Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guess who forgot a special day, TODAY ????? Not Hubby ...  but ... gasp ... shock ... horror ... ME!!!!! And guess what the special day was? Our Wedding Anniversary! And not any old Wedding Anniversary, our 20th Wedding Anniversary .... a big one!!!! I'm not sure what's more shocking , hubby remembering and me forgetting, or me almost missing out on a major 'giftie' day!! We all know how I LOVE my gifties .... ( I've never pretended that the gift isn't important... it is!! ... You know its true , you just don't want to admit to it like I do! hahahaha) Its soooo unlike me to forget a 'giftie' day ....  I must be seriously unwell ;)  Fortunately hubby remembered and bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers ...
Beautiful colours and I love the cabbages!! ;)  Thank you Lovely Hubby! :)  I did redeem myself slightly by going to the corner shop and buying him a bottle of Mountain Dew (actually 2 bottles as there was a special offer on of 2 for £2 ... thought I'd just slip that extra bit of info in .. haha ) and a BIG bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate ... Lol ... Big celebrators in our house ... hehehe  {Just in case you are very shocked and horrified, we are actually planning a special day out once the Angels are back to school ...didn't want you thinking we were reeeeeaally bad! Lol!} We've enjoyed our special day quietly, watching the rain outside and watching DVD's inside ... actually looking forward to our special day out ...sigh..

We've had lots of news to share too over the last few weeks, since Abi and Jake's exam results came out its kind of been non-stop here. Abi did really, really well with her A' Levels and had her place at Lancaster University confirmed. She'll be studying  3 years there for a Degree in Biology.  It was all quite nail biting, the exam results are released on the computer exam site at 6am but the UCAS portal that confirms your place at University doesn't open until 8am ... an agonising 2 hour wait! We were sooo excited and relieved when her UCAS confirmation came thru' :) Now its down to the business of checking finance and tuition fees are in place, accommodation confirmed, buying books and duvets and stocking up on supplies to keep our University student from starving for a year :) She enrolls on the 29th of September so not long till my baby leaves home :)  Jacob also did well in his GCSE exams. He was able to enroll at College to study the A' Levels of his choice.  He'll be studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, typical boy subjects :)  His favourite subjects too, so I'm sure he'll do well in them. And at least I've still got him at home to give me 'mummy-hugs' when I need them :)

We've had our usual wet and dreary summer, its the last few days now as School and College restart on the 4th September. I was hoping we'd manage to squeeze a couple of rain free days in before we went back but if today's hailstorm is anything to go buy there'll be snow by the end of the week :(   My Angels have coped really well  being couped up inside for most of the summer. They have had some fun days out 'under-cover' with their carers, the Circus at Blackpool one day and Lego Land in Manchester's Trafford Centre and the Cinema once or twice. They seem fairly happy and chilled out which is good.

With all the rain, we've had a lot of snuggly movie popcorn days and whilst the Angels watch and play and get into mischief  I've been able to sew a few stitches ....
A terrible photo .. I was trying to use Hubby's fancy camera .. toooo many buttons, I'll stick to my basic one in future :)  This is the August 'Country Stitches' monthly stitched, loved the sunflowers in this one :) I need to crack on and 'finish' these stitcheries into something otherwise I'll end up with another pile of UFO's !

I also thought I'd try and plan ahead with some Autumny/Halloweenie stitches ...
This is 'Buttons Black' by Plum Street Samplers and I LOVED stitching this sooooo much, every stitch was sheer pleasure! :) I love how it turned out, certainly down to the designer and her talent :)  I enjoyed it soooo much I started another Plum design ...
A bit more of a challenge for me :) This is 'Salem Hornbook' and whilst it won't be a quick stitch, I'm already enjoying it and finding it hard to put down!

That's about it .... Oooo I did complete the speeding awareness driving course for my naughtiness. It wasn't toooo bad, just a rather long morning (8am-12:30pm) with only 2 five minute toilet breaks! It was run by 2 gentlemen who kind of did the good cop - bad cop thing but as neither of them were actually policemen they didn't really convince ...hahaha... I am truly a reformed character now, I'm constantly watching my speedometer to ensure I'm within the speed limits and I really didn't mean to run over that old lady the other day ... she came out of  nowhere on her zimmer frame! ... but I wasn't speeding! ;) Only kidding, despite what any back seat drivers might tell you I was no where near her!!

Well I should probably go give my hubby some Anniversary loving ... well after he's had a shower, he's just got in from a late game of football and he's stiiiiiiinky!!! After he's washed up I may give him a squeeze to let him know that I still love and adore him after 20 years! ;) ... Hope he's not eaten all of that chocolate, we do have at least another 20  more years of lovin' ahead of us ... he needs to share! :)

Love Wendy x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I have a free afternoon!!!! whoop-whoop!! Well its more like a free couple of hours ... as long as it takes to get to the cinema at Bolton and watch a film , eat a McDonald's Mcflurry and drive back home !!  My Angels are out with their carers for a couple  of hours :)  Abigael is working, Jacob is away on a week long Youth Church Camp somewhere is Cheshire and Dearest Hubby is at work. So that means for the first time in three weeks since the school summer holidays started the house is QUIET!!!! Its Heavenly :)  I could do something constructive with my quiet hours , like bake a cake, clean ( urrghg  .... NO!) watch a film, read a book ( might do that next ) or even shop ...the type where you use your legs and it doesn't involve a keyboard ...hahaha    But I thought I should just chill out and update my blog/Journal :) Not that I've anything particularly exciting to share, just kind of popping my head out so that family know we are still here and surviving the holidays!

The weather hasn't really allowed us to do much of anything, as usual we've had a lot of rain , the odd few sunny days and then we've managed to have the odd drive out to Southport to explore the sand dunes or over to Chester to .... SHOP!!! ... more on that later ;) We have of course, as in son and hubby (!) been very preoccupied with the Olympics for the last two and a bit weeks. Its virtually taken over the TV , Computer and the Laptop, I even caught Jake watching some of the swimming on my teensy net book  .... whilst he was also watching some  of the cycling on the TV and even had alerts for up to date notifications on the medals table on his Ipod touch thingy .... SAD!!!!! I was starting to worry about the dip his bottom was causing in the sofa he was sat there that long watching  ...hahahaha ... Whilst I do enjoy some of the sports , I'm most definitely not an avid fan of all of them and I can't stand some of the commentators and their inane comments and questioning of the athletes right after they've competed  "So , do you feel like you've let everyone down?" what kind of horrid question is that ? ...  poor chap actually cried trying to answer! But the Olympics are over for another 4 years  ... football season starts in a week or so, but at least its not on every hour of the day :)

Soooooooo Back to Chester :)  Abigael and I decided that we were in great  need of  a girly day out shopping and where better than Chester to go ??  .... Especially as a new Cath Kidston shop has just opened there!  I have coveted  Cath Kidston bags FOREVER!!!!! And the day had come to seize the hour and the opportunity and BUY! So I did :)
Isn't she beau-ti-ful!!!! Its the new season colour don't you know, Oooh yes! I'm so very chic with my new 'Berry' (NOT red!) Cath Kidston day bag .... don't you wish you were me?  :) I've actually always wanted the sage colour but as soon as I saw the 'Berry' it just sang to me ... lol! Terrible amount of money to splurge on a bag but I manage to convince myself to do it pretty much Okily dokily :)) I did justify the 'spend' with the decision I've made not to attend the NEC quilt show this year in Birmingham so that kind of helped to assuage any guilt feelings, but you know me , I just have to look at the bag and the guilt just flutters away on the breeze :)  I've chosen not to go to the quilt show this year as there's just too much happening ; Abigael's A'Level results come out on the day that I was actually planning to go (tomorrow!) and my parents are in the midst of selling (sold) their home and relocating and moving closer to us , so there's lots of Parent angst going on along with trying to downsize a large 3 bed room house that's been lived in for over 20 odd years and needs serious decluttering! Also the price of train tickets was stupendously high this year  ... I'd have spent half my pennies on just getting there ... so I spent them on a bag instead! hahaha   Importantly, although I love the whole day out to the quilt show , my heart and mind feels settled and happy with the decision not to go, besides there's always the Internet ....hahahaha!

And talking of the Internet , my love affair with E-bay continues with some new purchases ....
I found some lovely little bears, the one on the end is from Barbara at Cairad Bach Primitives, her E-bay name is Klothkinder...I hope I've remembered that correctly.  The little bear in the middle is from Angi of Drakestone Primitives ... I did try reeeeaally hard to 'win' on of her gorgeous Primitive Pandas but the other person was just tooo fast at outbidding me :(  The prim doll was a lucky find she's made by Kerri Moody and I already have a few of her dolls which I love . The berries basket and candle was AAAALL that I bought from  'Liberty Bell' when I went to Chester. And the mushroom darners , butter paddles and candle box I found rummaging around in an antiquey/junky shop in town. I'm quite pleased with my treasures and they are all safely squidged in with the rest of my junk hubby calls it!

Not much sewing happening, certainly a very 'go slow' on the woolly front,  I've just managed this very small PG project , I think it was freebie from last summer ...
A sweet simple little woolly project that will finish up into yet another small bowl filler ... I have soooo many pincushions! It satisfied my woolly need temporarily, hopefully I'll be  back to fully-woolly-operational after the summer holidays!

I've  also being continuing my renewed love for cross stitch ...

This is July from Country Stitches' monthly series finished. I did change some of the wording on this one as it was very American and I didn't kind of feel that those words applied to me here in the UK, I added Bucket & Spade instead of fireworks ( that's usually in November for us) Sandcastles for stars and stripes and ice-cream (naturally!) instead of parade. I had to tweak the fishes at the top a bit and I added my own sandcastle shape and obviously the Union Jack. Its probably not quite as balanced or well proportioned as the original but I'm happy with it , it reflects my kind of July and I guess that's all that matters :)

I also finished up another couple of Country Stitches designs ...
Now I don't know why but this one is not quite grabbing me, I doooo like it but I think I should possibly have used an different fabric to stitch on, whilst I didn't use the exact fabric recommended it was pretty close. Somehow it just looks to new to me, maybe I should be brave and use some of my 'instant antique spray' :) Ooooh scared to do that! so at the moment its sat to one side waiting for me to decide what to do.
This one however I love .....
Its called 'House of Blues and Browns Sampler Pillow', obviously I haven't quite finished it as the pillow ...yet! :) But I will do. There's also a new 'halloween' sampler pillow just been released and I'm hoping its flying across the seas to me at this very moment ;)

A couple more photos then I should stop as my quiet time will be almost up
There's Bitter Bonnie!  (the one that was kidnapped from the last photo shoot .. lol) Shes' sat with Freckles Annie, although in that picture you can't actually see her freckles!  what a numpty .. and I can't quite remember who the next ones are! No, I haven't got toooo many!

Here's Emma Loves Paris and my new favourite Love Potion Annie although the previously named perpetrator ( Angel Esther) has pinched the actual Love Potion bottle :) I think my Esther must love my Annie's almost as much as me ... hahaha ( I did get my little bottle back ...its hidden under her skirt ...hehehee)   All my Annie's are made by the lovely Nicole of Raggedy Old Annie's. And they really are beautiful and they smell very yummy too ... I can see a few more in my coming to stay ;)
I'd like to say I can see a few more of E-bay Barbara 's Caraid Bach Prim dolls coming to , but did you know someone is bidding against me on Ebay!!! How dare they? Don't they know that I have allocated spaces ready for them to join my growing collection??? I don't know who they are but I'd like them to stop - right- now!!! It takes alot of thought and time management to organise my 'stuff' and finding free space for new acquisitions is very demanding on my energies ... lol  ;)  I'm not liking being outbidded and its three times 'she/he/whoever' has outbidded me now, and bidding doesn't end until Sunday. Surely there's not another manic E-bay bidder like myself out there??? Show some compassion,  Pleeeeeaaase let me 'win' my prim dolls!! :))

Well, I've just received a text ... My Angels will be home in about 30 minutes so my quiet time is almost up. I've just enough time to race around and make sure I've battened down the hatches so to speak and get ready for them coming in. Abi won't finish work until 8pm tonight and then we'll no doubt settle down to a sleep less night awaiting those dreaded A' level results in the morning that determine the next 3 years of her life ...I've got everything crossed for her ... soooo hope she gets the results she needs :)

Might just spare a few moments to check on that naughty bidder for my prim dolls before I switch the computer off ;)

Love Wendy x x