Monday, 30 January 2012

I started the year with good intentions ... :) I managed to write on the first of January ... not much in between now and then , and suddenly I find that then is actually the end of January and all my good intentions have dissipated into  the never-never!! {Obviously  I'm still trying to use big words to make myself sound clever ;) ... which is very hard when you live in a home with clever children/young adults currently taking GCSE and A level exams and when you try to sit down and 'help' them revise you have absolutely no idea what we are trying to study!!}  Anyways I had wanted to write my Journal/blog more frequently, I was never going to be an every day writer but I had silently hoped I could manage once a week , well that was my silent goal ... its not happened :(  But I'm not going to beat myself up about it , its my journal/blog, I'm not going to be in trouble with the teacher or anything!

 I wish I had lots to tell but nothing much , its January (just about!) , its cold .. our boiler is still broken so still no central heating, the fun of snuggling under blankets and hot water bottles in bed is starting to wear off ... especially when said water bottle is like a bottle of ice at the bottom of the bed at 3am!!  Ooooh, how I took for granted the luxuries of life :)    Lots of teenage angst hanging about with exams looming and applications for University and College floating around. Not sure what I'm going to do when I have both Abi and Jake at home for exam study leave .... it could be a very looooonng summer :) Jacob will be leaving High School and hopefully going to the same College in September that Abi will be leaving in Summer. I feel a quiet sense of relief that he doesn't have to start looking for prom dresses and such :)  ... he's actually decided not to go to his leavers prom! He'd rather spend the money needed for hiring a tuxedo and sharing a limo (which they all seem to do now ...why? I don't know!) and on the meal and entertainment (not freebies these proms!) on a new football kit! And who can blame him , he'll get more enjoyment out of it , he's actually looking forward to the 'leavers versus teachers' football tournament at the the end of year more :)       Abi is settling in nicely with her new job at Asda, she's almost completed her 3 month trial and hopes to get her permanent contract (and 10% discount!) through soon, I think she's saving up for Uni ... I say think as she is still 17-almost-18 and shoes do seem to call to her :)   She has time to save over the summer, let her enjoy her first few wages. My Angels  are doing well, same old, same old. We have plans, and things are happening, they're  not all fully settled in my heart and mind yet so I'm not talking about them , not even to friends and family (well my Mum knows, have to tell your Mum everything!) Its a huge step for us and I still get weepy thinking and talking about it , so I'll stop now ...  maybe when I'm braver .... Oooh nothing scary, all good,  just the next step .... and I don't cope tooo well with next steps ... not where my Angels are concerned, but it is all good, so nothing to worry about really :)  I feel I've been brave writing this much so maybe that's a good step forward .... Hahaha... bet you hope I don't stop writing my journal/blog now or all my posterity will wonder what on earth I was talking about ... Hahahaa

Sooooooo, I've been doing some sewing , bits and bobs nothing  overly exciting , just trying to finish off projects that seem to have been 'just about done' for ages. My proudest sew this month is .....
Taa-daah... Borders are on my Heart to Hand Christmas BOM :)  Admittedly I haven't finished , or even started :) the applique on the borders but I have to tell you that those cornerstones were great big stumbling blocks for me and  I was soooo procrastinating my time in getting round to doing them. In the end it took the arrival of my new BOM for the 'Home and Heart' quilt to arrive to push me to get going . I'm not quite at the same stage with the Autumn Quilt just working on the last block but the borders look easier on that one so I'm hoping not to drag my feet as long with it. I've tried to set myself the goal of not starting the heart/home blocks until next month which should give me time to finish the Autumn one , at least to the same stage as Christmas ..... for me that's good .... .Hahaha.  I feel quite pleased with myself , I can only really sew/applique with my wools when the Angels are at school... after I've done all the housewifey jobs , lol!  So I only usually get a couple of hours here and there during the week, although I have started again at the 'do your own thing' sewing classes, this time during the day which is soooo much easier than the evening classes and travelling at night, so hopefully I'll stay on top of things and get 'em dun!!

On an evening I've been doing more and more Cross stitching whilst the Angels play or watch a DVD,  I've just finished ....
A couple of little cross stitch bowl fillers for Winter and ...
A design by 'Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread' I really enjoyed stitching this snowman pillow, I am a bit worried that I could get hooked onto buying lots of the Weeks Dye Works threads and such  but I'm trying hard not to ;)

I've added them to my snowman collection, that I have dotted around  ... be brave lots of snowmen pictures coming up (its now or never .... you know what I'm like by the time I get around to showing my snowmen it will be Spring and they'll all have to come down! ... lol!) ...
Snowman corner :)    Newbies are my snowman spindle heads ( just heads on sticks) wasn't too sure what to do with them, then had the idea of sticking the sticks in bobbins and they look quite cute if I say so myself ... not a novel idea but practically a brain wave for me ! Lol!

The fireplace , a bit sparse thanks to the Angels, but surprisingly my wooden stick arms are still on the snowman pocket that Shazy made me and the plate is in one piece and the greenery has stayed in the candle box , although the berries have disappeared since I took the picture (last night!!) and the snowman has lost his wings , fortunately a clean 'snap' so can be glued back on!   Ooh, the joy of Angel fingers :)
Piano Snowmen or snowmen on the piano if you prefer ...hehhehee :)

Treasured snowmen high up out of reach of Angel fingers!!!

My poor wooden snow letters did have little snowmen heads attached but they were ripped of by... yes you guessed it ...  Angel fingers! :)  I have to be honest and say that I actually prefer the letters without the heads... they were a bit creepy looking , lol! I just probably need to give them a coat of paint to tidy them up :)
Snowman in a pot thingy, not sure if the pot thingy is supposed to be an olde worlde dunking type of thingy ( verbally impotent there! ) but its holding another snowman so I'm happy!
Another snowman head on a stick stuck in a bobbin spool ... I would soooo like to think that I had that idea all to myself but I suspect I've probably just seen it somewhere out in cyber space and my brain has logged it down as a good idea and  I've copied it! Cute copy though ;)

Last picture before the computer dies on me ....
'Winter Blessings', a woolly hanging that I purchased as a kit from Karen at My Yellow farmhouse/The Primitive Thread.  I think the design is by  'Cottage Creek Quilts'.  Its a really good kit, and you know that I know my kits ...hahaha, It's full of lovely wools and they are very generous cuts of wool too. I will definitely be on the look out for more of her kits :) Ooops I've just realized I've forgotten to add his buttons down his middle!

Well, I think that's  about it for now , my fingers are cold and stiff and I can't feel my toes, lol! .... awwww! Need to go run around to get the blood pumping and warm up :) Guess that pile of washing needs sorting too and then there's dinner to cook, that should warm me up :)

Warm Hugs  ;)
Wendy  x o x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ooooo Eeeeerrr (traditional Yorkshire dialect for 'Oh Dear that's rather bothersome') { A New Year and I'm turning into a bilingual educational Journal-er !}  2012 is barely upon me and I've already suffered an Angelic catastrophe of  supreme epic-ness!  (Actually I wanted to write this on the 1st  to be all ... trying to think of a clever word but its not coming ... just to have 1st Jan 2012 on my journal dates! :) But due to to two little Angels refusing to go to sleep despite all  best efforts, including trying to bore them to sleep by watching Channel 84 on TV which is 24 hour World News Coverage ... it isn't working! I think I'm the 2nd now....) {And already I'm barely 'here' and I've already been distracted away from my initial turn of thought ... it doesn't bode well does it ? Could this be indicative of how 2012 will continue? :)  Ooo well hopefully it will just add to my air of  being sophisticated and  mysteriously, charismatically and endearingly sweet, a character that I earnestly try to convince my family I have and not that I'm a Dippy Loony who likes to make Doo-Daahs (the Doo-Daahs bit probably needs explaining another time ... I'm not sure I'm up to the emotional trauma of explaining that tonight!) { Can you tell its been a loooooong day? :) }

Anyway back to the Angelic-induced trauma ....

This is my much loved and fairly old Nativity set. It was given to me about 15 or even 16 years ago by a lovely lady, the very same lady who introduced me to sewing and crafting and 'saved' me from the baby blues :) She was/is an American, and at the time she was on one of those work exchange type thingys with her husband and we got to know each other at Church. We shared lots of fun times and she taught me alot and my love for sewing and crafting.  My lovely friend had two identical sets of this Nativity, and  I can clearly remember visiting with her one Christmas and  admiring the way she had both  sets beautifully displayed in her home and then finding myself been presented with the second set as a gift upon leaving. I left in tears :)  It is the most wonderful generous gift I have ever received and I have treasured it each and every year since. It's survived over 14 years of Angelic chaos ... until just today.. Look at one of my poor Kings ... he's lost an arm and the top of his gift :(  {I managed to find most of the broken bits and I'm hopeful that I can rescue him yet } I have interrogated all family members as to 'who-dun-it'... Jacob was my first choice, as I believe the damage was caused by a flying football, the same one that has been bounced several times since it was unwrapped on Christmas morning!  He seemed sincere in his plea of innocence, Abi wasn't in so she's off the hook, when I spoke to Mim and Esther, quite frankly I was taken aback by their response ... ;) ... Esther blew a raspberry at me and giggled! ( good lip movement, her teacher would be proud ... its a 'skill' they've been working on at school to help improve dribble reduction and lip control ... so its hard not to be pleased at having a raspberry blown at you! :)) and Mim just turned away as if she wouldn't lower herself to give me an answer! So I'm blaming Angel number 1 with her  cheeky raspberry and unrepentant giggles,[that and she's proven quite an accurate shot when she's throwing things over her shoulder ... she hit me on the back of the head with a threading bead the other day,  those wooden beads my be educational but they  hurt  ... they hurt a lot, so much so that a very unlady-like word almost escaped my lips!]  Probably should have put the Nativity away yesterday like I'd planned  :) ... the football is currently stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs in a vain hope it will be forgotten about ... slim chance! Dearest, Darling Hubby was not interrogated ... he couldn't possibly have had anything to do with it ... could he???  My first 2012 woe :( 

But I do have my first 2012 finishes to share :)
This is one of the 'seconds' of the gifts for friends that I had to make one for me too :) Its a design by Pineberry Lane .... I got it as an E-pattern from Pattern Mart by downloading the design in PDF form and then printing it off, much much quicker than having to wait for it by post. I loved stitching this, the sleigh was actually my favourite part :)

And I also finished this 'We Are Family' Snowman pillow ...
It's all ready for Snowman season :)  I got this as a kit several years ago from Primitive Gatherings, not sure if its their design or someone elses, but its definitely PG wools which made it a dream to sew, the pattern has it as a framed picture but again I knew I've never get round to framing it and I love my pillows ....  And I already have a new project in mind, I have a snowman cross stitch pocket design that arrived in between Christmas and the New Year from Country Stitches that I'm itching to start soon :)   I'm soooo enjoying getting back into cross stitch and I'm even coping quite well with the smaller fabric count ... I've moved up from a 28 count to passing 30 and onto 32 count!!! (That will mean absolutely nothing to my future generations, but will probably explain why in a few more dozen years I'm blind as a bat without my  thick bottle-neck glasses .. hahaha)

Well my Angels are finally drifting off to sleep, quietening down anyway , so I'm going to switch of in the hopes that we can finally get some sleep ... can't wait to get back to our  school routine when they go back to school/college/work on Tuesday, hopefully by the weekend we'll be getting to sleep a little bit earlier than  .... 2:18 am!!!

Love Wendy x

Oooo Edit ... my date has come up as January 1st ... Blogger must be  more behind in time than me!!!