Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A sad Easter story :(   and a looooooong one so feel free to skip this journal/blog entry! :) .....  not a happy time at the Kirby’s this Easter, Esther was sent home sick from school on the last day of school -- never a good omen! And she’s literally taken the full two weeks to get better. Miriam has been her usual mischievous self with a teensy bit of ‘I want some attention NOW’ attitude thrown in.. but you can’t blame her when all the attention has been on caring for a sick Esther. Mim has coped remarkably well, thanks mainly to our wonderful carers who gave her some much needed stability and lots of fun.
Soooo, poor Esther, a visit to the emergency doctors the weekend that we broke up from school, just to be told she was hot because the weather was warm !!! Won’t tell you what I muttered under my breath when he said that! Told to get fluids in her and give her more paracetamol and ibuprofen. She wasn’t well enough to enjoy any of our planned respite days out but we were brave ( and a teensy bit desperate ..lol!) and tried Mim out on her own … when I say out on her own I mean without Esther and out with her carers  .. not out on her own! :)) ... and the little star did super-duper!! What a good girl :) Esther meanwhile just wasn’t picking up so another trip to our own GP practice where we saw Nurse Helen and had a temperature of 39.5/40 (and it wasn’t even hot weather outside! ) Esther been Esther wasn’t overly co-operative and trying to pin down where her pain/infection was , was difficult so she was given a dose of ‘multi-purpose-Antibiotics’ and more pain relief. Over the next few days she started to pick up, was still very weak and lethargic and not eating but her temperature had gone down. Mim meanwhile is trying reeeeeaally hard to be a good girl but I’m sure as payment for lack of attention and tooo many cuddles for Esther she’s paying me back by deciding that she’s NOT going to allow me to brush her hair , never mind try and put it up into a pony tail … wild haired child of aaaall Lancashire!! :)

Onto Tuesday of the second week , whilst Mim was out having a whale of a time with her lovely carers, I thought Esther might enjoy a short drive to collect Abigael from work, she was a bit mithery but I just put that down to not been out for over a week …. Should have known better!!! Right in the middle of the main street in Town she goes and has a full Clonic-Tonic/Grand Mal seizure in the back of the car! We did it all , emergency stop, hazard lights , struggling to hold her so she didn’t hurt herself against her car harness, some lovely old lady came by and said ‘poor love’ (!?) Someone else thoughtfully helped me move the car out of the middle of the road into a nearby car park, someone else went and got Abi from Asda (where we were heading to pick her up) and yet another kind person called an Ambulance that just happened to be on a break in the Asda car park!? And the paramedic was practically climbing into the back of the car before the nice man driving had parked us up! All very dramatic and I’m sure you can imagine Esther’s deep joy at coming ‘out’ of the seizure and finding a paramedic looking at her! (Can I just point out here that I didn’t burst into tears and cry once …. Reckon it was adrenalin shock or something … hahaha) Anyway, we eventually decided Esther was OK to go home and didn’t need a ride in an Ambulance (thinking now, that we maybe should have taken that ride!) We eventually get Esther and Abi home only to have yet another seizure, a rest and a couple of hours later another seizure and then again another , we had a total of 4 ‘full’ seizures that day. Boy were we happy when she eventually fell asleep that night! Wednesday morning we woke up with another seizure, (that’s 5 now in under 24 hours!) Our carers arrived took immediate charge of and sorted Mim out and were fantastic. We rang our Paediatrician who arranged for Esther to be admitted to the Children's Ward  at Preston Royal Hospital. We spent a lovely (NOT!!!) day been prodded and poked … Esther was soooo good when they took blood …partly I think because she was sooo exhausted she didn’t have enough energy to fight ;)  Everything was a bit inconclusive but she was obviously still in pain and that pain was causing the seizures.

Now, she was due to actually go into Preston on Saturday 14 April to the Day Unit for a routine Dental examination under General Anaesthetic (something we do every couple of years), it was decided it was possible that that could be where problem was … Fortunately the Dental team said they could squeeze her in at the start of the Adult session the next morning and hopefully that would get to the bottom of things before they started ordering CT scans of her head and tummy! So we go home very, very late on Wednesday night (no way we were going to try sleeping in hospital overnight!!) and we're back early early on Thursday morning and in theatre/surgery by 8:00am. And what would you know??? It was the teeth!!! (Angelman teeth grow funny!) One tooth was just hollow right down to the nerve --Oooouchh! That was the little burger! ;) And 4 others were saveable with fillings. By Jove I think we’ve done it!! No messing, all sorted, a lovely nurse back on the ward who ‘remembered’ Esther (and Mim!) and we were allowed home after several 'recovery' hours with copious amounts of pain relief including codeine that we’ve never had before. A very tired , swollen, drugged up … literally to the eyeballs .. Angel was resting at home by the time Mim arrived back that afternoon after a hastily planned, long day of fun and mayhem that can only be supplied by our lovely carers !! ;)  We were doing sooo well until bedtime on Friday when Esther had another seizure and just didn’t seem to come 'out' of it properly , She was kind of partially seizing for about 20 minutes , then had the full works, but where she’d normally come ‘out’ tearful and sleepyish she just went back into partial… not something we’d seen before, so we called 999, had some lovely paramedics arrived literally within minutes, who then whisked her off ‘flickering’ if you like to Preston A&E. She finally came ‘out’ of seizure activity and was back to normal over an hour later. The A&E doctors didn’t really know why this seizure was so different but suspected it was possibly a combination of the General Anaesthetic wearing off and the codeine (that we’d given her at bedtime) not acting quickly enough to control her pain … (we didn’t know that codeine isn’t as fast acting as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen) Home eventually by about 3am, to find Mim cuddling up with Jacob and her Uncle James on the sofa watching a DVD and we all eventually managed to get to bed.  We had a better day on Saturday even though it too started with a small seizure but all in all we seem to be managing the pain OK … just by ensuring she’s topped up! I think we’ve turned the corner so to speak, she certainly has been a lot happier the last few days and she's even played out in the garden and slapped the TV a couple of dozen times when the adverts have come on ;) She finally seems happy again. Miriam has enjoyed having Esther to push around again and she even seemed to enjoy the hair pulling session they had about 5pm just before they started watching a film on TV last night :))

All in all I think we’re done for Easter, in between all the fun with Esther, my Dad hasn't been well either, in fact poor Dad has had pneumonia and were not sure if he's suffered a slight stroke too ... will know more after some tests :( Lots to worry about there for my lovely Dad.   Jacob tried to break his toe playing football but just ended up being x-rayed and strapped up in A&E ... and told not to play football for at least a week possibly a month ....HA! I'll give him days before he's trying ;) I still have all the little eggs I bought for the Easter egg hunt in a bag, may have to give them away ...if only to save my hips!   Jacob celebrated his 16th birthday somewhere amidst all the drama, Abi has worked and worked, valiantly saving up aaaall her pennies for University :o  Keith and I are both pooped and  Boy oh Boy was I looking forward to this morning and  that little red school bus arriving!! Esther has gone into school this morning … fingers crossed she’ll be OK … she was bashing on the Quiet Room door and laughing her head off  last night as I was trying to type this! A good sign she's feeling better :) Mim will definitely be in school ... very possibly wild haired but I’m hoping getting back into our normal routine will comfort her and maybe she’ll even look at the hair brush by the end of the week!!

Sorry if that all seems a bit uninteresting, but its our family life and that's all I have to write about in my Journal/blog :) Please don't feel  sorry for me , I have consoled myself with some sewing and a teensy bit of shopping ;) {When? you ask :) Usually within the wee small hours when mostly everyone was fast asleep in bed ...hahahaha} ( I know any time, any opportunity .... sooooo bad!!) I found a lovely lady, Kim from The Barn Hollow, who makes the most gorgeous prims. I mean they are really, reeeeaally gorgeous!!! I was soooooo tempted and soooooo in need of consolation for all of my many, many woes ;) I truly felt I needed to be comforted with these ...
Yes, more bunnies .... we all know I've got a bunny thing going on ... they just make me smile, plus we all know how quickly bunnies have babies so it shouldn't be surprising if more appear !!!!
Ooooo where did he come from?
Who's that up there?? Lol! It's a Bunnie infestation, They're everywhere ......
(Those 'new-ish' Bunnies are from Maria from The Cinnamon Shack website and her E-bay 'shop') And there are more but I suddenly realised that the more Bunnie pictures I show the more Kirbs will figure out whats been happening ... cooking my own goose so to speak ... and we really don't want to start adding any more animals into the mix ...hahaha :)   Luuuurrrve yoooou Kirbs :)   {Have to slip those bits in ....cause I know you're reading me Kirby!!!!}

I've done a teensy bit of sewing, finishing off mostly :)
A Spring Sampler by Country Stitches ... My new PG ..lol! also a woolly bird to sit on my Spring nest...obviously kept well high out of reach of little Angelic fingers! :)
also some little cushion/pillow tucks ...
I still love PG! (Primitive Gatherings)  :) I finished another woolly delicious Penny mat, all browns and golds and reds, with the odd murky green, a new favourite ...  The decidedly un-egg-like-shaped 'thing' (my poor sewing skills not the pattern design I hasten to add) is another Country Stitches design, it should have a little bouquet type flowery bit tucked into the ribbon ... mine did... until Angel fingers struck! :) The other two pillow tucks are patterns by Jenny Hoffman of Country Rustic Primitives, I have a few of her designs that I've bought as E-patterns .... sooooo easy to do ... just need to make sure I have ink in the printer, lol!

Well, that's about it , I'm flagging now, I started writing this yesterday, tried to finish it this morning, the little red bus has been and gone, my Angels had a good day at school :)  and now I find its bedtime and I'm still going :) Time to say goodnight and see if I can persuade two giggly Angels to climb into bed , otherwise Mummy may be asleep before they are :)

Tired Hugs and lots of Love
Wendy xxx