Sunday, 25 March 2012

I'm only a week behind .... ??? .... But it was a very Happy Mothers Day last Sunday :) I was spoilt and pampered and thoroughly enjoyed  my beautiful flowers and chocolates from my lovely children
That's not to say that today isn't a very nice Sunday tooo! But last Sunday was a reasonably peaceful end to a busy time, it did have a teensy bit of naughty Sabbath Day 'reverent-ish' bouncing ... as the bouncy castle people didn't come to collect the castle that they delivered for Abi's party the day before until later on Sunday evening, and it was there, in the garden ... and do you know how hard it is to keep two excited Angels off a bouncy castle ??? Lol!! 

Jacob also wrote me a short poem as part of his Young Mens Mother Appreciation Evening held at Youth group during the week:

My Mother is quite a good chef,
But she's burnt everything in the book.
Thankfully my Mother is deaf,
So she won't hear this and give me a Look!
But Yes I still love my Mother,
And I wouldn't swap her for another.

Mmmmm... Yes, I think we can safely say he saved himself with the last two lines :)  Although I have to be honest and say the first four are pretty spot on too ... hahaha... I'm famous for my 'looks' and I think we've all seen the woeful evidence of my cookery skills, Lol! Love you Jacob! ;)
Mothers Day was the culmination of a very busy and loooooong weekend spent celebrating Abigael's 18th Birthday. All the fun started on Friday evening with Jacob and Keith dashing off on a last minute 'organised' (??) Men's overnight 'Roughin' it Camp' in Wales. As they were literally scrambling out the door with sleeping bags and tents and what little non-party-food we had in the house, Abi had girlfriends arriving for a pre-party sleepover, Miriam and Esther decided to throw the biggest stroppy wobbler ever and to top it all the DVD player refused to work , so no calm evening eating pizza and popcorn and watching films :(  It was far more than we could take , or me on my ownsome with Hubby gallivanting off to Wales!! ;) I did what any self preserving Mother would do ... I went shopping! Not for fabric or goodies, but for world peace ... well peace in our little bit of world .... hahaha ... I bought a nice cheap (soooo cheap I reckon we'll be lucky if it lasts more than a week or so, lol!) new DVD player and ordered pizza and finally had Angelic peace reigning by about 8pm :)  Amazing what a cuddle, a slice of pizza and a DVD can do for ones nerves :) The rest of the night was fairly calm after all that. Saturday morning arrived, and so did all the hard work of getting organised for lots of party visitors, I'd been clever enough to have the foresight to book some Angel respite with my carers for a couple of hours so I could get things completed without a trail of Angelic mishap following me around. Abi and her sleep-over friends were excellent in preparing all the party food (sausages and cheese chunks on sticks! Very chic ... hahaha .. but what Abi wanted, I think they call it Retro now!) I had a slight panic that the bouncy castle wasn't going to arrive, but it did with about 10 minutes to spare ... and it was HUGE!! Luckily it actually fitted into the garden, I was wondering if it would at one point ..haha..  :) The whole day was busy with different friends coming and going , restocking sausage sticks and filling jugs of juice, The helium balloons that I'd ordered very last minute ( the day before!) went down a treat ... lots of squeaky voiced chipmunks ... hahaha and even though we had the odd shower of rain it didn't seem to stop any bouncy fun, they all just continued to bounce  and slide around in the wet puddles. When it finally became too dark to play outside the evening was filled with Wii dance completions and lazing around eating the last of anything edible to be found in the kitchen cupboards! The Angels loved all the fun and excitement and Keith and Jacob eventually came home muddy and exhausted but happy to join in all the fun :)

I was only tooo eager for Monday morning to roll around and face our usual mad rush to get to school, college and work on time routine :) Fortunately I'd operated a tidy-up-as-you-go programme over the weekend so I had no serious after-party clean up to do, in fact after my usual household chores I spent a very quiet hour or so in the afternoon sewing and watching an old pioneer-type film :)
I finished off a couple of bits and bobs .... 
Some little woolly goodies, a pincushion and pin/needle keep,  I've had these all cut out and prepped for ages, just as usual, I've not quite got round to finishing them :)
A little bit of cross stitching .... 
Another one of the 'Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread' monthly designs 'March' :) and again with a bunny
The bunny is from a pattern by Angie of Drakestone Primitives, a gracious freebie on her part :) Angie's pattern is for a bunny-pull-along-toy, I just made the bunny and thought I'd sit him in my March pocket :) I'm currently just finishing off a few more near completed woolly goodies and some Spring cross stitching, hoping to get them finished sooooooon! ;)

OK confession time!!! ... Don't read this bit Keefy ;)
It is Spring ! And there's something about Spring that makes you just want to love bunnies! Especially cute E-bay Bunnies ... lol! I know it was naughty and I know I'm a lost cause but I 'won' these bunnies a couple of weeks ago and am only now just brave enough to show them ... and I think I've possibly done enough grovelling and pleading for forgiveness to hubby to be daringly brazen enough to share them ;)
Soooo teensy and perfectly made :) These are by Maria of 'The Cinnamon Shack' but she also sells on E-bay ( selling as 'wilma050_0') where I was fortunate enough to 'win' these lovely little bunnies :)    .... And .... ( there's always an AND!!! hehehee)
 ... who could possibly resist this beautiful primitive Easter bunny? Also from E-bay and from Angie of Drakestone Primitives :) ( I think she's called 'countryspiceangel' on E-bay) He is soooo gorgeous and yummy smelling, I'm thrilled with all my bunny purchases and have them mingled in amongst my Spring displays around the house ... and that's all there is ... for now ;) Heheheee !

Well, its Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, the patio doors are wide open, and although there's no HUGE Bouncy castle in the garden this week the munchkins are still managing to enjoy some early Spring sunshine ... I think I'll go join them :)  ... Happy Spring :)

Hugs Wendy x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Turning 11 years old is very tiring work!! Its just been over a week since we ended 'Birthday week' and I'm feeling old and  so very tired ...hahaha ... obviously not up to a full weeks worth of celebrations :) I'm thinking next year I should possibly plan for  a two week birthday celebration and spread things out so I can have a couple of nap days in between ;)  I had a lovely time , ate waaaaaay too much ... probably take me another 4 years to loose all those extra pounds! But can I say that the marzipan treats and cream cakes from Betty's Tea Rooms in Harrogate are soooooooo worth it!!
Amidst all the excitement  I have one accomplishment that I'm very proud off....
Taaadaaahh.... the borders are on my Autumn BOM quilt ... hurrrrraaaayyy!!!  Ooops that's not a good picture ... looked better on the camera screen thingy ... you can't see how super-duper those border points meet at those jammy cornerstones!! All that work ... lol! Sooo glad to have the dreaded borders on now I have to tackle the applique borders ... sigh! But its progress :)

Also I have exciting news .... Finally... Mr Postman arrived!!! He arrived first with a wonderful birthday box from my lovely friend Shazy ( Country Prims Blog) ...
Aren't they wonderful gifties !? Thank you Shazy I love them all, I've been thinking that I needed a spring bunny for aaages and look what I got  :)  I've already displayed my lovely woolly bunny and wool pillows on my oldie dresser, the pincushion ...sooooo cute, is with my growing collection ...going to need a shelf/cupboard soon for them! And the bowl and smellies are in the Quiet Room smelling lovely ... and out of reach of Angel fingers that just love to fiddle  :) I don't think we need to say anything about the mini eggs ... they didn't last long ... hehehee :) Thank you again Shazy , such a lovely surprise and treat.

I had to wait a full week after Shazy's gifts for Mr Postman to call again :(   Mr Postman didn't have my parcel he just left me with a  card saying it was tooo big for the letterbox, so off to the sorting office I went only to find that mean Mr Import Duty man  had grabbed my present and given me a yuckky bill to pay before I could have it :( BUT.... someone made a mistake at the 'office' and sent me the wrong collection card ... !!! ...   it didn't say anything about paying Import duties, sooooooo when I went to collect it and even with the parcel was covered with that nasty 'charges' notice, I didn't have to pay!! Something about not giving the customer (me!!!) the correct information/notification about the charges ...???... I wasn't about to argue with anyone ....hehehee. I was soooo excited :) It definitely made up for having to wait sooo long for it to arrive :) Or maybe my Mr Postman still likes me!? This is what was in my naughty parcel ...
Some lovely woolly kits and patterns from Goos Nest Designs. They've just recently started adding woolly kits and its soooo lovely to get wool that the designer has selected herself for the patterns :)  I helped hubby pick out a nice selection to get started with ...hehehee ;) The ladies at Goos Nest were sooo helpful and friendly, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on any further woolly goodness they have to offer :)

Because Mr Postman took sooooo long to bring my birthday goodies I had to do some compensatory 'my pressies didn't come shopping'  ;)  I was very tempted by these little fellas from Ebay....
 A box off Spring bunnies, they smell sooo scrummy and are just so teensy but perfectly made, I'm sorely tempted to order/bid for some more but that would be a very naughty thing to do and we aaaall know what a good girl I am! ;) ... lol! So instead of lingering on E-bay any longer I tried my hand at making a bunny myself, I use some patterns from the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine ....
I'm quite please with him and the little crazy wool bag he sits in :)  He looks a bit pale and peaky there, he's really more a grubby cream colour. I might make another one in a darker colour ... who knows! I do seem to flit and flicker from project to project as I get tempted by new ideas :)

Well that's about it , its almost bedtime, just waiting for Abs and Jake to come in from  Youth night at Church, its Abi's last official night, she turns 18 on Sunday so will leave theYoung Women's program and move into the Young Adult program. She's getting older, I'm getting older ... see how difficult she's making it for me to fib about how old I am now! :)  Lots still to plan for her birthday , she's saying goodbye to her Youth and hello to Adulthood in style ... she's having a bouncy castle party!! Only my Abi! :) Should be lots of fun!  Ooooh... I think I hear them coming in ... hurray for bedtime, Take care :)
Love Wendy x