Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy May! Not sure if I should also add Happy Summer, Happy Autumn and Happy Christmas tooo ! :) Finding it reeeaally hard to get computer access lately ... too many peoples studying for exams at the moment, all available computer resources are being used, including my little net book :(  I haven't seen it in aaaages! In fact I'm feeling very guilty about not replying to E-mails and comments and such, but honestly I've barely been able to get near the computer ....  It's taken me almost 2 weeks just to write this!!!! :( Sad times ... lol!  My Internet shopping is suffering greatly!!! I'm worried I may have forgotten my E-bay password ... hahahahaa :)  Mr Postman is feeling the economic effects too, I've not seen him for the longest time ;)  I wonder if he misses me?  I've missed my computer time, no sneaky E-bay bids, no lurking on Primitive Gatherings web site, just no time on the computer at all, lol! I should have a beautifully clean and tidy house ... Not likely...  hahaha  ;)
Life here is pottering along just the same, Esther has made a good recovery after all her Easter fun, in fact she's eating soooo much at the moment that I'm pretty certain she must have hollow legs. Her new challenge seems to be settling to sleep in her bed and bedroom at night, not a happy Angel at bedtime, I think its because she somehow associates bedtime and bed with her seizures and just gets all anxious and agitated ... we've spent alot of nights sleeping on the sofa :(  The hair saga continues with Mim, she still won't even look at a hair scrunchy/bobble, but she is allowing me to brush her hair, so we're not making a big issue of it and allowing to let her gorgeous locks flow :)  She does do a brilliant hair swing-flick ... just like on the TV adverts for hair shampoo ...  haha  :)  Abigael and Jacob are busy studying and revising for exams, both will shortly be home on exam-study leave, GCSE's and Alevels all at once!! Once they're home, with the summer holidays included, they won't be back at College or University for over 3 months ... 3 months and 10 days exactly for Abi and 3 months and 16 days for Jacob .... not that I'm counting!!!!!!!  I'm starting to feel a little panicky at having them home sooooo long (hopefully they won't be bickering all the time like teenagers can!) I'm going to have to stock up on chocolate to keep my nerves from fraying from stress awaiting exam results in August .... Two fraught teens is not fun :)

I've managed some sewing, mostly cross stitch with a teensy bit of woolly love thrown in. The cross stitch is soooo easy to pick up and put down safely without Angel fingers getting into tooo much bother :)  This is my 'March' cross stitch in the monthly series by 'Country Stitches'  ....
Soooo loving these little sampler type cross stitches.  I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of 'May' :)  I'm not using the recommended fabric  ... its 35 count Abecedarian by R&R Reproductions, and not easy to get a hold of here, I'm using  a Lakeside Linens fabric , 32count Vintage Light Examplar, and I'm very happy with it, obviously the 32count makes my finished piece a teensy bit bigger but as I'm making mine into little hanging pockets it seems to be working out OK :) 

 I've also stitched ....
Two little birdies, the blue birdie - heart 'finished' ( Yeah a finish!!!!) is another Country Stitches design and the brown birdie is a 'Blackbird Designs' that is a little pincushion when it's finally sewn up and finished ... aren't you impressed that I finished the blue birdie! Even added organza ribbon to fancy it up ... pinched that from some giftie wrapping on one of Abi's Christmas gifts ....hahahaha :)

I did say I'd done some teensy woolly lovin' ....

This is block one in my new BOM 'Heart and Home' from PG, ... and here's block 2 started ...

Those flying geese thingies gave me grief  :(  but I eventually got them done, in fact I was on a roll and pieced together the backgrounds for blocks 3, 4, 5 and 6 ... I must have been in the piecing zone!  I have actually finished the applique on block 2 since taking that photo, I have the applique bits prepped for block 3 , but the applique for blocks 4, 5, and 6 still need cutting out ... slow but steady progress :) I have been mostly doing my blocks at my weekly sewing class in Southport , but unfortunately due to our Easter fun I've missed more classes than I've attended and that's my excuse for been soooo behind. I have to catch up soon though as my new PG woolly BOM is due to start in May/June ;)

I know Easter is over but Spring is still technically with us , even if our weather is most unSpring-like. It is still kind of Bunny season ... :)  I just couldn't say NO!!!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words (or something like that), and if I add anything I'm libel to land myself in more hot water with you-know-who (!)  so I'll just let the picture speak for itself  .... Bunny Love :) Thank You  , Angi and Maria  ... BIG HUGS !!!!!! ( Yes Maria, it is a bit like Watership Down here! hahaha)

I did manage a sneaky bit of shopping with one of my lovely friends before the computer 'lockdown' (!) :)
Tanya has a lovely Etsy-shop filled with some very tempting goodies :)  ...  I was tempted by some cross stitch fabric , could you say "no" to 'Lambswool' and 'Milk Chocolate'  ... it would have been very wrong to say "no" to Milk Chocolate!!! hehehehee Also a  sweet pattern and lovely Tanya added some needle threaders and one of her sweet pocket tissue pouchies. I can happily report that it was a most satisfying shopping experience, the sales staff were most obliging and shipping/postage was super-duper quick :) You really need to go look  at Tanya's Etsy shop, I got there following the link thru' her blog 'Friendship Crossing' .... go on have a peek :)

Well as I said before .... daaaaaaays its taken me to write this , trying to add little bits here and there, its probably all very disjointed  ... lol! But my little net book is being requested as I type and as I'm only 'playing around' can I let someone else use it !!!! The sacrifices a Mother has to make for her families education ... Munchkins better all get goood results making me suffer like this ...hahahaha
Hope to be back soon, but if the worst comes to worst, exams are all over by the end of June !
Don't forget me ....hehehehe

Love Wendy x