Friday, 24 June 2011

I trying!! I'm trying reeeeally hard!! :) I'm trying to be good and stay away from E-bay .... yeah like that's ever gonna happen ...  hehehehe... I'm trying to be happy and not cry at the checkout at the supermarket...doing well so far, no tears this! And I'm trying reeeeaally hard to 'post', 'publish' and all the rest of it but its not easy...I tried twice yesterday and this is the 3rd time so far today...I even called in extra IT support...aka Jacob... and he got me a little further, but I still lost a post, it doesn't even save what I've already written, so I have to start all over again, I'm sure I keep forgetting something that I originally! So this is my final try for today, if this doesn't work/publish I'm giving up!!! ;) And I did try to cut down on the chocolate intake...but , Nah!! Gave up pretty quickly...within the hour!

So hows things with us? Same old, same old, nothing much changes here... Esther is still our major concern , her epilepsy is no better, just trying to manage the seizure's until we see the Neurologist next week. We're hoping he can sort us out, :) What we'd really like is for him to stop Esther's meds and give her some med free time, just to see how she goes, we realise that there are obvious risks, but we're kind of rationalizing that before she started on the new improved meds back in November she hadn't had a Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) seizure in over two years, now we are having  on average 2 a week. The new improved meds were to try and improve her Myoclonic seizures, which they've not actually done either...the new meds don't seem that improved to us! It does get a bit confusing with the different types of seizures she has... different parts of the brain cause different seizures which is why its sooo hard finding the right balance  and mix of meds, but we feel we've given this current set a fair go and we're ready to move on... I don't blame the doctors and consultants, I understand that with the complication of Esthers disabilities its very difficult to know what's happening..until it happens.. :)  But I do expect them to listen to us and work with us to make sure Esther is the best she can be, we've always been very lucky and had good doctors that we can work with...only one was a bit of a numpty and we soon found a replacement for him! hahaha... Don't mess with the Kirby's and their Angels ... lol! So we are praying hard and keeping everything crossed for Thursday's appointment.

Sooooooo in my bid to control all the anxious emotional turmoil... I've done what any self respecting... do it whilst hubby is at work and can't catch me... wife/mother would do... I've been shopping on the Internet and E-bay!!!!  I'd like to say that I've been exercising a certain amount of restraint and that I haven't got carried away.. but , well ...  I haven't! ;)   And I dooooo try to stay away from E-bay, but I just can't help myself, I can be good for so long but then I seem to suffer a relapse and off I go again... :)  Hehehehe   So what did I 'win' ????

I just couldn't resist this cute Ginger Annie , she's perfect for the kitchen with her rolling pin and wooden spoon and even a rusty grater...she smells yummy too :) The little wooden spool candles I just liked and thought they'd add a bit of primness to my! And I don't feel I need to explain the Gingerbread men....who could not love them :)

I also 'won' the most gorgeous teensy weensy Annie raggedy doll....
She's just tooo scrummy for words, holding her little star, and she's beautifully made...very neat and precise stitching, much better than I could ever do and I love how she's soooo tiny :)

But my bestest of all 'wins' (really they were a 'buy it now' not bids) were these Valdani threads...
Do they just not make your heart go bumpty bump!? Want me to count them for you? lol! 18, 18 balls of Valdani!!! And guess how much ??? The little box was one 'lot' for $20, about £12-13 The loose ones came as triads...?... with names like Oregon Trail triad, and Green Man triad, Forest Floor etc.. Each triad was $10, about £6 .... BUT the reason I was soooo excited , not just because of the colour choices...don't you just love the greens ;) BUT although I spent $60, about £34-36 (which is alot for threads I know) BUT....the little quilt shop in Southport where I very occasionally buy the odd ball , ( because its soooo expensive) sells her Valdani threads for £4, about $8 each!!! Soooooo (are you still with me...we have to go through this to the bitter end so I can prooooove what a good deal I!) IF I bought all those threads a my 'local quilt shop' I'd have spent a whopping..... £72 , about $ ... well I can't work out the $$ but I know its lots!!! That's got to be a score, and postage on them was nominal, in fact I'm not sure if the little box was free...? I'm over the moon with them any way, and I only have one 'duplicate' of a colour that I already have and that's mostly used up and needing replacing...trying not to sound like I'm justifying now...hahaha!!

I have done a leeetle bit of sewing in between 'shopping'... :)

I finished a woolly cushion that I started back in February for Valentines, as usual I didn't quite finish it, its a design from an old PG book, sorry can't remember the name of hand, its a Christmassy/Winter book, anyway the original had holly leaves under the hearts but I didn't want to do holly so I left it , waiting for inspiration because it needed something, then whilst I was doing one of my PG BOM's , it came to me...viney/branchy/leaves 'things' , I'm quite pleased with how its turned out and its happily sat on top of the piano...well its actually under the bottom of an Angel at the moment...Mim has taken a liking to it and is sat on it watching a DVD, Ooh well everything I sew is made to be loved ...and!

Well I think that's quite enough for now, I have another package to show but blogger is getting a bit tetchy with me and I'm not sure what might happen if I try to up-load another picture, I'm surprised its allowed me to get soooo far without blipping on me...maybe it's 3rd time! OK I'm going to try 'publish post' now.... wish me luck ;)

Love and Hugs Wendy x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Testing...testing... I've been trying to 'post' for a few weeks or so now but blogger won't let me!!! He won't let me 'sign in', click on links, or leave comments and its doing my head! ;)  BUT....... I think I might have figured it out,   ......  by unticking the little box that lets you stay  signed in   .....     fingers crossed xXx  
I'm going to hit the publish post button now....I'm soooo technologically minded....hahaha!!!
 Love Wendy x

 Hooraaaaay I did it !!!
Now lets hope I can do it! ;)
Just in case I can't....I just want to say a BIG Thankyou to all my lovely friends for the lovely comments for my 'health warning' post, all your words really, reeeeaally did help ... Thankyou! 
Ok , now to press the button again, and hopefully i'll be back soon to show you my ill gotten gains off E-bay .... I needed some comforting  ;)   And there's nothing like a 'win' to get you all excited!!! LOL! 
Pressing the button........ W x