Monday, 24 December 2012

Ooooooh its Christmas Eve!! I LOVE Christmas Eve :) Possibly more than Christmas Day itself .. hahaha .. I think its the excitement and anticipation of family all being together. Over the years, especially as Abi and Jacob have gotten older, we've started a new tradition of wrapping all our gifts together ... once we've got the Angels to sleep ... lol! (They wouldn't be much help with the wrapping hahaha)  We usually end up in different corners of the family room, behind sofas and piled up cushions with instructions to 'close your eyes I'm doing yours now!' And it usually ends up being the small wee hours before we get to bed :) Grandma and Grandad usually sit with us and are absolutely no help at all ... lol! You know its true Mum!!! ... one word ... cellotape! ;) { Mum is rubbish at tearing the cellotape ... its her one responsibility and she just can't do it right ;) Usually because she's giggling tooo much ... but I would rather have a giggling Grandma than a neatly cellotaped present!} Then Grandad always decides he's feeling a bit peckish ... around 1am!! So we have to stop and feed him and Grandma gets tangled in her cellotape, and we all have to shushhh so we don't wake the Angels with all our giggling! Many a Christmas Eve we've sat giggling and wrapping together. Sadly this year Grandma and Grandad won't be with us :( Dad is just tooo poorly to come and stay over, so we have visited with them this afternoon in Southport and once the Angels are asleep we've decided to Skype them both so they can still be apart of the wrapping fun ... even laid out some nibbles for Dad incase he gets peckish, (in Southport ... lol ... would be toooo mean to lay them out here at home were he could only see them and not sample them ...having said that it would be wickedly funny to watch him drooling ;) hehehe.) We will probably put the University student in charge of cellotape and hope she does a better job than Grandma but who knows it is a particularly technical operation and requires very precise management ;)

I had a lovely surprise today, two surprises! Mr Postman finally delivered my much awaited and anticipated little parcel from my lovely friend Tanya ...
Not soooo little!! THANKYOU SOOOOOOO MUCH TANYA!!!! :) I don't know where to begin?? I'm completely overwhelmed with my lovely gifts, everything is just wonderful, from the lovely cross stitching supplies ... the scissors are an Angel ;) The gingerbread man scissor fob is gorgeous! To the woolly penguin and woolly snowman bauble. And the cross stitched Santa pillow is adorable! Soooo much for me to take in at once. There were some little chocolates and Hershey kisses but I don't think I need to tell you which two little Angels made short measure of them ... hahaha ... Thankyou again my lovely friend, you've really spoilt me :)

My other little package was my recent order from Primitive Gatherings,

I was very restrained and only ordered two little woolly loves that I felt I couldn't live without ;) But in my package there was a most unexpected extra surprise; a Santa and Snowman and Sheepsie wool kit ... a wonderful gift from the lovely Jess! Thankyou Jess! I actually cried when I opened your gift! I can't tell you how sweet it is to feel like I'm more than just another customer ... Jess has looked after all my PG orders over the years, rescued me countless times when I've been trying to do some sneaky shopping, hiding my naughtiness from hubby and catching myself out by hitting the wrong keys or duplicating my order several times, even having to change all my payment details because some mean person pinched my card details ... and to top it all she's never once told hubby all that I get up to ;) hahahaha.  She's a lovely friend :)

We've so far so good, fingers crossed,  we still have our Christmas tree in an upright position despite the valiant attempts of two Angels to reach these
Some Gingerbread Men and Hearts that Abi and I made and foolishly thought we could decorate the tree with ... lol! They'll have to come down and be nibbled instead :) Although it is very cute to see my Angels trying to take bites out of them whilst they are still hanging ... I think more than one Gingerbread man is missing a leg ... or two ...hehehe  Can you imagine what would happen if we tried to decorate with garlands of stringed popcorn? ... lol!

So thats my Christmas Eve, each year it still feels like its been an extra special day. We still have the veggies to prepare, Mim loves to help with the brussel sprouts and Esther plays with the potatoes and carrots whilst we watch a Christmas film or sing along to some Christmas music. A teensy bit of Heaven in our home ... well until the sprouts start flying, the potatoes have teeth marks in them and the tree comes toppling down ... Angelic Christmas Chaos! Wouldn't have it any other way :) And you never know,  I still have an hour or two before bedtime to maybe time to slip a stitch or two in ... Heavenly!
Sending loving Christmas wishes to all our loved ones, family and friends :)
Christmas Hugs
Wendy x x

Friday, 21 December 2012

And so it begins :) ......
 The last day of school, my Angels are home for the Christmas Holidays, barely off the school bus, coats off, I turn around and this is what I find!! A very quick Angel sat next to the tree with her bare toes amidst the  twinkly lights :) She looks quite sweet doesn't she? Wait until I show you the 'toppled over tree on top of the Angel' photo ... hehehe ... haven't reeeeaally got one, although over the years we have had many photographic oppurtunities :) 
 Esther brought home our favourite festive treat ...
 Her yummmmmmmy Chocolate Christmas Log. It doesn't look very fancy but let me tell you ... that chocolate butter icing is to die for!!! :) I've been after the recipe for years ... Cook won't give me it ;) But she does now let Esther add on an extra branch because there are 6 of us to feed ... hahaha.  I'd love to share a slice with you but its aaaaaall gone :)  Well I needed something to revive my spirits after finding an Angel under the tree ... the shock and all ;)
The tree has caused me all sorts of angst this year, we always buy a real tree, I just love them. And they are surprisingly safer that artificial trees for the Angels, those wire limbs can be quite sharp and 'pokey', whereas a real tree just tends to cause mess but no physical harm :)  Anyway back to my Tree Angst. We / I love a real tree, a BIG real tree, but they are getting soooooo expensive now ... can't possibly write down how much know who might be reading ;)  When Esther first started at Mayfield School, her very first Christmas her class received a small living Christmas tree plant, it was only about 5 or 6 inches tall, I didn't expect it to live much beyond that first Christmas but we potted it up anyhow. Now almost 11 years later and its maahoooosive ....
 Not a brilliant picture, but it was cold outside ... lol! 'Esther's Tree' as we call it is about 7 feet tall now! And whilst it made good financial sense to cut it down and use it this year ... my heart wasn't in it :(   I couldn't bear the thought of looking out the window and not seeing 'Esther's Tree' so after lots of ummming and aaahhing its stayed where it is and we broke the budget and bought a tree instead and suddenly my Tree Angst is all over! Silly huh?
I've been waiting very patiently for Mr Postman to arrive, alas not with the little parcel or parcels I was hoping for :(
 But he did bring me these two lovely fella's ....
Two lovely prim Santa's ... winnings off Ebay!! :) They are made with the softest red wool coats and smell divine, I particularly love the face on the reindeer ... I'm such a lucky winner don't ya know ;)
Here they are sat on top of my olde dresser amidst my forest of trees ...
 I'm sooooo pleased with how they stand and look ... well Christmassy ... hahaha. I think I'm kind of there with all my Christmas decorations for this year, my Jim Shore corner is up, the Nativity is up on top of the piano including the poor old king who lost his arm last year :( ... hidden him towards the back! My Gingers are in the kitchen, the window sill is a bit eclectic this year, anything that has needed a home has kind of ended up on there but I'm happy with it :) Horror of horrors though I can't find my pine cones and decorations for the staircase and all my Christmas wall hangings seem to have mysteriously disappeared too, I will have to do some serious searching and hunt them down :)
I haven't had an awful lot of time for stitching for some reason ... lots of things I want to sew, and I've prepped a few but not actually had time to sew any :(  I did manage to squeeze in some stitches to make these olde Belschnickle Santas for a friend ...
 The design is from 'Primitive Needleworks by Caryn'. It was quite an easy stitch ... apart from that little sheep, he was a 1 over 1 and a teensy bit hard on the eyes ... lots of squinting going on ... hehehee. I finished them into 3 little itsy bitsy pillows that can be used to fill a bowl or such. I was pleased with how they turned out and have even prepped another set to make for myself ..haha
I've also been knitting! ...
As Christmas day is literally just around the corner, I really needed some fast gifts to make, I thought I'd try knitting, with BIG needles ... hahaha.  I thought I'd be able to whip up a scarf in no time ... but sadly I am a woefully sloooooooow knitter and its taken me aaaages to get this far, I could finish it now but I know that just a few more inches would be better ... and if a jobs worth doing its worth doing well my Mum would say, and as the scarf is for Mum I had better do a good job ... hahaha
I suppose instead of playing on here I really could be adding those last few rows ... my Angels are giggling away watching 'Time Bandits' on TV. Dinner is almost ready, I should tootle off and go do some 'proper' work ;) Will try to be back soooooon
Hugs and Lovings
 Wendy x x

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Brrrrrrr its cold outside! We don't quite have snow, but the frost has stayed on the ground all day, maybe its toooo cold for snow ... it certainly feels like it :)  We're having a snuggly day, everyone is chillin' and relaxing. Coughs and sniffles started appearing at the end of the week so we decided to cancel the Angels planned respite today and snuggle instead ... hopefully before the sniffles take a full hold :)  So we're watching old films ... the Angels LOVED watching 'The Ladykillers' with Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers ('who are they?' asked Jacob!!!  Tut-tut, Kids! Honestly!) Sooooo fun listening to Angelic giggles and chortles :) Now we are enjoying some Christmas pop music courtesy of the music TV chanel before we watch 'Elf' on DVD ... another favourite :)

Fortunately ;) I felt it neccessay to keep our energy levels high (to battle the sniffles naturally!) and we're nibbling on these ....
 And they are definately as yummmmmmmmy as they look!! :)

Whilst all the snuggling, nibbling and film watching has been going on I've been slaving away packing and boxing up aaaaaaall the pumpkins for another year ...
It looks kind of sad and bare now that they are all boxed up :(  I'll slowly start putting up the Christmas decorations a corner and space at a time so that little Angels don't get over-excited ... its the twinkling lights that does it :) never fails to make them giddy ... especially Mim ;) She was very excited to see my Jim Shore Santa's ...
She's been very good so far, no sticky fingers! Well they have only been up 1/2 an hour! :))  Jake has been laughing at me because as I was setting them out I took individual photo's of each Santa ... he thinks I'm very 'sad' ... but I'm catalogueing them ... in case of any new additions! We don't want dupicates do we ;) lol!

It's been very quiet on the Mr Postman front :(   No woolly shipments, no crafty supplies, I'm trying to be good! :o   But I did have a sweet little package ... or two the other week ...
Say hello to another gorgeous 'Attic Bear' from Angi of Drakestone Primitives  ... isn't he wonderful?  I love his teensy crown perched jauntily on his head, he joins my growing family off 'Angi' Bears :) I probably need to take a family picture of them altogether .. lol!  I also got a beautifully smelling prim Ginger from Maggie of "primitivesaltbox2007" on Ebay. Maggie makes some beautiful prims, she's one of my favourite places to haunt :)

My bestest ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER ebay win has to be  .....

 An absolutely stunningly beautiful Jim Shore Nativity Waterball/Illuminator (? Illuminator - its what it says on the box .. lol!) This is truly a beautiful piece of art! I've seen then for sale infrequently and always with such a HUGE price tag as to be well out of my pocket. But when I saw this on ebay with a starting price of £32.00 I just knew I had to watch it ... and watch it I did ... no-one was bidding! It got to 2 minutes before the end of bidding and still nothing, so with alot of wheedling and pleading to my dearest darling most handsome husband I placed my bid and held my breath ... literally for the whole 2 minutes!! :)  And I WON!!!! I was soooooo excited :))  And to make things even better it arrived the very next day .... with FREE delivery!! Christmas has come early for me!! NOW I have to find somewhere safe to admire and cooo over it  ... safe from the dreaded sticky Angel fingers!

 And talking of safe and sticky fingers .... look who was caught in the act!!!! A most diabolical heinious act ....
Raiding the Advent Calander!!!!!!!! Well raiding is probably not quite accurate ... how about totally obliterating, or just irredeemable  (is that a word? lol!) murderous intent on a sad little Advent calender .... and it wasn't even the Peppa Pig one!! That I could have forgiven! :)  {{ I did falter at the beginning of the week and buy 2 commercial chocolate advent calanders as the gluing of my broken wooden one -that incidently was also attacked by the same Angel!!!- didn't quite 'stick together' despite my bestest attempts! :) And she was doing soooooooo well at being a good girl and not causing any daily advent induced trauma .... she was obviously biding her time ... I feel like I've been stalked ... she must have been watching me! Watching where I went to hide them each day .... I was hiding them in Abi's new/ Jake's old bedroom, on top of the top bunk bed!!! Yes, she got all the way up there!! Little munchkin! }}  That's what happens when you take your eye of the ball, or in this case your eyes of the Angel , and believe-you-me you neeeeeeeeed both eyes with my Angels! :) 

Well its time to watch 'Elf'  and more snuggling before I go see if the crock-pot has supplied us with another yummy hearty casserole for dinner tonight ... it might be reeeaally cold outside but I sooooo love snuggling at home :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy 1st December! :)  You'll be glad to know that I managed to find the Advent Calenders just in time  ... hahaha ... although the little house/drawer one needs some serious glueing ... I forgot it got into a fight with a couple of Angels last year ... lol! So its glueing and drying safely in the Quiet Room. I did contemplate buying some 'shop chocolate advents' but all they had left was Peppa Pig and I really wasn't sure I could face looking at Peppa Pig in triplicate every day for the next 4 weeks ... three because I need one for the blue-eyed-boy tooo ;)  So we've stuck to our usual Tree with hearts and stars that have a scripture verse on the back and once the drawers are glued we'll be ready to fill them with little chocolate balls. One 'plan' accomplished :)

I've had a lovely day today ... My Abi came home for a visit last night, partly to see someone she 'likes' ;)  and also because a month or so ago we planned to go to Harrogate together to visit the 'Country Living Christmas Fair'. We were a bit worried this morning as we set of on our hour and a half car journey that we might struggle to get in as all the advanced 'booked' tickets had been sold out a few weeks ago and we weren't sure how many tickets would be available on the door. As things turned out our journey took us  a fair bit longer than anticipated and we didn't arrive in Harrogate until just after 11am. All the parking for the International Centre where the show was been held was full and we had to drive around looking for parking elsewhere. Time was ticking on ... by the time we reached the centre we were surprised to see people leaving!  This is at about 11:30 am ... doors opened at 10am! There were still queues for tickets but outside in the cold so we thought we'd quickly nip to 'Betty's Tea Rooms' for much needed sustinance i.e cakes ;) and also a rather cute looking 'homemade crafty' type of shop was just over the road and we felt it was in need of some of our undivided attenion whilst we waited for the queue to lessen. Soooooooo glad we did!!! We spoke with the shop owner, just asking about the show and she said how quite a few people had been coming into the shop saying how disappointing the Christmas show was, no crafts as such , mostly jewellry and clothes. Now the door price to the show was £12:50 each and we'd already paid out £6:50 for parking ... did we want to spend  another £25:00 on a disappointing Christmas fair ??? Abi and I are both Yorkshire girls ... Yorkshiremen are known to be frugal! ... I obviously work very hard to fight my frugality heritage ... hehehe. So we chose instead to wander around Harrogate Town instead and actually had a lovely time :)

We bought our 'must have' selection of yummy treats from 'Betty's' :) ...
Not quite sure why our 'Marzipan and Ganache' snowman only have one eye each ... didn't make any difference, they were still yummy! :)

Abi bought a little something from the wonderful Cath Kidston shop ....

I'm allowed to show the Bag but not what's inside ... It's a surprise Christmas gift for meeeeeeee!!! :) But as you can see, little Angel fingers were also getting excited!!! :)

I bought these cute little crocheted tree ornanments ...
I wish I'd bought a few more but I was trying to be honest to my Yorkshire heritage ... hehehe.  I can't decide which I love the most ... the owl, the mushroom, the hedgehog, or the Gingerbread man !!! Ooooo OK I love them all .. hehehe

We did a teensy bit of girly shopping and stocked Abi up with some new clothes, mostly T-shirts and woolly jumpers for 'layering' ... its cooooooold up in Lancaster! We window shopped, people watched and even overheard some bizarre conversations .. "Papa says I can buy some new hunting gear so we must pop down to .... blah blah blah" :) hahaha. And we enjoyed the scrummiest bowl of Butternut Squash soup ... I seriously wanted the recipe, but the cafe didn't know it! Lots of girly chat and giggles as we made our long journey home after thoroughly freezing our fingers off and enjoying ourselves immensely ... I've sooooo missed my Abi! I know it sounds corny but I will treasure our day together. Even though we didn't make it to the fair we had a really great day!

Now we're home snuggled up in PJ's with our Angels watching Star Trek of all things!? :) Actually I'm the one snuggling Angels .. Abi's out with her 'like' friend ... there could be snuggling going on but I don't know nuffin' !!! ;)

Hahahahahaha ... Love Wendy x x x

Thursday, 29 November 2012

I had a plan! It was a good plan .. a well thought out planned plan :)  But I think my plan my have been scuppered by a poorly Angel :(  I've had my little Esther Angel home from school for most of the week with the dreaded 'bottom lurgy', as we fondly like to  call it here ... lol! ... YUCK!!! Poor little Angel has been all topsy turvey, we've had a bad spate of seizures (because of the bottom lurgy) and she's just all wiped out :( So my plan to get super organised for Christmas this year is rapidly turning into a 'hopefully  I'll at least get the Advent Calenders out on time plan' (last year I was even late doing that ...hahaha) I'm seeing a small glimmer of hope, as my little Angels' cheeky spark seems to be reappearing  and bodily things are settling down .... almost 48 hours 'dry' so to speak {Sooooo sorry that I share too much information ...hahaha .. its a cross my poor children have had to bear all their lives ... and I don't see it ending any time soon ... hehehe} If she picks up today she may even get to go back to school for the last ..and bestest day of the week  ...keeping my fingers crossed!

We've not done an awful lot here in the Kirby Home , but we always seem to be busy and here, there and everywhere yet nowhere at all :)  ... I'm enjoying being able to visit my Mum and Dad in their new Southport home, its a pleasant 40 minute drive thru' sweet villages as opposed to a mind numbing hour and 20 minutes drive on the motorway to their old home. I can easily do the 'Grandma-and-Grandad-Run' during school hours and spend some special time with them :) I think they might even enjoy my visits too ...hahaha   Abigael is having fun at University, she's 'in Like' ;) which is sweet  ... {'Like' with life and university Abi!!!  I know she'll be spying on me  ... Love you Abs!}  hehehe ... its a Mums perogative!! That all I'm saying :))  Jacob is and will forever be my blue-eyed-boy ... I love that boy sooooo much!! With my gorgeous Abi away at Unversity he has 'stepped up' and is such a help to me ... pretty good with his hugs too ... although I do miss my Abi hugs :) Esther and Mim are my hearts delight's, especially my gorgeous Mims little face ... every facial expression makes me smile and laugh ... especially the frowns, and her scowls are hilarious :)  She's been very 'vocal' in the last few weeks ... obviously no words, but lots of babbling like she's trying to have a conversation with  us  ... soooo lovely to hear. I don't ever hush her, as we so desperately want to encourage any sounds , but it is funny when she starts to babble during Church ... always the quiet moments too :)  But everyone else just seems as enamoured by her babbles as we are and she's making alot of people smile! Lovely Hubby is getting stronger after his back injury, still  lots of twinges and the odd bad couple of days (usually when he's been doing too much!) And he's still having treatment and does daily physio exercises. He had an MRI scan last week and held it together soooo well in that very narrow 'tunnel' you have to lie in. He hates anything like that.  All in all life is good  ... even for poorly little Esther who has enjoyed having Mummy all to herself for snuggles during the day :)

I've been sewing and sewing and sewing ...  desperately trying to finish some finishes so that I can feel 'guilt-free' starting some new Christmassy Projects. Pennies are tighter than usual this year ... I'm blaming it on the University and College students! ... it couldn't possibly have anything to do with my winning streak on E-bay ... I can't help it that I'm sooo lucky!! :)  hahahaha   So we are going to have a Homemade Christmas this year ... well thats the PLAN!!!! hehehe 

Here are some of my finally finished finishes :) ....
I was determined to get the sweet 'Witch Pumpkin?' Ditsy bag actually made up into a bag , I used the same homespun/plaid pumpkin orange fabric for the back , lining and strap. I'm pleased with how its turned out :) It's probably going to be one of my favourites to bring out each year.  I also finished and stuffed the small Owl and Halloween Pumpkin and the Witchy Crow. When it feels soooo good to actually complete a project, and I like the feeling of accomplishment, why oh WHY does it take me soooooo long to actually do it??? Hahahaha
I also had one last urge to make a few more pumpkins ... it wouldn't be right not to make a few pumpkins ... I would be slacking in my celebration of the pumpkin lovin' season ;)
I managed to find some more golder-than-the-'olde-golde'-coloured velvet that I used last time. Its a bit yellow-y, but not tooo bad, still not had any luck finding just the right burnt orange colour I was hoping for  ... but I have many more years of pumpkin production ahead of me so I'm not unduly worried :)  I also came across the beige fabric that is actually a very thin corded fabric (am I thinking of the right word there, my brain is going fuzzy!)  Anyways I thought it might be a fun texture to try ... and it is ok, just not so easy to sew and stuff and shape , very stiff and unyielding, but I managed to make 2 small pumpkins out of the piece I found so at least it wasn't wasted ... Hubby will be sooo pleased with my frugality ...  hahaha ;)   Also  I finally finished my woolly Autumn into another 'Piano Pillow' ( Piano - because that's where my woolly pillows inevitably end up so that sticky Angel fingers don't , well stick them up ..haha)  and the small sunflower wool runner is almost finished .. I'm actually stitching the last blanket stitches right now as I wait for the photo images to upload ... talk about multitasking :))
Last bit of stitching's ....
This is 'Hilda's Alphabet Brew' by Country Stitches. And can you see my major, major mistake???  I measured my fabric wrongly !!! I've barely left enough 'edge' to work with for finishing, not sure how I did it, I must have looked at the completed size as opposed to the fabric requirements and cut my fabric accordingly  ... boy was I lucky to sew soooooo close :)   At least its saveable and workable  :) I've also started my November monthly cross stitch by Country Stitches but have hit a teensy bit of a cross stitching block ... I don't want to add the turkey or the cornocopia because thats not my November,  I've come up with a tree dropping its leaves but I'm stuck for something else  ???? I thought of a poppy for rememberance day but its not quite  'doing it' for me, so I've just put it to one side whilst I think on it a bit more. I have been doing some giftie sewing which obviously I can't show yet and I have more planned. There we go again with the Planning of plans ... lol!  My best laid plans just seem to get bam-boooooo-zzelled by Angelic happenings!  ... I have to say in the time its taken me to write this and sew my sunflower runner, little Angel Esther is greatly back on form  ... little munchkin has just thrown one of my very-own-newly-homemade-velvet-pumpkins at me!!!  And for a 'special needs' child with limited fine and gross motor skills she was spectacularly well aimed ... it hit me on the back of the head !!   See,  a valuble lesson learned there .... never turn your back on an Angel ... hahaha!!!
I'm going to close very quickly now and go save my pumpkins!!! .... boy, is she going back to school tomorrow!!! :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

I have Happy News!!! :) The bead is free! It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't nice, but its free! And Esther is sooooo much happier and I'm soooooo relieved :) Aaaaaand it was ch-un-ki-eerrrrrr than we realised!  More like a fat thumb than finger thickness ... Eeeeawww! How that poor little Angel actually managed to swallow it I don't know, she is sounding a teensy bit hoarse in her 'mamama' sounds so I may need to be on the watch out for a throat infection too! Oooh the fun never ends here in Angel-Land :)  We did have an unsettled night, but only one small seizure which we were kind of expecting. Today I've managed to get several bananas down her .. particularly appetising with whipped cream and chocolate sauce ;) She thought it was her birthday she was soooo excited!  I have had a major sort out and any chunky beads not bigger than 50p have gone into a bag ... she can't possibly swallow something as big as a 50p ... can she?? :)) Never say never .. lol!  Watch this space :)

So now that our bead drama is well and truly behind us ... it seems a waste not to share some goodies :) I must have known that I was going to be traumatised during the 1/2 term school holidays and sub-conciously planned ahead and 'won' :)))
These wonderful 'Attic Bears' from Angi of Drakestone Primitives (actually I 'won' them from her E-bay site-'countryspiceangel') I have wanted and wanted and wanted one of her prim pandas  for ... well  for-ev-er!!! So when I saw she had one up for Auction I was prepared to bankrupt us if needed ;)  Happily for me I didn't have to make an appointment with the bank manager although I do feel a bit sad for Angi as I do think he was worth more than I 'won' him for, there were just no other bidders to bid against! But I dooooo soooo love him :) And sat with him is another of Angi's 'Attic Bears' creations ... well I couldn't just leave him sat there on that E-bay page could I?? :) Both bears are so beautifully made ... new treasures!

I'd like to say it ended there  ... but... I think we all know it didn't! ;) Look at these little treasures ...

These are the most gorgeous 'Primitive Black Early Prairie Dolls' They all have tags with names and 'year' dates, there's... Arial, Tessa, Camella and Elveen ... such beautiful names, and they are all wearing civil war print fabric dresses with the cutest prairie bonnets :) I 'found' these completely by accident and I watched for awhile ...biding (as opposed to bidding) my time, just watching how they sold. Some dolls go for crazy amounts ... like $100.00 or more! Someone must like me because the most I 'won' one for was $30.00 and one for as little as $14.00 . They are beautifully made and the lovely lady who makes them is 'prims*and *patterns'. And what a lovely lady she is :) And what a happy lady I am! ;)
Best try and squeeze some sewing in :) Whilst I was rooting around for threads and fabric to start my November cross-stitch monthly I found June!!
I thought I was missing June! She was folded to one side just awaiting 4 more stitches!! 4! That was all that was needed to complete her ... how sad is that for a UFO! In my defense I think I must have run out of the thread colour and whilst waiting for it to be delivered from my new favourite online thread shop (The Patchwork Rabbit - Karla is soooo lovely, and usually next day delivery on orders too new bestest friend - although she doesn't know it yet ...hahaha) So I must have put it down and started another monthly and sadly forgotten about it, but all is well June is now complete and awaiting finishing .. along with May, July, August September and October!!! hehehehe ... I've got looooads of time yet to finish them ;)
I have got two smaller cross-stitch finishes from the 1/2 term holidays though ...
Loved this one :) Its "Witch Pumpkin?" by Country Stitches and is made into a hanging ditty bag ...  (just a private note for the 'heathens'... you know who you are! .. its supposed to look grubbied and old!) I reeeeaally can't wait to finish this one properly, once we are back to school on Tuesday after Grumpy Inset day on Monday  ... Grumpy because I HATE Inset day's tagged onto the end of holidays :(  I've already picked out the fabric for the lining, backing and hanging strap  ...thats keen that is ...hehehe
Also :)) I finished this little sweetie (Oooo that sounded very twee .. please forgive me ... too much drama and very little sleep can cause unexpected twee-ness!)
Here's the 'sweetie' ..wince!
Fresh out of the hoop :) 'Enchanted Crow Pinkeep' by Threadwork Primitives, an enjoyable stitch ;) Lovely easy chart to follow, my kind of relaxing sewing. I've also got 'Kringles Crow' which I hope to start soon :)
Thats it , thats all there is .... just realised what time it is ... need to get a spurt on I have Angels to bath and get Pj'd before Downton Abbey starts!!! Its The Last episode of this series tonight! :(  I soooo enjoy a bit of Downton Abbey ... helps me feel connected to Abi too as we watch together ... me at home Abi at University and then we text each other during the commercial breaks to share thoughts on DA ... Sad aren't we? :) So I best go chase some Angels and get some bubbles in the bath  to tempt them ... not that they need much tempting when water is involved ... hahaha :)
Take care ,  Hugs Wendy  x x x

Saturday, 3 November 2012

"There was an old woman that swallowed a fly...."   Ooooooorrrr!!!
"There was a young lady that swallowed a bead ... that wiggled and squiggled and got stuck inside her!" Are you singing along? THIS is how we like to spend a Friday evening :(  First you need an Angel that seems to require a lot of oral sensory input (that's clever speak for 'munchkin that mouthes alot' ... Don't you think it makes me sound fairly intelligent though  ...oral sensory input! :)  I kind of think it gives me a psuedo-professional aura ... hehehee ... Got to get that line in her home school diary for when we go back to school ... Lol!) So we have an Angel, next we need threading beads ... chunky threading beads! Then a bit of choking, bulging eyes, gasping for breath are all handy too.
To get the party really started we feel its important to invite friends. :) We had a rapid response team then the Paramedics and their ambulance. (In our home you know you've made it when the Paramedics arrive and say "Hi Esther what's up now"! He is a very nice paramedic and he has visited us quite a bit  ... probably should put him on our Christmas card list! hahaha) The rapid respone team, who arrived before our friendly paramedic and that strange moment when everything and everyone started to feel a teensy bit surreal was also someone we knew. She  was the former headmistress at the Angels school ... !!! ... {She must have had a career change, I thought she'd retired :)}  Sooooooo we 've got a house full of guests, unfortunately I'd forgotten to put the peanuts out ... but peanuts-schmeenuts we've got chunky beads!!!
After a  few general pokes and prods  and observation of said choking and gagging  it was generally felt that for that true 'friday night party feeling' we should go on a hospital crawl. {Pub crawls are sooooo out-dated and old fashioned!}So its off for a ride, with blue lights not quite flashing, but friendly-put-him-on-the-Christmas-card-list-paramedic did flick them on and off with the siren once or twice just to keep us in the party feeling.
First Hospital stop and they're not quite 'with-it' enough for our party so we go to the the place where its really happening (where  we're not tooo 'special' for them!)  Throughout this we're still gagging and choking but fortunately still breathing! New friends at the BIG hospital , want to party on down and watch some action. Gagging action :(  Then someone decides to get his camera out and take pictures (X-rays!) of now drooping exhausted choking Angel. Ooooooh is that a wooden bead stuck in the opening of our duodenum??? By Jove I think its is! What to do??? Mmmm how about a sleep-over!? Luckily someone 'upstairs' has a spare bed and we're off to visit our most favouritest place in the whole wide world ... hey its even better than Disney land! :) 
'Upstairs' we meet up with more friendly faces and after many furrowed brows and thoughtful poses along with observation of the near continual gagging and choking its decided that we should play a game ... a waiting game in the hopes that we can avoid a more invasive approach with the men in masks! Ooooh and one bright spark decides that what would really get things moving is a bunch of bananas!!  We lie around for several hours playing the 'game' gradually noticing a reduction in the gagging and choking until ... Heaven be Praised ... after a particularly nasty bout of gagging it all just suddenly stops!
Normal transmission so to speak resumes and ......   We have angelic-chaos-tivity on the move! She doesn’t seem to mind that it’s almost 2am so why should we?? Some party-pooper decides that the sleep-over is cancelled  and Party time seems to be over and it’s time to drag ourselves back home :) The morning after party news is … “there was a young lady that swallowed a bead ..  who now has to eat ‘bananas’ until the bead leaves!"  ... I'm guessing you don't want a detailed description about how we have to watch out for that naughty wooden bead ??? I can if you really want me too ?? No? OK , maybe I’ll save that for next time ;)  Want to come and spend a friday night at our house? hahahaa 
All that gagging and choking was pretty gruesome for us and understandably distressing for Esther but thats waht happens when you mix threading beads (educational play!?) with Angels, and to give you an idea of how chunky and supposedly 'safe' I thought the beads were .. they are about the size of a 10p and as thick as a finger ... ch-un-ky beads!!!!  Love my Angels! :)   It was suggested that  the duodenum opening was possibly irritated by the close proximity of the wooden bead and that was what was causing the gagging, it is also suggested that the bead has moved which is why the gagging stopped. We are on 'high-alert' for any recurrence of said gagging .. or 'other' complications???...  depending on which way the bead has moved, but hopefully we're awaiting the arrival of the bead which will put an end to all nasty thoughts of men in masks with scalpels!! No thankyou very much ... I've bought loooooaads of bananas today  ... and prunes for good luck  too ... now we wait!!!! :)

I kind of feel that to add any sewing woolly love here would ruin the whole essence of this post, so I'm going to allow it to draw to a natural close ...without photos ... unless I can find one with a bead in it ;) ... only kidding . This can remain a tale fitting for Angelic folklore for generations and posterity to come!

Hugs from an very tired Wendy x x

P.S   Esther is as a happy and giggly as ever :) And she was such a goooood girl at the hospital!
P.P.S   Jacob is a STAR , taking care of , feeding , cleaning and loving little Mim whilst we  we're partying!
P.P.P.S   She tried it  again! ... with another BIGGER bead about 1/2 an hour ago .... I may have turned the air blue with my protestations !!! :)
P.P.P.P.S  We got looooaaads of freebies gifts at the hospital ... a real party bag ..two teddies and a pelican beany thing. Can you imagine the gift bag at Christmas?? :)
P.P.P.P.P.S  The End! :))  x x x

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!! :)  We've had a Maaaaaad day here ... I'm exhausted but determined to write an entry today on the 31st! We've been busy carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin pies and cakes, roasting pumpkin seeds (which are actually quite yummy and a surprising hit with the little peoples!) answering the front door to 'trick-or-treaters' and most importantly EAT-ing Pumpkin pie :)) And in the midst of all this we had two very active Angels, a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandad ... who wanted feeding too ... the cheek of it  ;) ... lol! And  another unexpected visit from some Church members  .... who got faaaaaar more than they bargained for from two very exciteable Angels ... hehehe ... they didn't stay long! The Angels have spent aaaaall day dressed up in their Witchy costumes, and loved every minute of swirling and twirling around. We ditched the broomsticks and opted for glowing wands instead ... less painful when you're bashed over the head :) A full and busy day and I am Oh soooooo ready for my bed!

I didn't go to the Pumpkin Farm Shop this year, didn't want to make the hour and more journey in case there wasn't very much out, it seems to have tapered off in the last year or so ... Instead the Angels went to a 'pick your own' farm with their carers on Saturday and brought home Angelically picked pumpkins  :)
This is our pumpkin crop this year, The biggish one at the back and the  one with the slightly curled stalk (really more of a leaning stalk than curled .. haha) are the Angel's pumpkins. The other two were 2 for £2 from the supermarket - a bargain! And my day was completely made by finally finding some coloured Indian Corn  (always, always wanted some Indian Corn!) and there was also some 'munchkin pumpkins' (seriously thats what they were called in the supermarket) The pale yellowish pumpkin is one that I got last year and has survived a whole year in my kitchen! More than can be said for the plants on my kitchen window sill ... hehehe.  Bet you never realised how interesting Pumpkins could be ... just trying to keep the Pumpkin Love alive  :) 

This is what we turned our Pumpkins into ...
 I don't think they turned out toooo bad :) The tealights inside them have been lit and relit at least a dozen times, a certain little 10 year old Angel has discovered that if she 'heavy-breathes' the flame goes out, she can't quite purse her lips to 'blow them out' :) ... lol!  She was soooo cute, trying soooo hard, that we didn't mind that we practically went through a whole box of matches :)  It was strange this year without our chief Pumpkin co-ordinator here, supervising and carving ... but Abi has been busy sharing the Pumpkin Love at University ... in true co-ordinator style she has supervised her roomies with carving and baking pies too ... bless her cotton socks she even telephoned home to get a copy of the recipe :) 
I just about managed to get all the Pumpkin and Autumn decorations up in time, here's our Spooky corner ...

Doesn't look toooo spooky during the day but it gets better at night ... but not much ... hahahaa

The Pumpkin Patch on top of the piano ...
I still love those pumpkin pillows, and the raggy garland is purposefully not 'garlanding' in the official sense ... its often needed for draping around sweet Angelic little necks that may or may not be strangulated at any particular time .. all in a very pumpkinly loving way of course ;)

And  the Pumpkin Dresser ...
I don't  feel I've quite hit the mark this year, not up to my usual Pumpkin deliciousness .. haven't even got all my Pumpkin/Autumn wall hangings up ... but Life is sometimes ... I'm not going to beat myself up over only doing half a job :)  I still have November to go before the Christmas decorations come out at the beginning of December, there may yet still be a Pumpkin on the wall! :)

Lastly it wouldn't be October if I hadn't made yet more fabric pumpkins with a teensy bit of woolly love thrown in ...
These are little velvet pumpkins, supposed to be olde golde and ivory colours but the olde golde looks more 'dingy dirty brown' than I expected and the ivory seems quite yellowy but maybe thats the way they're supposed to be. I really wanted to make some  orange velvet pumpkins but I just haven't been able to find the right orange or orange velvet thats not stretchy and viscouse-y ... does that make sense ? :)  I'm very picky about my pumpkin fabrics ... lol! The woolly sunflower mini runner is yet another PG wool kit (sloooooowly making my way through my immense woolly PG stash ;)

Well I'm truly pooped-out now, time for a sneaky slice of pumpkin pie before bed ... if there's any left! May need to get the Pumpkin Police out to a certain big boy who seems to be eating faaaar to much at the moment! :)

With ooodles and ooodles of Pumpkin Love
Wendy x x x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Booo-Hoooo!  :)   Soooo much happening and soooo little time ... what's the old saying? "Time waiteth for no man", wish he'd wait for this woman! My favourite month of the whole year has just flown by, a large part of it I've spent in tears missing my first baby who's flown the nest to go to University (Abi's doing reeeeaally well and loving every minute of it!) Then we've had a frantic couple of weeks moving house for Mum and Dad ... lots of boxes to pack, trips to charity shops and the recycling centre. Along with lots of waiting around for several deliveries and men to come and flick switches ;) Not aaaaall bad the waiting around, I was able to get some serious 'quiet' sewing time in ... hahahaha.  Anyway we have Mum and Dad safely relocated from Wakefield in Yorkshire to Southport ... (I think they are now in Merseyside, don't think its Lancashire, but I could be wrong)  They're thoroughly pooped out but enjoying their new home. They've moved from a large 3 bedroom semi detached house to a comfortable 2 bed apartment ... a retirement complex type of thing ... although alot of the other occupants don't seem to be that retired to me, they're still going out to work etc.. Mum and Dad are happy and their new home will be alot easier to manage and whats even better is they've achieved their desire to live by the Seaside! :) Not that I've ever seen alot of the sea at Southport ... the tide always seems to be out when we're there! But they do have donkeys on the beach .... haha.  So whilst I've been busy packing, moving, re-settling and unpacking Mum and Dad, my own home just looks  a bit neglected and very messy!  I'm not complaining though as Hubby and Jacob have been sooo supportive and patient whilst I've been in and out, they've had their hands full with two little Angels ... lol!

And talking of Angels ... My littlest Angel has a very special birthday today ... she turns double figures! My Baby is 10 years old!!!!! In actual fact ten years ago today she was probably still in my tummy waiting to come out .... do you know for the life of me I can't remember what time she was born... I've a feeling it was late evening because I wanted to go home and the midwives said it was too late for the doctor to come round and discharge me ... 4th baby! I do remember that Mim's birth was the one where everything went more easily, The induceing went ok, the epidural was great and I finally got the hang of how to use the gas and air thingybob ... not that I want to improve the technique with baby number 5 ... lol! Just glad I figured it out in the end ... hehehee   Ooooo all  those baby memories, now we're in the Teenage/Young adult memories, it really is scary how quickly time passes by :)  Sooo my baby Angel is 10 and as full of mischief and Angelic chaos and mayhem as ever :)

 Its the last day of school today before the 1/2 term holidays and Mim's class is having a Spooktacular Party for Halloween and birthday treats for Mim (they have birthday cake and treats for each child in class ... its great, a party for Mim with all her little classmates, no mess or stress for me ... I just send in the cake and treats! :)  She went into school dressed in her pretty costume as a Witchy Angel! She refused to wear her witch's hat but really enjoying whacking anyone and everyone with her broomstick ...hahaha.  Esther's class wasn't having a party  :(  but she was soooooo excited at seeing Miriam getting all dressed up that I didn't have the heart to not let her dress up too I sent her into school dressed up too!!!! hahaha :))   Bet her teacher won't be expecting that! I don't think they're likely to send her home on disciplinary grounds for flouting the school uniform code ... not on the last day ;) hahaha.  So I have the day to do a mad tidy up , wrap up the last few presents, blow up about a hundred ballons, bake another cake (OK , not exactly bake another, I did cheat and buy a cake for school!) and prepare general birthday festivities before the little red bus brings my 'Witchy-Angels' home! :)

Before I go face all those ballons here's some of my stitchings that I've been able to do whilst 'waiting' .. I got soooo much sewn that I am considering hiring myself out as a professional 'wait-in-for-deliveries' person :)  
 I finished my Salem Village Cross stitch ...

So so so loved stitching this piece, not sure why, maybe it was the threads or the fabric, the design was very easy to follow. It truly was a joy to stitch :) I'll certainly be looking out for more 'Plum Street Sampler' patterns :) Still not quite thought how I'm going to finish it, I'd like to frame it but its just finding the right frame ....

Another of the monthly 'Country Stitches - with thy needle and thread' designs sewn ....
September all stitched - love the apple tree and school house :)
And I've even sewn ....
October ... before the end of October!!! I did make a teensy boop with this one and had to add a small trio of mini pumpkins to 'fill-in' but I think it still looks OK :)
 LOTS of stitching happening here  :)  and thats not all in one uninterrupted morning awaiting a 'between 8:00-12.00' delivery that actually came at12:45! I managed to completely sew this woolly wonder ...
And surprisingly the camera has caught the actual colours beautifully! This is a Buttermilk Basin Design kitted by the one and only Primitive Gatherings (of course!...haha) Loved this one ...isn't it sooo nice how sewing brings out the love in me ...hahahaha ;) I'll probably finish this one as another cushion ... I soooo luuuurrrve my cushions and pillows!
Lots of sewing time  although unfortunaately very little time spent on my BOM's, no further progress on 'Heart & Home' quilt, although all the blocks and final borders have arrived :(  And the new BOM I signed up for as a birthday treat 'Jaquelines Album'  with PG has started , think we're already at  block 4, again I've not started ... just stock-piling woolly goodness! I really need to get back into the swing of my woolly BOM's. I decided not to go back to the sewing group this term, partly because class fees had increased and with Uni and College students to support pennies need to be counted ;) And although the day time class was easier to attend than the evening class, it was a well established group of ladies and I never quite felt like I fitted in ... and I missed my evening class friends, no-ones fault just the way it fell, c'est la vie .... Ooooo turning continental now... haha. Thats my sorry excuse for falling behind with my wolly BOM's :o  I just need to be disciplined and use the allocated morning that was for the sewing group to actually do some woolly sewing at home .... all the best laid plans and all! ;)
Well, I started this blog/journal entry this morning, paused to tidy up and bake a birthday cake, didn't quite get all those ballons blown up! My  Witchy Angels have been home from school for hours now, we've had our birthday tea, and opened presents, wrapping paper everywhere! Lol! And we've just sent Daddy out for ice-cream to finish off the evening watching Stardust on TV :) A Happy Birthday for a new little 10 year old Angel :)
Last picture of a Witchy Angel dancing in front of the television whilst she's waiting for her ice-cream ...
not quite the birthday Witchy Angel she was moving tooo much for me to catch on camera! This is the I-want-to-get-in-on-the-act-and-dress-up-too Witchy Angel ;)  Her teacher thought her outfit was fab and loved it so no school disciplinary action to worry about ... hahaha
Oooooo ice-cream has arrived!  Will try to be back before the end of October with some Pumpkin goodies ;)
Love and Hugs     Wendy   x x

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Well today was the day! :)  :(   My beautiful daughter has 'left home' to go to University. We had a full day, a tiring day and of course an emotional day. My wonderful carers helped sooo much by having the Angels for a long day (6 hours!) so that we could concentrate on Abigael and take her up to Lancaster without having to worry too much. [The Angels had a fun filled day at the cinema, playing in the park, treats in MacDonalds ... our carers reckon they could have done with another hour or so! :)]  One of Abi's close friends from College/Church who isn't going to Uni this year wanted to come and see her off. I have to admit to being a bit miffed at first, I wanted the time to be a special family time, but in retrospect now I realize it was a good idea :) Having a friend there helped everyone , me especially ;) stay calm ... couldn't embarrass myself in front of toooo many people ... hahaha. We drove up to Lancaster and  Abi quickly registered and found her room and we got her settled in. Then we had a mini panic when we realized the shared kitchen wasn't equipped with any basic items ... very misinformed there :/  A mad dash to the nearest 'shop' and one frying pan and a tin opener and 3 wooden spoons later ...thats aaaaallll they had! .... and we were ready to face the world ... hahaha ( In the process of placing an order with Amazon that can deliver by 1pm on Monday ... phew!)  I'm certainly not worried about Abigael's survival cookery skills, she's more than capapble of cooking for the whole university :) Its us at home that needs to worry, Abi was the cook not me, I'm a terrible  cook ... [back to Mum's famously boring pasta dishes Jake! ... unless you want to don the apron ;) ...hehehee]
All too soon it was time to leave and say our goodbyes. I was soooooo good , not one tear did I shed as we hugged goodbye, not one tear as we waved goodbye driving off. Not one tear all the way home, in fact I was beginning to worry I'd no heart and no feelings ...???... Until I went to serve up dinner several hours later and realized I'd not only cooked too many sausages, I'd automatically plated up dinner for Abi!!! NOW the tears have come! :( I must have delayed reaction or something :)  My tear ducts are filling up already just typing this so I won't keep wittering on for ages, I'll just share some pictures and probably go snuggle an Angel :)
I did manage to make the snuggle quilt and a couple of scatter cushions to snuggle up with for Absie :) I was pleasantly surprised with it , although it will never win any prizes and its quite possible that in the whole quilt there aren't any matching points, but if it reminds my girl that she's loved thats all thats important :)
Abi's Dorm block in Cartmell Collegiate on the University campus .... Home!
'Flat' 6  :)  with her own ....
teensy-weensy ensuite! :) You could actually take a shower, use the toilet and brush your teeth all at the same time (Eeeeaaw!) should you so wish .... not likely though ... hahahaha But its all hers and she doesn't have to share :)
I didn't get a picture of the kitchen / dining area ... tooo many people milling around but it was a good size  and is shared by 8 rooms on her floor so thats not tooooo bad :)
Saying goodbye to my beautiful Uni student :) 
A bit blurred but my last view of my girl :(  Love her sooooo much and I'm soooo proud of her for all that she's achieved and the big new exciting adventure she's just beginning ... just wish I didn't miss her sooo much :( Oooops starting to proper cry now ... need to go find an Angel to snuggle :)
Hugs for now 
Wendy x 


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ooops! September is almost over! I didn't think I'd been away that long!
So far our September has proven to be a busy, busy, busy month and I think we still have the busiest week to come! One more week before my first baby leaves for University ... honestly I don't know whether to cry and keep her locked in her room protected forever or move her out now and book her into a B&B in Lancaster a week early... hehehehe ... I'm thinking I'll let her stay a few more days and see how it works out ... stress and emotional levels are possibly at an all time high, between us  we're playing a bit of a  Mother and Daughter - Jekyll and Hyde duo :)  I guess its tooooo much of an exciting and scary time, changes are happening and we're both a teensy bit scared :)  But I do know that living away at University is  the right thing for her to do, she'll be able to experience life a she's never known it ... she'll still have to keep her bedroom door locked, but not because she's living with Angels ... lol!

School has re-started for the Angels after the long summer holidays and going back has gone suspiciously smoothly with two very happy little girls from the first day ... both loving their classes and teachers and especially loving the school bus arriving each morning and their lovely driver, he also works at school as a teaching assistant and takes Esther Horse-riding each week so extra giggles for him on a morning :)  Jacob has started college, and seems to be settling in OK, I think he's enjoying his new studies and he's starting to make new friends ... none of his former school friends are in any of his A level classes  :(  so lots of new faces to meet and remember. Keith has thrown a spanner into our nice easy ride into September by falling foul of a very painful slipped/protruding disc in his back, poor man is in absolute agony flat on his back literally locked in his bedroom ... I do unlock the door during school hours! He's been there for 3 weeks now and according to his physiotherapist who is treating him each week he could be there for another 3 at least  :(  He's not a happy boy! Mum and Dad have 'just about' sold their house and found somewhere this side of the Lancashire/Yorkshire border to live, having them closer will be sooooo much easier  :)  They're just waiting on a date to sign contracts but hope to be moving mid October. Lots of work ahead of me there, we've been slowly organising and clearing out 25 years worth of 'living' and I've ended up with some treasures that Mum and Dad won't have the room to store in their new place but didn't want to part with just yet :)   And me??? I'm sooooooo ready for some quiet easy time, once Abi is at University and Mum and Dad are moved I plan to book some days on the calender to do absolutely nothing! :)

I had a most unexpected and absolutely wonderful generous surprise this last week, I'm not going to name names but I can assure you this person was sooooooo LOVED before her wonderful surprise and gift .... now she has reached such heights she practically needs wings and a harp! This lovely nameless Angel had noticed that I was struggling a teensy bit with changes and just the general overwhelming chaos life can sometimes feel like, that she decided to lift my spirits in a way that only someone who truly loves you and knows you can! :) She sent me a parcel!  :) There was a note inside that merely said: ' Knowing your love of Mr Postman Deliveries/E-bay/Prims and things that make you smile I saw these and knew you had to have them ... Be happy and SMILE!' Then I unwrapped the paper and found these ....

A wonderful selection of Prim Dolls !!! I think they're all Amish style, The larger doll with her baby is just gorgeous and the other 3 are also Amish style I think and are 'bottle dolls' ... took me a little bit of time to work that out ... lol! I think they are actually designs/patterns by Angi of Drakestone Primitives ... I wouldn't swear to it but I'm sure I've seen something similar on her website ... didn't look toooo closely , didn't want to spoil the spirit of the gift :) I am soooo overwhelmed by the loving thoughtfulness of such a generous gift, I will treasure them forever for the sweet spirit of love I feel each time I look at them and smile :) THANK YOU my nameless Angel! ( she doesn't even read or know about my blog but I want to Thank her anyway!) But how blessed am I in my friendship with this wonderful lady!

Sewing! Not tooooo much of that happening around here at the moment, I am progressing slowly with my 'Salem Village' by Plum Street Samplers and still loving every stitch :)
I'm in desperate need to finish it and I soooooo want to frame it in time for the witching month. I would love to frame it with a hornbook frame but they are proving quite elusive ... I've not given up yet ... there's always the Internet and international postage ... hehehe

Abi surprised me just the other day by requesting a snuggle quilt to take to university, I'd been hoping she'd ask but not sure whether she'd want her Mum's stuff lying around her dorm room :) So I've been busy cutting out 5 inch squares then cutting again to make triangles to sew into piles of these ...
I'm now half way through my pile of triangles-back-into-squares and hope to get the next pile finished before the weekend which will hopefully give me a week to sew together to make a scrappy top to then back with a snuggly fleece ... at this point I think I'm planning on tie-ing the quilt just so she can take it away with her and when she comes home at Christmas I will try and give it some more permanent quilting  :) I don't think I've done tooooo bad for less than a weeks notice to make a quilt .... hahaha ...  maybe I should plan ahead now for Jacob and University so that when and if he asks for one I can just go ...  taadaahh!! :)

In between all our September madness I have managed a teensy bit of 'you-know-what-ing' on 'you-know-where'  ;)  You know how much I love 'winning' ... hahaha

I have always, always, always wanted a Firkin, but they are just soooooo expensive to buy and ship usually from America. So when I saw this one from a UK location ... well I just had to try ... and guess what  ???? No-one else was bidding .... so I 'won' !!!! Hoooraay!! I also 'won' the small wooden box, the shaker box pincushion and the olde sweepy-broom thing... can't for the life of me remember its name at the moment ... Brain cells must be shutting down for the night ... hehehe :)  And do you remember those doll's I was trying to win last time ?? ... well it wasn't to be  :(  But the lovely Barbara at Cairaid Bach Primitives had some more of her wonderful tiny dolls for sale on her website and I manage to come away a happy girl with these little beauties ... here's a closer look ....
Can you see how lovely and tiny and detailed they are! Barbara is just sooooo talented, each little doll is completely hand made ... those stitches are tiny!!! They are so very lovely and I'm really glad they're all mine!!! Mwaahahahaa :))

Well as usual its bedtime and Esther is getting tetchy with my slow one-fingered-typing, I best close and get down to some serious snuggly cuddling so that she'll close her eyes and sleep :)
Night night - Sleep tight - Don't let the bed bugs bite!   ...... Eeeeeaaww ..... what an awful thought to go to sleep with .... bed bugs .... Uuuurrrghhh!!!  :))
Love and Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guess who forgot a special day, TODAY ????? Not Hubby ...  but ... gasp ... shock ... horror ... ME!!!!! And guess what the special day was? Our Wedding Anniversary! And not any old Wedding Anniversary, our 20th Wedding Anniversary .... a big one!!!! I'm not sure what's more shocking , hubby remembering and me forgetting, or me almost missing out on a major 'giftie' day!! We all know how I LOVE my gifties .... ( I've never pretended that the gift isn't important... it is!! ... You know its true , you just don't want to admit to it like I do! hahahaha) Its soooo unlike me to forget a 'giftie' day ....  I must be seriously unwell ;)  Fortunately hubby remembered and bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers ...
Beautiful colours and I love the cabbages!! ;)  Thank you Lovely Hubby! :)  I did redeem myself slightly by going to the corner shop and buying him a bottle of Mountain Dew (actually 2 bottles as there was a special offer on of 2 for £2 ... thought I'd just slip that extra bit of info in .. haha ) and a BIG bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate ... Lol ... Big celebrators in our house ... hehehe  {Just in case you are very shocked and horrified, we are actually planning a special day out once the Angels are back to school ...didn't want you thinking we were reeeeeaally bad! Lol!} We've enjoyed our special day quietly, watching the rain outside and watching DVD's inside ... actually looking forward to our special day out ...sigh..

We've had lots of news to share too over the last few weeks, since Abi and Jake's exam results came out its kind of been non-stop here. Abi did really, really well with her A' Levels and had her place at Lancaster University confirmed. She'll be studying  3 years there for a Degree in Biology.  It was all quite nail biting, the exam results are released on the computer exam site at 6am but the UCAS portal that confirms your place at University doesn't open until 8am ... an agonising 2 hour wait! We were sooo excited and relieved when her UCAS confirmation came thru' :) Now its down to the business of checking finance and tuition fees are in place, accommodation confirmed, buying books and duvets and stocking up on supplies to keep our University student from starving for a year :) She enrolls on the 29th of September so not long till my baby leaves home :)  Jacob also did well in his GCSE exams. He was able to enroll at College to study the A' Levels of his choice.  He'll be studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, typical boy subjects :)  His favourite subjects too, so I'm sure he'll do well in them. And at least I've still got him at home to give me 'mummy-hugs' when I need them :)

We've had our usual wet and dreary summer, its the last few days now as School and College restart on the 4th September. I was hoping we'd manage to squeeze a couple of rain free days in before we went back but if today's hailstorm is anything to go buy there'll be snow by the end of the week :(   My Angels have coped really well  being couped up inside for most of the summer. They have had some fun days out 'under-cover' with their carers, the Circus at Blackpool one day and Lego Land in Manchester's Trafford Centre and the Cinema once or twice. They seem fairly happy and chilled out which is good.

With all the rain, we've had a lot of snuggly movie popcorn days and whilst the Angels watch and play and get into mischief  I've been able to sew a few stitches ....
A terrible photo .. I was trying to use Hubby's fancy camera .. toooo many buttons, I'll stick to my basic one in future :)  This is the August 'Country Stitches' monthly stitched, loved the sunflowers in this one :) I need to crack on and 'finish' these stitcheries into something otherwise I'll end up with another pile of UFO's !

I also thought I'd try and plan ahead with some Autumny/Halloweenie stitches ...
This is 'Buttons Black' by Plum Street Samplers and I LOVED stitching this sooooo much, every stitch was sheer pleasure! :) I love how it turned out, certainly down to the designer and her talent :)  I enjoyed it soooo much I started another Plum design ...
A bit more of a challenge for me :) This is 'Salem Hornbook' and whilst it won't be a quick stitch, I'm already enjoying it and finding it hard to put down!

That's about it .... Oooo I did complete the speeding awareness driving course for my naughtiness. It wasn't toooo bad, just a rather long morning (8am-12:30pm) with only 2 five minute toilet breaks! It was run by 2 gentlemen who kind of did the good cop - bad cop thing but as neither of them were actually policemen they didn't really convince ...hahaha... I am truly a reformed character now, I'm constantly watching my speedometer to ensure I'm within the speed limits and I really didn't mean to run over that old lady the other day ... she came out of  nowhere on her zimmer frame! ... but I wasn't speeding! ;) Only kidding, despite what any back seat drivers might tell you I was no where near her!!

Well I should probably go give my hubby some Anniversary loving ... well after he's had a shower, he's just got in from a late game of football and he's stiiiiiiinky!!! After he's washed up I may give him a squeeze to let him know that I still love and adore him after 20 years! ;) ... Hope he's not eaten all of that chocolate, we do have at least another 20  more years of lovin' ahead of us ... he needs to share! :)

Love Wendy x