  :))
Love and Hugs Wendy x x