Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!!! :) I'm trying to think if I've ever 'written' in my blog/journal on Halloween ???  I don't think so, I'm not usually that organised ... lol! ( I suppose a good way to find out would be to look back over my journal entries ... but that feels too much like hard work ... hehehe) So in case I haven't gotten around to it before ... Happy Halloween !!  :)  I do seem to take the long way around things ... hahaha ... I think I possibly spend too much time alone talking to myself  ;)  but then, even when I'm with the Angels its very quiet, not a lot of chit-chat happens when your Angels don't talk ... we get lots og giggles and the odd 'Mmm  mmm mmm' but that's not really a conversation is it !?  Well , I guess it is to my Angels, I would love to know what they are trying to tell me  :)

Anyways back to Halloween ,  what does Halloween mean to me ???  Why ....  Pumpkins of course :)  I do like a teensy bit of Spooky , a ghostie and a witch here and there and my new cute 'mummys' but I don't like scary spooky, I absolutely hate the blood and guts , macabre horror type of scariness. I'm ok with old fashioned Frankenstein and possibly a little bit of refined Dracula  :)  but not the gory stuff.    I Love trick or treaters, but I like them to make an effort and dress up if they are going to knock at my door ... I don't like those scary mask things where they are like Hannibal Lecter or that screamy face. I have 'tactics' for trick or treaters, I do have bowls of sweets at the ready but once the sweets are gone I put  a sign on the front door that says " sweets all gone but have lots of fruit left" Once I put that sign up, the doorbell never rings again and I have a quiet evening without having to  get up and down all night to say sorry we're out of treats  :))  Hahaha .... Honest it's worked every time  for the last 3 or 4 years. Sometimes I even amaze myself at how clever I can be  ;)   If I was mean I'd put the sign up just to stop trick or treaters coming by at all ... but I'm not that mean .. hahaha

Ready for lots of Pumpkin pictures??  I went to the Pumpkin farm/garden centre a week or so ago ...

I LOVE the pumpkin 'farm' but they certainly did seem to be a bit thin on the ground this year, not nearly as many pumpkins and gourds as last years visit, I was thinking I must have been late going and had missed all the best pumpkins,  but apparently not , they'd just had a very small yield this year  :(   { I should probably note that my own pumpkin plants failed again this year, lots of nice thick green leafy vines, some beautiful yellow flowers but not one single pumpkin!! :(  Maybe its the weather or something ... or maybe I was just lucky that one year!} At least the standing cow is still at the 'farm', even if he is looking a bit battered and bruised,  he probably needs a new coat of paint and a bit of poly-filler  lol!

I did manage to fill my basket up with enough pumpkins and gourds to keep me happy though ..  :)
I got lots of teensy, different coloured gourds and mini pumpkins. And being the pumpkin officiado that I am, I kept an eye out specifically for curly stems  :)  ... you'll see why in a bit ... hahaha.  Can't remember if I showed a picture of one of my naughty E-bay wins ... the baskets? Well here's one filled with all my mini pumpkins and gourds...
Don't you just love those curly stems?  :)
So that you don't  think its all been about buying pumpkins here, I've also been sewing some pumpkins, trying to do some different ones, mix it up a bit ... lol! Sometimes it's worked sometimes I ended up with a bit of a!
These are my woolly pumpkins ...
I was kind of trying to make a couple of crazy wool pumpkins, but it didn't quite work out, the way they looked in my head was much more impressive .. hahaha. The darker red/brown one I quite like , the lighter one is OK but just not quite what I was hoping for. I think I maybe tried to use too many wool strips and then when sewing, stuffing and 'segmenting' {OOooooo! ;) } I didn't quite get it right. But I was pleased with the woolly stalks and leaves and felt they helped. The two in the back were made from a single piece of hand dyed , mottled wool and I thought they were OK :)
Next I made ....
A teensy woolly pumpkin pie, you can't see it too well in the photo, but the 'pie' sits in a cute fluted dish :)  Also a double woolly pumpkin with a bird on top, can't quite call him a crow or blackbird as he's made out of brown wool .... that's what happens when you sew late at night and you can't see what colours you're pulling from your stash :) The bird pattern is from a Renee Plains book, I've made a few before and they are soooo much easier than they  to make :) Also I made some homespun pumpkins to fill my little wooden trough. I would reeeeally like to have one of those 'dough bread platter trough thingy's' but they're not so easy to find here and bidding starts on E-bay a bit tooo high for me  :)  The giant pumpkin is another naughty e-bay buy from Jane at 'sourdoughdumpling' .... LOVE this pumpkin ... its mahoooooosive, I remember seeing it on Jane's  e-bay site last year and thinking , 'should I' ? Well this year it was a definite  'I'm going to' :) and I'm sooo pleased that I didn't fight it ... lol! It's just brilliant :) Almost as big as the Pumpkin my Angels brought home on Friday when they went out with their carers to a "Farmer Ted's", a childrens 'petting' farm, and got distracted by a 'pick your own .... pumpkins' sign ... the  carers got distracted obviously  ;) ... not the Angels ...hehehe ...
I'm not sure that picture actually shows you the true ginormous size of the Angel Pumpkin (that's what we're calling it!) There's a little bit of the microwave in the corner of the picture, the Angel Pumpkin is Bigger!! Lol! The Angels came home from their adventures out, all happy and excited :)  As one of our ladies was handing the pumpkin over to Hubby, she said that Esther had had a few 'drop' seizures during the day and as they were walking/struggling across the Pumpkin field after picking the pumpkin she was just praying that Esther didn't 'drop' and she'd be faced with the dilemma of who to save??? The Pumpkin or Esther?? I naturally said save the Pumpkin of course ... Esther has good rolling reflex's now! ;)  Oooonly kidding of course I meant for her to save Esther first :) hehehee

Well, we have a HUGE Pumpkin to finish carving, ready for a bit of spookiness whilst its still  dark and we can light our Pumpkin lantern's before we go to bed ... lol!  So I best go, that Angel Pumpkin isn't going to carve itself  :)    think its gonna take a lot of work scraping it out ... but think of all those pumpkin pies  and cakes and soup we'll be able to make ...  mmmmm ....  yummy! :))
Can you feeeeel the Pumpkin Love??   :)  

Hugs  Wendy  x

Friday, 21 October 2011

Ooooo that was a long time to 'hold your breath' .. hahaha .. good job I told you not to lol!  ;)
And I'd like to tell you that we've had many exciting adventures and that I have lots to share ... not so I'm afraid :(  But ... I dooooo have lots of goodies  :))   But before we ... or I ( ! ) get too excited I should update the 'family-history' part of my blog/journal first :)

Sooo, Esther had been doing sooo well with her epilepsy, when we had a BIG blip, a scary blip, but hopefully just a blip :) She is doing really well at the moment and we do feel that her health and 'wellbeing' is better than it has been for well over a year ...  unfortunately blips happen! We have seen the consultant and he is keen to go back on meds but we're still hesitant to do that, but he is organising emergency meds and resuscitation training for Hubby and I  so that will help. I'd like to say that I'm brave and strong and handle these awful 'blips' OK .....{ I'm probably confusing things now, I say 'blips' meaning the Grand Mal/Tonic Clonic seizures, it just makes me feel better calling them 'blips' :)  }  But the truth be told I do nothing but cry and worry, not only at the time the blip happens but for days afterwards... what a wuss! Lol! There's no real bravery about it all, its just part of our life's and we get on with it, we have to,  as we have to with  lots of things, its just part of your 'normal' life when you have disabled children, I'd just rather not have the scary bits :)

On to something a bit more cheerful ... Mim!  My little Angelic Mim ;)  Everyone who knows Mim loves Mim, she has a very cheeky little face, she giggles and smiles most of the time, pulls the craziest of funny faces and has the funkiest dance moves ever! To say Mim is slightly mischievous is probably an understatement, it should probably be printed on the front of her forehead to warn people ... lol! I can remember that in her school review/report one year her teacher wrote that they referred to her in class as 'have-a-go-Mim' because if its possible , Mim will 'have a go'. She has no understanding of her 'disabilities', she is unfazed by her 'limitations' :) She doesn't quite understand why she 'can't do that' when she sees other children playing or 'doing stuff' ... she will always 'have a go'. Sometimes she comes out unscathed, sometimes not! :)  She decided to have a go the other night ... :)   Mim watches, she watches quite carefully, she's watched me empty the cylinder on the hoover, unpick any long hairs ... or threads ;) from the rollers under the hoover and she's 'had a go' herself.  I hadn't anticipated her watching me change a light bulb! Well she had watched me , and decided she'd 'have a go'. I don't recall balancing precariously over the banister on the stair case to reach the light fitting in the ceiling, I'm sure I used a chair ;)   I did mange to unscrew the bulb successfully, as did my little munchkin .... excellent problem solving and fine motor skills :)  BUT ....  I most definitely didn't decide to take a bite out of the removed lightbulb!!! ( Its OK, there was no blood and no glass shards everywhere ... it was a very neat bite!) You're thinking how could she get her mouth around the bulb part??? It was one of those loopy energy bulbs, so it was just a loop that she bit!!  Lol! After the initial shock and panic of 'my child just bit a glass lightbulb' moment, we were all quite calm and collected, no damage to Mim or her mouth, no broken glass shards to pick up, no nothing , all we have for the experience is a darkened hallway because we haven't replaced the bulb! Well not yet, need to give her a few days to move on to the next 'have a go' project! hahaha

I think its probably time to share the goodies...before anyone decides to report us to Social Services ... if you need the number I have it on speed-dial! ;)     I'm not tooo sure where to start (yes, there's that much!) I think the legitimate buys should come first....

{ I have to say that they are only legitimate because I got caught in the act so to speak .... and had to 'fess up :) One good thing to note is that if you happen to get caught ... once you've pressed the 'buy now button' or 'confirm payment button' ... there's no going back :) So press the button first before you 'fess up ...hehehehe!}  Anyway my buys ... some lovely woolly kits and my first woolly BOM bundle from PG .... Mmmmm yummy!! I just need to sit down and find some time to sew! I'm quite excited about both kits but I'd love to do the Fall Pillow first as the Autumnal woolly colours are scrumptious! Mr Postman was good to me Import Charges :)

 Next the not so legitimate buys ... the sneaky E-bay 'wins' ;) ...
These are some gorgeous woolly runners and Annie's from a lady called Kerrie on E-bay, her work is just beautiful, can you see how tiny those little Annie's are? Perfect in every way! And the Sheep Annie is gorgeous, got into a bit of a e-bay bidding battle for her, unbeknownst to me against a friend  ... lol! (we were both bidding...hahaha... I have to be reeeaally good now so my friend has no worries that I'll be bidding against her!)  And the woolly runners are so thick and luxurious , just wonderful, I have the penny one on my little 'nappy' cupboard in the family room, it looks sooo cute :) 

OK more still to come :)   ....
Some Cinnamon Apples .... sooo tiny but smell soooo yummy, I keep seeing these from this particular seller, and they seem to sell quickly and often and everyone leaves such good comments about them, so when I saw that bidding time was almost up on them and that no-one had bid! ... Well how could I miss an opportunity like that? :) Can I also say on a side-note, Jane of Gingerbread Cottage on E-bay is reeeeaally good at making and 'smelling'  these little apples '
because even after Esther gave them all a soapy bath in the  kitchen sink they dried out well and still smell gorgeous!! they passed the Angel test!

Only a few more E-bay 'wins' ... I'm soooo bad I know, but if I left home alone  with no chocolate in the house what can you expect??? :) ....
 Pumpkins of course!!! Maggie of Saltbox Primitives make the most wonderful things, over the years I've aquired quite a few of her creations, and these are just fan-tab-ulous!! :)  See how cute that teensy mouse and pumpkin are? Gorgeous! :) I would like to say that I stopped there but .....
A day or so later ... these were still there and no-one was bidding!!! Where's the Pumpkin Lovin' gone???? Its gone to my! I know, I know, there's no hope for me, what can I say?                 I Luuurrrve Pumpkins!! :)

The Pumpkin Loving doesn't end there either :) I did a 'Pumpkin Friendship' swap with Karen from 'Primitive Life in an English Cottage' :) Wow did I come out a winner :))  I just sent Karen a box of pumpkins, nothing fancy, not even any pretty tissue paper, probably just bubble wrap...I'm not so good at the pretty wrapping bit! So just a box of pumpkins but LOOK what  I got in return...
The most gorgeous 'Pumpkin Gathering' , I love, love ,love the pumpkin, such a beautiful shape and the fabric is soooo lovely, and what about that stalk! Love the curly stalk... I can also tell you that Karen is another great crafter ... that pumpkin stalk has taken a lot of squeezing and bending and lovin' from a certain Angel and its still curled and attached ... lol! In my gathering was also lovely woolly mouse and a crow and those beautiful stacking boxes, in beautiful Autumn fabrics.
 THANK YOU soooooo much Karen :)
You really did spoil me, I love them all, I can even feel a 'stacking boxes collection' coming on ... lol!

Was I not one lucky girl? And my luck didn't end there either :)  Another Karen, from 'Primitive Treasures' e-mailed me  and we decided to do a swapsie too, again I sent of my box of bubble wrapped Pumpkins and received a lovely package from Karen in return :) ...
A lovely twiggy and berry wreath with a cute tin gingerbread man, mitten and snowflake, a smelly-luscious bag of rose hips ... mmmm and they do smell soooo good, Karen even gave me some refresher oil to keep them smelly :)   A cute wooden Reindeer head, a sparkly Angel (Because  I live in 'Angel-Land' ... lol ... Love that Karen! ... maybe I should rename my blog/Journal 'Angel Land' ...hahaha) And can you see that teensy Gingerbread man?? I LOVE him! Karen could just have sent him and I would have been! Oooo even her card had Ginger men on the front too :)
 THANK YOU to you too Karen !! :)
Lots of lovely goodies for me all for a couple of boxes of Pumpkins ... hahaha :)

Well my little net book is slowing down with all the picture uploading/downloading/messing around :) so I best close.  I have done some sewing other than making Pumpkins, but will have to show them next time :)  I have my Angels home today,  School Inset Day ... groooaann!! And they're also off all next week for the 1/2 term holidays :) They've been good girls so far, we've done some colouring (in colouring books not on my walls thank goodness) They're just watching the end of  ET on DVD , at the same time Mim is snuggled up on one side of me, Essie on the other. Mim keeps peering over to see what I'm typing and to look a the pictures ... there's bound to be 'have a go' thoughts going on in her little head ... lol!  I'm debating whether I'm brave enough to take them into the kitchen and try to bake some cookies ??? Usually we bake cookies one Angel at a time with both Abi and myself supervising/preventing eating of all the raw cookie dough ... lol! But they have been good and I'm not feeling stressed out, no Angel scraps as of yet ... 'by jove' I think I'll do it!!!!  :))
Sending Pumpkin Love to the Whole Wide World ... :)
Hugs Wendy x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

I don't know if you've noticed yet ...? But , if I say I'll be back tomorrow with more thoughts for my Bloggy-Journal, invariably it's days if not weeks later that I actually do get around to! Is there a moral to this sorry state of affair? Here's where I need something clever and witty to write, but I can't think of anything! :)   'Don't hold your breath', is probably apt, along with 'Life Happens'  and quite possibly 'Yeah...Whatever..'  Hehehehee :)

But I have been busy.....
Making Pumpkins of course!! I may have got slightly carried away and made a few extra but...well, you can never have enough Pumpkins! :)  Funnily enough Hubby asked me what it was that caused me to be 'obsessed' with my collections ( Pumpkins, Gingerbread men, Fabric, Buttons ... he named them all and more! Lol!)  And yes, he did use the word 'obsessed' ... like he's not obsessed with taking pictures with his camera and fancy lenses ... Hahaha.  Wasn't sure if I was been slightly physco-analysed, not sure he was that impressed with my answer...'Because they make me happy and smile' :) Lol!  I feel he's yet another member of the family that I'm going to have to convert to Pumpkinism.  :)   Do you see that lovely sign above my pumpkins? 'Fresh Baked Pumpkin Pies' , Love that sign... a naughty e-bay win that arrived on Friday ;) (The packages are very slooooowly starting to arrive!)

More Pumpkin Sewing ...
This is another Buttermilk Basins Design; 'Crows and Pumpkins' (not sure if that's its 'design' name, just what I call it , lol!)  Kitted of course by PG  aka  Primitive Gatherings, not that you hadn't already guessed that , lol! You know I LOVE PG!!! ;) Can you stalk a shop? A shop you can only visit on the web? :)  I'm soooo sad I 'stalk' the 'New' Page and 'Shop Blog' on PG's site every day (sometimes twice!) Can't afford to miss anything ... well actually I probably can afford to miss things, and save some of Hubby's hard earned pennies!! hahaha  Anyway, this has been lovely to sew, its turned out bigger than I thought, it's shown on the pattern as a framed picture, but I wanted to use it as a long cushion... its just turned out toooo long for the cushion form I bought, I'm thinking I'm going to have to use a bed pillow form ... its that long! I still need to finish little bits of decorative stitching so I've got time to mull it over and decide what to do  :)

I've also finished a yummy PG kit that I started last year..
....  a woolly crow redware centre-piece (can't remember its proper design name either, I think it came out of their PG Autumn book, but not sure!) ...  All I had to do to finish it was sew the binding around the edge, silly really that that was all that was keeping it from being completed, I had the binding in place and sewn within an hour! ( The colours are much richer in 'real' life, just a wishy washy picture...should have got hubby to take one with his fancy camera... ;) hehehee)

I made an impulsive buy last week ... with I hasten to add, the proper consultation and approval from dearest hubby before I made the purchase!!! We desperately needed a new toy box for the family room to keep all the Angels toys neat and tidy. Angel Mim (? the Angelic bit) has been more of an Angel of mass destruction than peace and tranquility just lately, namely destroying her toy boxes by climbing in  them and then breaking the sides because she's squashed and trying to stretch her legs out! (how do you tell a sweet gorgeous little thing that her body is tooo big to climb into the toy box anymore? Sweet thing has no understanding that she's 8 years old and tooo big ... :))  Over the last 2 years or so I think we've gone through 3 large, solid wood toy boxes that are just not Angel-proof, so I came up with the idea of buying a small two door cupboard/sideboard instead. I started searching, looking at E-bay and on the web, wandering around different department stores and furniture shops. I could find them but at such extortionate prices that I knew I couldn't even consider them ( I wasn't even sure that a small cupboard would survive Mim's 'play') Then in a charity furniture shop I found something, cheaper than the last few Toy boxes I'd bought, but a bit bigger than I'd anticipated....
 It is old, and it isn't tooo pretty, I'd even say its verging on ugly,  it has a distinctive old person/cabbage smell, but it is gradually fading thanks to lots of furniture spray :) But I do like it and its growing on me, it could be a new love blossoming! Mim Loves it, she opens the bottom doors and plays with her toys, pulling them aaaaall out and then trying to stuff them back in and squash the doors shut. She loves opening and closing the drawers, no fingers trapped yet ;) lol! And the little cupboards on the top dresser... she at this very moment is stood trying to twiddle the tiny door knobs and unscrew them off! :) It's kept her amused for hours! Of course I've been tempted to 'dress'  it up a bit but just with small soft things that if she pulls down won't hurt her or get broken. So far so good... And should the worst happen and I get up one morning to find it smashed to smithereens, I haven't spent  a small fortune on it and the Charity shop I bought it from have gained some much needed pennies to help someone else :)
Oooooo, see those two tiny pillows on the very top shelf? ...
A couple of little 'freebie' cross stitch designs from 'Primitive- Betty's' quick and easy to sew but they look sooo good... the bottoms are all sewn closed now...just in case you are wondering ;) lol! I just added some old lace and dark fabric, sprayed the whole thing with an 'Ageing/Antique Spray' (bought of the web but in future I'll just use coffee/tea leaves, but the spray bottle is handy... lol!)   I've seen other stitcher's do similar things and thought it looked good,  and then I rag-filled them to give them an olden-lumpy feel . I just used my DMC threads, and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I'm currently stitching another 'Primitive-Betty's' freebie, a Boo Pumpkin with crow ... looking good so far and I'll hopefully finish it soon. So kind and generous of  designing ladies to share their talents and gifts :)  

Lets see if I can squeeze one more picture in before blogger gets upset with me.... 
These are the wools that I got from my new e-bay woolly supplier a week or so ago. The colours are very yummy and what I've failed to show you here is that each colour is made up of three mixed textures of wool; a plain, a houndstooth and a check, all hand-dyed in a lovely mottled splodgy way (splodgy being my very own technical term...hahaha!) These are very generous sized pieces of wool , I was pleasantly surprised and I've already got a list of  the next bundle of colours I'd like to order... not for a week or so yet though! ;) { Hopefully the spies won't read this far but to conclude my confessions from a bloggy-journal entry earlier... I signed up for 3 new PG BOM's , yes 3!!!  The new Heart to Hand quilt, the woolly bundle stash builder and the woolly Banner kits ... sooooo naughty but soooo exciting! :) But obviously I feel the need to restrain myself for a little while longer yet! ... That and if toooo many packages arrive at once it could arouse suspicion ...hehehe}
That cute basket, bobbins and the glass pumpkins I found at a random shop, when I was out looking for toy box cupboards :) and just called to me, you can't ignore calls like that... it wouldn't be right. Sometimes my children wonder which still small voice I'm listening to! Oooops didn't mean that to sound blasphemous, sorry! I do listen to the right still small voice. { I'm sooooo never getting into Heaven :(}

Well before I land myself in any further touble I'd best close for tonight, its time to start getting Angels settled and ready for bed, school in the morning...hoooray! And I need to be organised as I've got Jacob at home tomorrow for a school Inset day, then Abi on a study day on Tuesday, not until Wednesday will I have the house to myself and will it be safe to say hello to Mr Postman!! hahaha Until next time.... remember 'Don't hold your breath' ... LOL!!!

Love Wendy x