Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ooops! I've almost missed November ... I didn't have many goals this year but I did want to try and keep up to date with my blog/journal and write at least once a month :) Came a bit toooo close to missing it this month and that could have spoilt the whole year .... lol!  Well life here is pretty much  more of the same old same old... trying to think of any news ???? Had a fairly busy time with Abigael and sorting out her University UCAS applications for entry next year, finally got it sorted, well actually Abi got it sorted on her own cause I just couldn't make heads nor tails of it all. As it stand soooo far she's been offered places at Liverpool and Leeds Universities and has to attend interviews at Manchester and Lancaster ... I think they're 'shortlisted' interviews but not certain ... and I didn't want to push my luck by asking her to explain it all again to me ;) I just know that she's happy so far and that's good. The only University we haven't heard from yet is Newcastle , but that was our wild card, she'd like to stay close to home and Newcastle is several hours away. Why did she apply then ?  Well apparently it costs the same to apply to 5 as it does to 2 so why not use up all 5 options, don't ask me! ... I just write the checks (I'm good for that bit ..hahaha) She's hoping to study Biology and or Maths depending on which uni she finally chooses and gets accepted by. For now its a lot of studying for exams and a nail biting summer until results come out. In fact there could be very short finger nails around her for quite awhile as its exam year for both Abi and Jacob... A levels for Abs and GCSE's for Jake :o

Other exciting news for Abs is that she just found out on Monday that she's been offered a part time job at Asda supermarket... she's thrilled to say the least! Pennies!!! Its also a big boost for her self confidence, I'm soooo proud  of her, but a teensy bit sad too, my baby is really, truly growing up! She goes for induction training after college on Friday and could actually start 'work' as early as Saturday. I  hope its next week so she can go and give notice in to the charity shop where she's been volunteering each Saturday for the last year or so, she needs to say goodbye to all the sweet little old ladies that love her so much :)

Other news ..... Angel Esther hasn't been too well, more problems with those blips :( So much so that we made the sad but necessary decision to put her back on epilepsy meds, another lot, so far so good. The consultant far from been peeved at our on/off decision with the meds actually thinks that completely taking her off one set and clearing her system before trying a new set is good, after all that's what they do with lab mice !!!! ( Not tooo sure how to take that but I think he meant well!) Its just that there can be risks having no meds at all, although we, or rather little Esther, coped well in the early months with no meds,  this last month and a half our blips have increased to a point where she needs stabilising. We've also been given Emergency meds and resuscitation training ... obviously a weepy day for me ...sigh! But we got through it and whilst I pray that we never have to put any of it into practice as the epilepsy nurse 'training' us said  it puts Esther in a safer place. And most importantly we've been on our new meds for just over 2 weeks now and my Angel still has her smile and a twinkle in her eye ( That's what we fear the  most with meds ,  loosing our cheeky Angel into an almost dazed unresponsive stupor ... lots of prayers and crossed fingers!)  ... Boy my poor fingers are getting a work out lately, nail-bitten and crossed! ;)

We've had Angel birthdays too .... 'Baby' Mim turned 9 on the 26 October and Esther 14 on the 17 November .... 14!!!!!!  Aaaaall my babies are no longer babies ! :(  But I still manage to get lots of cuddles in ... well for as long as my knees can cope with a chubba 9 year old sat on them ...hahaha :) We had the obligatory birthday tea party, cake and candles, balloons, musical cushions (safer than chairs!!) and lots of dancing  and giggling :)  Now just gearing up for December which is full to the brim with dates for hospital appointments, education-plan reviews,  school parents evenings , end of year assemblies and any inset / strike days that school wishes to throw in ... lol! Not a long school month, I think we break up for the holidays on something scary like the 16th ... reeeeally hope I've got that wrong! ;)

 So in a mad rush to try and plan and organise myself into getting into the holiday spirit I've been trying to finish off a few Autumn projects before I get cracking on the Christmas 'stuff' ... although it has overlapped slightly with making some gifts that have to be shipped out earlier but I can't show pictures of them!

I finished some more Blackbird designs cross stitches...

The middle one is a Country stitches 'with my needle &Thread' design "Autumn Splendor" I think .... Love their designs , have my beady eye on a few more ;)
I also finished up another one of Primitive Betty's designs ...

 This one took me aaaaages to finish , all those tiny orange! But worth it in the end :) So Kind of Primitive Betty to give the design  as a gift to whomever :)
I haven't been neglecting my wools either ...hehehe...

 This is another Pumpkins and Crow woolie By Buttermilk Basin , They finished theirs off as a framed picture but I knew I'd never get around to finding a frame 'just right' so opted to just make it into a cushion, I just used some of the leftover background fabric as backing for the cushion... not soooo sure having a light coloured cushion around where sticky-chocolatey-Angel-fingers can reach it but so far so good , its remained totally sticky-fingered free and sits very happily on the piano with my other pumpkins and crows cushion. :)
I'm still working on my BOM from Primitive Gatherings, The Christmas quilt is almost ready for adding borders just need to be brave and actually sew the blocks together, all the applique is completed and I'm really pleased with myself ... feel like the cat that got the cream ...hehehe Just need to be brave and trust myself that I won't mess it up joining the blocks :o Not sure how many blocks I 've shown , don't think I've shared these ....

In fact whilst I've been waiting to upload , look what I've done....

Yeah!!! Just laid them on the carpet to see how they look... :) No, I've actually sewn the Merry Christmas row together and pinned in the overlapping vine and what you can't see is that whilst I was waiting for that photo to upload I've actually sewn all the other rows together tooo ... not looking too bad if I say so myself , just going to finish that vine that meanders and check for any other teensy bits that need finishing before I sew all the rows together and its too big to handle :) Probably not today, its well after lunch time and my tummy is rumbling and Jacob left a Boost chocolate bar on the kitchen table when he rushed out the door to school this morning ... its been looking at me! I've managed to resist sooo far, I've only picked it up a couple times and given it the teensiest of squeezings ... lol! In fact when I think about it I've probably picked it up and squeezed it soooo much, that it probably won't be very nice to give him a squished chocolate bar ... I'd be doing him a favour if I ate it ;) Wonder if I can get to the shops to buy a replacement before he gets home , or maybe I should just play schtumm and not mention it and only confess if he notices ... kind of my life long rule really , 'do it quick-keep schtumm-and only confess if caught' !!! NOT a good example to set my children... What are Mothers these days coming to ? Honestly it all stems back to family values!  Hehehehe ... I think I can make it to the shop and back in time .... !!

Best dash!!!
Hugs Wendy x