Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee!!! :)  A real birthday this year, seems like ages since I had a birthday ;) Lol! ... 4 years is a long time to wait! No fun being a Leap Year baby! How old am I? Well I've been wondering what age I could pass for, 8 years is a definite no, 9 years is a teensy bit tricky now that Abi is almost turning 18 herself. I think I could possibly just about pull off 10 years but  ...... I've reached 11 years old today! Still got one child younger than me :)  Keith and I were giggling today about him being married to an 11 year old at 45, I think it will be more fun when  he's 65 married to a 16 year old... bound to raise a few eyebrows then ...hehehee

My Birthday week is going well, no visits from Mr Postman  :(  ... he seems to visit later each year ...sigh! But I have received some lovely non-woolly gifts ...

A beautiful solid silver bangle with some added silver bling from Jacob and the Angels, Jacob chose everything and paid for it all... just got Dad to sub the Angels-portion off cash ...hahaha cheeky boy! Its very beautiful and sparkly and surprisingly heavy, I love it , its very feminine and chic, I can glitter and sparkle all day long :)   It could go a long way to finally making me into a sophisticated lady ;)  hahaha

Abi got me a delicious box of 'LUSH' bathroom/pampering goodies ...
I sooooo wish you could smell them they are truly divine :) My favourite is the Leap Year Frog ... love those lips ... lol! I can't wait to lock myself away in the bathroom and indulge :)

I also received some beautiful flowers and Chocolates from Keith ...
These are my 'waiting for Mr Postman to arrive' gift ... a gift in waiting ... hahaha I think I can cope with waiting and that BIG box of chocolates  :)
Lots of loving and spoiling ... Loved every moment of it, there's nothing sooo wonderful as having my family spoil me and make me feel special, which they do every day but more so today :))

Abi even baked me my favourite cake and treats when she got in from college ...
An apple strudel cake .... MMmmmmm yummy!!
And some really tooooo-cute-to-eat-but-we-did-Gingerbread men! :) Have I said that I love been spoiled ?? :))

Keith and I have had a lovely week so far , its surprising what you can actually do during school hours if you put your mind it  ... On Monday we had our favourite drive out to Harrogate, a pub lunch on the way and a very quick wander around the shops in Harrogate before heading to 'Betty's Tea Rooms' for cakes and  .... well more cakes! A very quick trip but a lovely drive, I actually think the best part is just driving and talking without any interruptions from children! Tuesday we just pottered and walked the dog and pretended we were old and retired ... We decided we'd quite like to be retired!  Today we went for a quick visit over in Yorkshire with my Mum and Dad ( Poor Mum was sad as Mr Postman hadn't visited her either with a present she'd ordered for me .. I just get to have a birthday that lasts a bit longer ... hahaha) Then because the Angels had a swimming lesson after school we had a slightly longer day, so we went to the cinema and watched the film 'Woman In Black', I loved it, my kind of suspense Hammer horror film... no blood or gore just lots of dark spooky on the edge of you seat jumpy bits!

Whilst driving here and there I managed to put the final stitches in my newest Cross Stitch ...
Its a Country Stitches Design  February from their new Monthly series ... already started March :)
I'm really enjoying this renewed love of Cross stitching, there are soooo many exciting new designs out now, I reeeeeaally can't wait much longer for my visit from Mr Postman! ;)

To finish off another fabulous birthday, I'm going to share one last picture of my birthday tea that my wonderful hubby made for me this evening ....

No, your eyes do not deceive you! That is a plate of fish fingers! And just a plate of fish fingers ... no chips or peas or nuffink! Not even a squirt of tomato sauce ...or even a fork to eat them with!  I was a little surprised! I don't even like fish fingers! .... hahahaha   Hubby said that it was all he could find in the freezer that was quick to cook .... Fish fingers!!!!?????????   I will and have forgiven him, he has booked a lovely meal out for us on Friday when we have some evening respite/babysitting hours for the Angels planned ... maybe he's saving pennies for the big posh meal out? ;) But fish fingers!!?? I had a gingerbread man instead! Lol!!!  Bet you've not had fish fingers for your birthday tea! :)  Hahahhaaa

Well this birthday girl is all tired out and looking forward to a quiet day in tomorrow, Keith still has to go to Uni for his course, but he's home again on Friday so we've still another day of adventure left yet :)   You never know Mr Postman might call tomorrow ... fingers crossed  :)

Lots of Birthday hugs and wishes
Wendy  x x x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February is my favourite month ... for obvious reasons ..hehehe ;) But this year it feels like its slipping by without time to enjoy it. My days have been full of coughs and sneezes, runny noses and head cold miseries :(  And we still haven't had any SNOW!!! My poor Snowmen are looking most forlorn, they're in need of white fluffy cold stuff :)  Before you know it it will be time to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring .... that's probably when we'll get the snow!

Life is progressing as usual here, my Angels are still as mischievous as ever, Abi and Jake are ploughing thru' hours of exam study and revision. Abi has received offers of placement from all the Universities she applied to and has selected Lancaster University as her first choice , studying for a Biology Degree. She still is unsure about 'what she wants to do' but I'm not worried, I think things will happen whilst she's at Uni and her 'path in life' will become clearer to her. She's only young, she has time yet to make plans. Hubby is working as hard as ever ... currently battling the head cold misery :O  Unfortunately my Dad isn't very well, he's become quite weak and frail since Christmas and has spent several weeks in hospital. Dad has always had problems with Asthma and Chronic Chest Infections, years of steroids and medication's to help his breathing have finally taken their toll on his lungs which are now struggling. I suspect we are reaching the point where in his later years, his life is becoming one where he is going to  need constant care and support. It's a sad way to be, old age isn't fun. I feel for him, his little joys of simply walking the dog, chatting to his neighbour over the fence, pottering in his garden are things he can no longer do. The majority of his care falls to my Mum, who also has to struggle with the changes in their life. We've been visiting regularly each week, soooo wish they lived closer. But I feel torn between caring for my Angels and worrying about my Parents and helping Mum with Dad.  I desperately wish I could do more, I wish I could buy a big house and move us all in together and just care for my Angels and Parents ... actually thinking about it the excitement / trauma of living with Angels would probably just about finish off Mum and certainly Dad...hehehehe...forgive my wicked sense of humour :)

I've been trying to occupy my hands if not my worrying thoughts, I've finally finished my last Autumn BOM block and managed to assemble all the blocks together...
No borders yet didn't reeeaally expect to see any did you? ;) Hahaha But I love the look of it so far and feel that those borders could be within reach. Can you tell yet that borders are my sewing nemesis?  :)  I've been good and not started my new Heart and Home BOM even though they are calling me!   I have suffered a great weakness and signed up for not one, not two but three more BOM's ... all woolly!!!   I'm more than a little anxious ... even though I hasten to add, they are all officially authorised by him who counts! Hahaha.  One of the BOM's is from my beloved Primitive Gatherings but is right out of my comfort zone .. I signed up for 'Jacquelines Album Quilt' BOM, flowers and vines and leaves and not a pumpkin in sight! I'm a bit worried but putting my complete trust in PG, they know what they're doing :) Lol!   The other two BOM's are only short running ones, for small wall quilts by Heart to Hand; 'Snowy Days' and 'Dances with Flowers', the designs are really cute and I have no worries there. I've just not used the 'shop' before so not quite sure what I'll be getting in woolly quality. Can't quite remember the name of the shop either ... not a good sign..hahaha

Whilst visiting sick Fathers and nursing poorly Angels I've continued on with my renewed love of Cross Stitch. I soooooo Lurve Country Stitches -With thy needle and thread designs ... my new stitching PG love!  hahaha     I've finished ....
 .... this little snowman, I think the design is called 'Sweeping Snowflakes'. I tried to finish it off wrapped around that small broom I found at the Old Mill but its bristles are not quite thick and bushy enough, need to look for a fuller one :)

I've also finished a Snowman ABC sampler ...

somehow I've ended up with two  pictures instead of one big photo that shows all the sampler??? don't ask me if I know what I'm doing ...hahaha    I think the pattern is by 'Bent Creek',  really I should look things up properly first shouldn't I instead of trying to remember and guessing. I've finished one of the new monthly cross stitch samplers that C C-S are doing , February, and quite enjoyed that although I still haven't managed sewing on the recommended 35count fabric. I find it very relaxing stitching away, easy to do with Angels flying around and it means I can relax more with my true love of wools during the quieter daytime when I try and sneak an hour here and there :)
It's THE WEEK next week :) My lists are all organised, and so is everyone else..hehehee   Hubby has booked a week  off work so we can spend some time together without children ....Oooooo ;)  We can't actually get up to tooo much during school hours, lol! But I'm hoping for a nice lunch out, a visit to the cinema ...with popcorn and  maybe a nice walk somewhere ;)  just some quiet time together .. Aaaaww ... On the big day itself, Wednesday, I'm thinking of a nice drive out, possibly our usual haunt of Harrogate (with cakes at Betty's Tea Rooms!!) with a 'Take-away' banquet in the evening ... fancy meals out just don't quite work with Angels :) ... And  finished of with ice-cream and Birthday cake :) Lots to do and lots planned but I really only have a true birthday once every four years so a girl has to make the most of it!

It's time to go and bathe some Angels and get them ready for bedtime, I can see a sly one sneaking off already... Mim! Hope to be back soon....

With Love  Wendy x 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy 1st of February!  :)  I LOVE  February, its my favourite month of the year ... hahaha ... And its a special year this time round ... only happens every four years ... it's why Mum is sooooo young at heart and why I have lists, lots of lists for February :)  ... Anyone want a copy of my list? ... Anyone? ... Hubby? Ab's? Jake? I'm sure you do you're just tooo shy to say, so I'll leave lots of notes and clues lying around to help make sure that you enjoy February as much as meeeeeee!!  LOL!  ;)  {Kirbs I know you peek at my journal/blog ... do you want a list? :)  }

So where's all the SNOW ???? We've supposedly been forecast Arctic weather and we had beautiful bright clear skies today, very cold but bright :) I had a nice drive out this morning to Southport to my 'local' Quilt Shop for my new sewing class. I think I'm starting to enjoy my new group, I miss my ladies from Thursday evening but honestly, I don't miss the driving in the dark and worrying about what's happening at home. The daytime classes enable me to get all the munchkins off to school and college, leaving me just about enough time to brush my hair, flick on the washing machine and dishwasher and head out the door for class starting at 10am (its about a 40 minute drive away) Today felt alot more friendlier and comfortable ... we even talked about wool ... lol! I sewed hard today to finish my Autumn BOM, just 3 more pennies to sew on and the blocks are finished and I can put them together .... and then I can start my new Heart and Home blocks :)   I had to smile on the way home, thinking on how much I'd enjoyed the morning and was looking forward to returning next week, only to remember that I'll have to miss the next couple of classes as I have to take Abi to Liverpool and Lancaster Universities for interviews for her  chosen degree course! Oh well at least I'll be looking forward to going back :)

On the way home I pass this old Cotton Mill, well I think that's  what it used to be, now its a kind of antique-y/junky/any-old-tat kind of place. Lots of little stalls/areas with tables piled high with treasures of all kinds. I can spend hours wandering around in there. I love poking around and trying to find bits and bobs to take home. I didn't have very long today as I was really just trying to kill 1/2 an hour or so before I collected Jacob from school (he finishes early on a Wednesday) but I did manage to find some treasure! ...
I was really pleased with my 'finds' :)  I have plans for all of them, the mini loaf tin and colander ( which is surprisingly heavy!) I can see them filled with greenery and berries and quite possible something gingery! The little broom-brush I had to buy when I saw it as its perfect for my new cross-stitch pattern for a snowman design that wraps around it (I've not explained that very clearly, but I know what I mean  hahaha) The tin cup definitely needs a mouse, the stone jug was only 20p ... so I had to have that. And the basket? Well I needed to carry it all in something and it is my first basket buy of the year ... and it is February! :)  Not bad for a quick 30 minute shop ... lol!

No sewing to show , but it has only been a day or so  since I was last here, you should still be recovering from the over-indulgence of Snowman pictures from last time ..haha 
 Its almost time for February 2nd , so I best go to bed and dream up some more lists ... no groaning allowed Abi!!! :)

Sleep tight .... Hugs   Wendy  xox