Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Apparently it's Summer!? The calender said Summer started on the 20 June, my school calender says the school summer holidays start on Friday but looking out the window it doesn't seem to be saying summer to me :( Its saying rain, rain go away come again another day ...  well I'd actually prefer it to  come again another day in about 6 weeks ... after the holidays ;)  I'm feeling in my bones we are going to have another wet soggy miserable summer, with a house of grumpy stir crazy children that are bored of being cooped up inside because its too wet and cold to play! :(  I could be wrong, I hope I am! Fingers crossed Mr Sun comes out to see us sooooooon :)

This and that happening here ... we lost our AOL connection ...again! Unfortunately we also lost aaaalll our old and saved E-mails ... which meant we lost all Abigael's saved University / Finance /anything important E-mails .. talk about a headache trying to get 'repeat' confirmation's and copies of passwords and other important details .. but I think we're kind of sorted now.  Jacob is still home! Not that he's going anywhere...lol! But his exam study leave started on the 21st May (Yes, May!!!!) and we've still got until 4 September until he starts College ( more fingers crossed ..lol!) He has been a good boy and helped me around the house some ... he's painted the Angels bedroom and mine and Hubby's and he also tackled the dreaded hall and stairs... he's done a really good job.  He's also done a good job at completing Zelda's quest on Wii ...hahahaha ... I think we're doing FIFA 12 for a bit then some Monster Dragon thing .... don't ask me ... but I do worry about the health of his thumbs!  ;)   Abigael had a holiday away with some of her girlfriends from college down in Devon, she enjoyed a week away from us and time sunbathing and chilling. Back home and shes back to work and has started driving lessons .. hoping she passes her driving test before she goes to University in October (Fingers and toes crossed!) :) The Angels have been up to their usual tricks, we had a severe 'unlawful entry' into Jacobs bedroom one week, fortunately there were no casualties but only because emergency services got there in time (Dad escorting Mim out of the room before Jake got her!!) His poor room was well and truly 'dun-over' but being the kind Mummy I am I spent the afternoon helping him clean and sort the mess up .... Mim was under strict house/family room arrest! :)  Esther made us all giggle one evening when on a dry day she was playing in the garden and found a nest (?) of about 20 baby frogs and spent aaaaages playing with them watching them jump when she poked a finger close to them (she wouldn't actually touch them ...tooo scared ...lol!) She was sat on the grass by the wall having a lovely time until a BIG Mama Frog jumped out and sent Esther bottom scuttling away across the grass, yabbering all kinds of protests ... we haven't heard her so 'vocal' in years ... hahaha ...And that big mama frog was BIG!!!  It's been too wet to venture out and see her froggy friends since but I don't think she'll be venturing tooo close again :)

I've done bits of sewing here and there, but not much, honestly its hard to find my 'thing'. I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this past week or so. I'm not depressed or grouchy or anything ....  at least I don't think I am...Lol! I'm a quiet person and I enjoy quiet days. Sometimes  there are just days when I prefer to be alone and pretend the world outside my own little home simply isn't there. I find comfort in silence and solitude, which I have to admit is hard to come by with four children, especially when the two big oldies are home all the time and I have no school/college day breaks from them :) I love them to bits but I love my quiet times too. In years to come I'll no doubt be feeling sad and lonely and wanting them around all the time ...hahaha I should treasure this time of having teenagers living in pj's,  under my feet and needing food cause they are hungry aaall the time. How did they cope at school and college when they could only eat at lunch times???? :)  So all in all no sewing stitches or woolly goodness to share today :( 

BUT ... you know me ... :)  I try to keep my chin up and am a great believer in the joys Mr Postman can deliver to your very own front door ...hahaha! My one great relief was my Primitive Gathering BOM's finally arrived the first week of July (Due to arrive in May but I think they went on a Royal Mail walk-about!) Huge amounts of relief there, I was soooo worried that they were lost. In my anxious state its no wonder I look for comfort in the arms of the web ...heheheee
 I've developed a passion for ....

Vintage darning mushrooms!!!! Yes, Really!!! :) There's just something about a darning mushroom that makes me smile... like gingerbread men and Annie's and wool and buttons ... guess I have a big list of things that make me smile ...lol!     There's more too ....

Vintage Kitchenalia ( that's a technical term!)  Hope you're impressed :) To you and me they're just old wooden spoons and rolling pins but together its 'Vintage Kitchenalia'! ... see there is a certain amount of educational background study that goes into my purchasing!!  There's vintage potato mashers, vintage graters ... with added mouse for that olde feel ..hehehe... numerous vintage spoons, vintage rolling pins and butter paddles , I LOVE butter paddles!! Lol! I don't think I've gone toooo mad, just a teensy display on the kitchen window shelf ... it looks sooo bare during the summer ;) Hubby is most definitely rolling his eyes ... I best catch them and roll 'em back to him ..hahahaha

Just a little bit of summer decorating, not much as I'm not really into too much Americana, but I thought my Raggedy Annie's and Prairie Dolls needed an 'outing' lol!
Some of my Prairie Dolls on the old welsh dresser, I have a few more but they are special treasures and are safely away from grabby Angel fingers so that they don't suffer any mishap like a dislocated shoulder or sudden decapitation ... its happened ! Lol!  :)  I must have tweaked things  a bit as the dresser looks a bit different now, it's a bit fuller since I took that photo :)

Then there's my 'Raggedy Old Annies' made by Nicole (her web site is called 'Raggedy old Annies')  ...
A new addition 'Bitter Bonnie' should be in that last picture ... wonder who's wandered off with her ? :) Could be the resident Annie-Kleptomaniac!! ... Esther in case you are wondering  :) she's taken a liking to their red hair and likes to wiggle her fingers thru' it!  I try to make sure the fingers aren't tooo sticky ..lol!  Nicole's dolls are beautifully made, she's very creative and has lots and lots of beautiful Annie's ... I seriously want one of each ...lol!  There's also some Prim Annie's that I 'won' on E-Bay a couple of years ago... I don't seem to have taken a picture of them , you can see one edging next to the Raggedy Annie's in that last photo  :)  I should do an Annie photo-shoot session as I have them dotted here and there all around the house, but there again do I really want 'you-know-who' knowing what we don't really want him to know about!!??? ;)  hehehee

I do have photos to share of a holi-'day' that Hubby, Abi, Jake and I took the other week whilst the girls were at school. We took a trip down memory lane to Scarborough on the Yorkshire Coast to reminisce about holidays Hubby and I had as children ... many moons ago ... lol! I had a lovely time , I think by the end of the day the oldie kids did too, well they were on a sugar high by the end of the day so how could they not enjoy it ...lol! I'll save them for another time, this is already probably tooo long ...hehehe
Be back soooooooon!
Love Wendy x x