Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas Trimmings....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..la-d-da-d-da ... :) I am happy to report that we are now fully Christmas-decor-ised and operational! ...hahahaha  It's been all hands on deck (even the sticky Angel fingered hands) to get all the Santa's out and all the Nativities polished and in place ...I'm not sure if I need more twinkly fairy lights?? hehehe ;)
The Family room ...
I LOVE our old piano...it is totally out of tune and hasn't being properly used since Abi and Jake took piano lessons back in the first years of high school ...I'm pretty certain Abigael stuck with her lessons and passed grade 2 ..I don't think she did grade 3 but I could be wrong ...the memory is starting to slip ...hehehe  I do remember Jake being desperate to ditch his piano lessons in favour of the school football team ...training was at the same time as piano..so naturally he joined the football team! hahaha  But I can't bear to be parted from our old out of tune piano and despite some very mutinous comments about 'getting rid of it' I've stuck to my guns and insisted it stays ...besides where would I display all my piano pillows!? ;) hahaha 

I also love this old wall hanging...
It was one of my first 'applique' projects ...I loved all the "Art to Heart" books by Nancy Halvorsen...I've still got lots of them on my bookcase in the Quiet Room :)  I look at this sweet wall hanging and I'm amazed that after all these years it is still intact ...because....there is not one single stitch holding all those tiny pieces of fabric together ...it's all completed 'wonder-web' fused! hahaha

My tired old fire mantel...

My wobbly olde dresser -cum- toy cupboard :)


And lastly but not least my treasured Jim Shore Santa's...
Every year I tell the family to treasure and protect these with their lives...it's their inheritance they stand to loose if any get broken...literally their actual inheritance...because I've spent it all on these Santa's!!! hahahahahaha
I think I'll have to do another post for the snowglobes...blogger is going slow this evening ...back soon :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas Stitching and Shopping ...

Life as always is keeping us busy and on our toes...why does there always seem to be a big rush as December arrives? :) We had a good meeting last week with Angel Esther's currently assigned Social Worker, she's a very nice lady and I feel confident that she will support us and help us as much as possible :)  We are hopeful that at the beginning of January, Angel Esther will be able to start  her  extra day at the Adult Day Services placement she has, so that she will be attending Monday to Friday for 36 weeks of the year ...it is still a lot of holidays each year ..hahaha.. but that extra day will help soooo much and the Social Worker is hoping that we can increase the number of weeks once Angel Mim leaves Education and moves to Adult Services  :) 

As is the way with life there are always ups and downs and sadly  our beautiful Daughter Abigael has hit a very sad patch and  just this last week started divorce proceedings against her husband Nathan. It is all very, very, very  sad...there are some quite serious reasons and whilst I won't go into detail, I can honestly say that Abi has done all she can to try to save her marriage and family but it is not too be ...some mountains just can't be conquered.  As her Mum I feel so helpless and unable to 'fix' things to male her not have to go through all of this, I know its all part of life but its not fun and its not easy :( What is important now, is that we envelop Abi and Grand-bubba Daniel in lots of love and support to help them navigate this new path that has been forced upon them. My Abi  inspires me soooo much with her strength and courage ...I know that I couldn't face and cope with all that she's had to.  But there is no doubt that this is the right direction for her and Daniel now. It is not going to be any easy couple of months for her, but once everything is in place and finalised, they will be happy and safe and settled once more. 
Goodness it's all been such a shock, maybe not quite what we planned to be happening over the Christmas period, but somehow it is also a relief that it is happening ...does that make sense? :)  Life!... it often shoots you with both barrels all at once, but we are family, you need a lot of barrels to take us all out! hahaha :)

Soooooo what is a worried Mum-Grandma to do when life is out of her control?  
Well this Mum sews and shops! :)  haha  :)  
I've been busy picking out all my Christmas patterns, mulling over which I want to stitch ...there's sooooo many ! hehehe   Naturally I'm always tempted by anything and everything designed by Brenda Gervais,  soooo first in my hoop was ...
 'Christmas Tea' ...I'd already previously gathered threads and linen for this cute design ...
 Are those two little mousies not the sweetest? Mr and Mrs Santa-Mouse :) I loved this sweet design ...the cup felt like it took me aaaaages to fill in but was well worth it.
And I had I nice surprise with the linen....The reason I had it already prepped was because I'd already stitched the 'sister-design' ..'Merry Mouse'' at one end of the linen and then I must have just folded the linen and slipped it with the threads and pattern into a project envelope ready to stitch 'Christmas Tea' ...naturally a year or more went by before I got round to starting the second design ...hahaha
So here is ...
 'Merry Mouse' ..also by Brenda Gervais! ;)  hahaha  What am I like ...???

Next I chose a very sweet and very quick design ...
 'Merry Friends' by Plum Street Samplers.... Look at those lovely threads ...I loved the greens :)

 I adore this cute Santa on his ice-skates ...and those trees ...Love it to bits! :)

I am on a bit of a Santa craze at the moment ... Back to choosing another Brenda Gervais design ...
 'Snow for Christmas' ....
 What is not to love about Santa in a pair of beautiful blue trousers, sat on a sheep pulling a sled with a snowman on it!?  :)  :)   These little Santa designs are just flying out of my hoop ...and into my basket all desperately waiting to be finished  into little pillows ..there's even a tart tin that needs to be tackled ..hehehe   I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can find some time to sew a little on my machine before Christmas Day arrives and have some Santa loveliness to drool over :)

Abi and I had planned and booked train tickets for the beginning of December,  to go down to London overnight so that we could visit the 'Winter Wonderland',  Christmas Market in Hyde Park. Sadly because of circumstances we couldn't go, luckily we hadn't booked accommodation so we only lost our train expenses. We were both really disappointed but it is what it is ...and I can shop just about anywhere! :)
I managed all this loot without going near one Christmas Market! hahaha
 I'm not quite sure what happened with all the gingers and christmas puddings ... I dont even remember buying them all!!! Three guesses as to what my Christmas tree will look like this year?? hahaha

 Robins, and mittens are just as tempting  :)

 And I can't pass up on a Santa gnome ...even if I end up buying two of the same ! hahaha :)

And it wouldn't be proper Christmas shopping without a snowglobe and a nativity to add to my collections!  I couldn't NOT buy the snowglobe with the two little Angels insides ;) And I loved the simplicity of the Eskimo nativity as soon as I saw it sat on the shelf :)
And like I said I haven't even being near a Christmas market yet ...who needs to visit Winter Wonderland when she can shop like a pro....a Gingerbread man and Christmas Pudding pro!! hahahaha
We almost have all our Christmas decorations up, I'll be sure to take lots of photos ...you'll have to try reeeeally hard to spot those gingers and puddings on my tree!!! hahahahhaha

Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Happy 1st December :)

I think I'm more than ready to welcome in the Christmas season ...I need some twinkly fairy lights in my life! hahaha    I've spent the last few days packing away the Pumpkins...
and would you believe that I found a Pumpkin! A not so little Pumpkin too! Obviously with my devious pumpkiness, I'd hidden it  sooooo well from hubby that I'd actually forgotten all about it! ....
'Olde Salem Woolens' Pumpkin...it's a lovely ceramic/pottery folk art pumpkin. It is all beautifully  hand painted and finished off with a homespun bow and vintage style label. :) I cant believe that I hid it sooo well that I forgot I had it until it was time to pack everything away! hahaha...what a Muppet I am! ;) 
Hubby very kindly, and with only minimal grumblings ;) lifted all my Christmas boxes down from the loft and re stored the Pumpkin boxes safely for next year. All 10 of my Christmas boxes are currently filling the little room, which is seriously impeding  Hubby and sons football viewing ..hehehe :)  I had every intention of getting all the decorations out and set up but life has been keeping me busy ...that and I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder when I was trying to gently restrain a very uncooperative  Angel Mim at the Dentist on Friday ...she was not happy to be there..hehe...we had they whole kit and caboodle...crying, screaming, the good old 'bucking bronco' move to get out of the seat and lots of jaw clamping ...she made sure that the poor Dentist earned her pay, I bet she'll be looking forward to our next appointment in 6 months time ..hahaha... but Angel Mim's teeth are okay so all is good  :) Angel Esther didn't cause me half as much trouble and no pulled muscles but only because she's smaller and didn't put up much of a fight! hahaha   I'm sure we must have scared everyone sat in the waiting room as they sat there listening to the Kirby-Angel-commotions... Our Dentist and her team  are very lovely, they've known the Angels since they were tiny tots and are not at all fazed by their antics ...apart from the wrestling and finger biting hazards, it is one of our better appointments to attend :)  

Anyways back to my Christmas decorations ... :)  As I said not much has been unpacked but I did manage to hang my December Word-Play pocket ....
 I love these little monthly stitching's designed by Brenda Gervais :)   I so enjoy getting each one out at the beginning of a new month...I think they were my favourite 'stitch-of-the-month' that I have ever sewn ...and completed! hahahaha

The 1st of December is the start of our Christmas tradition of  Advent calender's...
chocolate Advent calender's naturally! ;) We've gone all posh this year and I splurged the pennies and chose  Thorntons chocolate calender's  (they were on offer at the supermarket! hehehehe)  Day 1 got off to a good start ...only one chocolate out of each calender was consumed! And they are now locked away in the Quiet Room, safe from excited and sticky Angel fingers ...although throughout the day I have often heard Angel Mim rattling door handles trying to get into rooms in her hunt for Christmas chocolate! hahaha  We'll just have to hope we have no chocolate robberies as this year I have no back-up/spare calender's ..hehehe  

I'm hoping after resting my shoulder today that tomorrow it will feel easier and I'll be able to make a start on those boxes ....I really am feeling quite desperate for some twinkly fairy lights! :)  :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 30 November 2018

The big surprise !!!!

Our Big Surprise actually started last year...but we didn't really think anything would really happen  :)  Back in May or June of last year we received a really lovely letter from  the "Starlight Children's Foundation", a UK national children's' charity that 'grants' wishes to children with serious illnesses and health conditions,  and they wanted to grant Miriam a wish! We were very, very excited but a little cautious as at the time we weren't sure that we actually qualified,  as our Angels don't suffer from a terminal illness but rather whats termed as a 'life-limiting' genetic condition ...but  after a few phone calls they confirmed that yes, they really did want to award a wish to Miriam! We were beyond excited...but what to wish for on behalf of  Angel Mim??? The usual wishes are often something like swimming with dolphins, going to Disneyland, meeting someone famous.... we probably would have been quite keen for a trip to Disneyland except the 'wish' only covers parents and siblings under 18 years old (I guess thats for covering the expenses for holidays and insurance)  so Angel Esther being over 18 wouldn't be able to come.  :(  It is just their rules and we were okay with that but it left us with a quandary because we really wanted both Angels to benefit from the wish if possible. 

One day whilst looking out the kitchen window I received a jolt of inspiration!!!  :) 
Now, how many years have I have moaned and complained about the ugly shed at the bottom of the garden???   It has just become a running joke that the shed will last longer than the house! ...Even with it's broken windows and the huge hole in its roof! :) :)  
 So  whilst I was looking out the window at the ugly shed in all its dilapidated glory,  I suddenly thought ..."I wish that shed would just fall down so we could get a pretty summer house for the Angels to play in" ...and Voila! I'd actually managed to think of something we could 'wish' for that would benefit both girls ...and if I'm honest rid me of the ugly shed!  Lots and lots of emails backwards and forwards and by the end of May, not only had 'Starlight' granted our wish of a summer house/log cabin for Angel Mim but they also gave us a preliminary date of completion, hopefully within the next 4-6 weeks !!! Eeeakkk right as the school summer holidays began! 

Now we had a lot happening back in June,  my gallbladder operation, the loss of Angel Esther's overnight respite and all the hurly burly of those shenanigans, so taking down the dilapidated shed wasn't top of the list of  our  'need-to-do's' :) So it was  almost the middle of July when we, or rather hubby and Jake had a little look at how hard it was going to be taking down the old shed ...

 And before I knew it there were two men hanging precariously off the shed...
 I'm not convinced that all proper health and safety precautions were fully adhered to! ;)
 They were only supposed to be looking at it, not impulsively deciding to jump on it and pull it down literally by hand! I had two grown men in my garden being boys pulling and bashing until that poor ugly shed was just a tumbled down wreck. They did seem quite pleased with their efforts though! :)  Several trips to the local community refuse centre and most of the debris had been cleared away ...
 It looked sooooo much better! :)

There was a bit of a delay with the company supplying our summer house/log cabin, I guess they were busy with lots of summer orders  and they weren't actually able to come and start building until the 1st of November ...by then ....
...we  were all ready for them with a beautifully cleared area ready and waiting for ....

... a beautiful log cabin-summer house! To say we are super-duper pleased is an understatement. We absolutely LOVE it! I tried to get some photos of it being built but it was just tooo busy with carpenters and saws and drills ...and it went up in just a matter of a couple of hours ...all the lovely thick, chunky,  wooden logs just slotted together like a jigsaw...it was great fun to watch :)

Once it was all built and stained and preserved  and dried we spent the next week or two preparing it inside  for two excited Angels ...

A cosy wicker seat with squidgy cushions....

A cute basket-cube for storage of pencils and colouring books and paper and naturally lots of twinkly fairy star lights to make it pretty for our Angels  :)
It still needs a little bit of work, a step or two up for easier access into the cabin and maybe some shelves and some stepping stones across the lawn. But as the weather is colder and wetter now we'll probably finish everything off when Spring arrives and brings some warmer days full of  sunshine  :)

Angel Mim was very  excited to go inside and explore her brand new log house ...  :)
And come Spring and Summer next year  it will be a lovely space for both Angels to play and chill and relax in. Swimming with dolphins and trips to Disneyland  may have been once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but Angel Mim's log cabin will be enjoyed for a very long time by all of us.

I think we made the right wish/choice  and we are so very, very grateful to the Starlight Foundation for not only granting the wish but planning and organising absolutely everything!...All we had to do was demolish the ugly shed ...and the menfolk had a totally fun 'boy' day of doing that!  ;) Isn't it a beautiful wish to be granted!? :)

I'm now thinking Christmas Trees, twinkly lights and Santa's Grotto!! ...hahahahahaha :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 17 November 2018

21 years ago...

21 years ago today our lives changed forever...21 years ago my Angel was born... Angel Esther came into this world 4 weeks earlier than planned  :)   She was my smallest baby, a tiny little thing weighing 5 pounds exactly ...I vividly remember Hubby being able to hold her completely all curled up it the palm of one hand (he has big strong hands ...haha)  Her birth was induced because throughout my pregnancy there had been concerns about her growth and heart rate. It had been a very worrying time and we were anxious and concerned, but once she was in my arms all we saw was this perfect, dark haired, fairy princess of a baby. Angel Esther was somehow magically tiny and perfect and beautiful, just like a fairy princess, and absolutely everyone  commented on how pretty, dainty and perfect she was :)  I nursed her myself and she fed well but just couldn't seem to put on weight, we were told not to worry she was a 'winter-baby' and just needed time to grow. It was a busy time in our lives, we already had Abigael who was 3 1/2 and the sweetest grown-up big sister ever and Jacob our cute 17 month old bundle of cheekiness. Hubby had being promoted at work which meant a  house move and relocation  from Surrey in the South  up to Lancashire in the North ....packing, moving, unpacking, school and nursery hunting, all the craziness of a young family growing and changing ...except Angel Esther still wasn't growing and my 'Mummy' instincts were tingling lots. :(  I had reached a point where I was fraught with worry after suffering several months of  being told I was an 'over-anxious-new-mum'  (hardly new with two older children!)  and that 'not all babies grow at the same rate' ...blah-d-blah-d-blah... There is  absolutely nothing worse as a parent than feeling that  your concerns are not being taken seriously with health visitors or your GP (General Practitioner)  And even though  my Angel didn't 'pass' her 9 month developmental check,  I was still being told 'she's almost there' and not to worry  :(   But  I knew something wasn't right  and  so we chose to change family doctors and at my very first appointment I remember telling the new GP simply that I didn't know 'what' but  there was 'something' and I needed him to refer us to a specialist ...it turned out to be that GP's last week before his retirement and he could have fobbed me off and sent me on my way but he was kind and understanding and he wisely told me 'Mothers know' and made that  all important first referral.   
A long story short...lots and lots and lots of appointments with a whole myriad of doctors, consultants and professionals,  lots and lots of tests and scans and procedures,  years of sleepless nights, praying, more praying and soooo much anguish that at times our hearts felt completely broken and enough tears to create our very own ocean and we finally had a 'diagnosis' for Angel Esther (and our little surprise who became Angel Mim!)  Our fairy princess was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome -UBE3A type, when she was 7 years old  (Angel Mim was 2 years) I remember that day sooo clearly ...I'd somehow expected that a diagnosis would fix everything but in actual fact it was probably one of my lowest times ever ...it was like my last tiny bit of hope had been swept away :( 
I hate the term 'it's been a journey' ..probably because I'm grumpy that I didn't get any choice in choosing my journey....damn those genes! ..hehe ;)  Our life is different, it's hard, its exhausting, it sometimes feels like it's controlled by 'professionals', it's always emotionally and physically draining and sometimes it's just outright  'poo'!   But we also have lots of special, tender moments, we have lots of laugh out loud and quite dark humour moments. We have the most manic and chaotic of adventures and we have sooo much love within our little family, that our hearts are often fit to burst. Hubby and I aren't anything special...I hate it when people tell us we are special! ;) hehehe ..we are just two parents doing the best we can for our children that we love ...just like all other parents :)

I wanted today, my Angel's 21st birthday, to be a love-bursting-heart day...and to  most people celebrating with us, with all the balloons and cake and music and fun and laughter it has been a wonderful day of celebration. But inside my heart is grieving for my Angel, I'm grieving for the loss of  'a life' for my fairy princess. My beautiful daughter is 21 years old today...she should be in her final year of study at University, working hard to achieve all her dreams and ambitions. She should be dancing around her room to music, putting on makeup, styling her hair, dressing up so she can be out  partying all night with her friends. I should be worrying about boyfriends and whether she's safe, that she is eating healthily and that her mobile is charged and has enough credit to ring home. Instead my beautiful Angel (who still does look like a fairy-princess) is curled up on the sofa next to me trying so very very  hard to thread chunky beads onto a shoelace. She is wearing her new soft velour Pj's decorated with a little bit of glitz and some sparkly sequins that every now and then she tries to chew off!  :)  We have one of her favourite films, 'The Goonies' playing on the TV and she keeps looking up from her beads to giggle and laugh. It is a very happy, gentle, family evening.... I just can't help wishing that for her, tonight, that her life was different and that she was able to experience all the fun and excitement that life suddenly seems to offer you as you turn the page from childhood into adulthood.
Can you tell that I find birthdays hard!? :) I tell myself that it is just a day and then I fib to myself and say that the future is still so very far away ...we don't want to start thinking or talking about the future because that is only going to set another wagon load of brain cells 'aburning ...hahaha!! :)   I'm not usually quite so woeful and moany.  I'm a great believer in expressing how you feel in the most comfortable way for you, 'letting it all out' :)  For me putting my jumbled thoughts down onto paper has always helped, so hopefully by writing down my feelings at this time it  will  settle my tearfulness and aching heart.  In many, many ways we are so very blessed as a family and I truly do try to focus on that ...it's just sometimes .........it's hard :(
Thank you for listening to my hearts tears ...sorry if it has been a bit maudlin and miserable.

I'll go hug a pumpkin or two, eat a big bar of chocolate and we'll be back to normal transmission in the blink of an eye! :) hehehehe

hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 16 November 2018

I think Im in a time warp!

..but instead of gaining extra time I'm loosing it ...loosing time and my marbles most likely !! :) hahaha    Such a lot feels like it has happened in the last few weeks. It's being pretty manic at times, so much so that I'm finding it hard to actually remember all that has happened ...We do have some majorly exciting news to share, that has taken up a huge amount of time ...you'll never guess what it is! That news will need a post of its very own, which I need to do soon ...hehehe
 We've been busy as usual with appointments for the Angels, annual reviews with school, health and social services. And as is sadly our usual 'stop-you-in-your-tracks' life,  we've had just one or two bad seizures for our Angels, obviously living with Epilepsy it is not unusual but it's not good either... but for want of a better way to express it, they've both recovered better from them than they did during last several months before their meds were increased. I'm hoping that the seizures are due to the colder weather bringing coughs and sneezes and little Angel bodies adjusting to all the germs flying around...always hoping! hehehe   We've had health drama with Great-Grandma, not her Gallbladder this time but a scary Pulmonary Embolism in her lungs ...that was not a fun week! But regular trips to the Warfarin clinic, and a new meds regime over the last 3 weeks,  sees her starting to turn the corner back to her happier well self. :) Grandma's-day-nursery has increased to three afternoons a week to accommodate a change in working hours for the Mummy and Daddy. That not-so-little-man keeps me hopping and running here, there and everywhere ...I'm definitely missing out on much needed cake time! hahaha

One of my busy days was spent in school in class with my Angel Mim :) We spent a lovely morning stuffing pumpkins (I'd already cut and stitched the fabric ahead of time)  Once they were stuffed the class staff and I did the fiddly part of 'quartering' the pumpkins ready for the students to finish off with cinnamon sticks for stalks and ribbon or felt for leaves ...
One young man loves smiley faces so we had a little extra help adding a face to his, And I'm not at all biased when I say naturally the best Pumpkin Stuffer, leading the way, showing everyone how it is done, was my very own sweet Angel Mim...it's all that practice she gets at home ...slave-labour-pumpkin-stuffing!!! :) hahahaha  And my Angel was so very proud when she got to bring her own pumpkin home from school ...she even independently put it on the top of the piano too!  Hows that for Pumpkin brain-washing !??! hahahaha

I have found some quieter time for some of my beloved stitching  :) A couple of small quick stitches completed....
'Pumpkins Three' by La-D-Da designs ...
 I love how this turned out eventually, but I was going slightly cross-eyed with all those little black stitches ! :)

'Simply Autumn' by The Drawn Thread was a much easier stitch ...
..until I had to do those satin stitch leaves!!! I really, really HATE Satin Stitch!!! I was frogging, restitching and frogging again until I was ready to scream sometimes! hehehe Eventually I just needed to be 'dun' with it and whilst some of those leaves are a bit of a mess I'm not going anywhere near them again! hahahaha 

Mr Postman was kind enough to deliver the most wonderful parcel of happiness...
 A little box bursting with Pumpkin gloriousness! :) Meet Orange Hilda and Black Pete...the cutest witchy Pumpkin heads ever! I Love Them!!! There is also a beautiful folk art shaped pumpkin and even a cute 'freebie'  Fall pumpkin. All very eagerly purchased from the wonderfully talented Karen of 'oldecottageprimitives' on Etsy. Karen really does create the most fabulous treasures...I'm very lucky to own several of her creations that I've purchased over the years...Her skill and artistry never fails to impress and excite me, I only wish I could have one of everything she makes! :)

I also completed a little woolly transaction...
The new 'All for Fall' book by Bonnie Sullivan, I just had to have it! :) Its is full to the brim of lovely woolly Autumnal projects ...I really hope she writes some more books for each of the seasons :) Then I also had to have  the woolly gorgeousness kit for the wonderful design 'Autumn' by 1894 Cottonwood House ... I cant even begin to describe how delicious those wool's are in real life! :) :) 
I think I was quite restrained in my pumpkin and woolly shopping! ....we all know it could have been a lot worse! hehehehe 

I shall try to be back very soooooon with our exciting news ...I need to get all my photos sorted ...It is reeeeeaally exciting and you'll NEVER guess what it is!!!! hahahahaha :) :) :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 1 November 2018

1st November...

Another busy day for me ...baking, baking and more baking of our favourite Autumnal treats,  Pumpkin Pies ... I was in such a dither all tangled up in my apron strings, trying to bake and also  fulfill my Grandma-Nursery duties with the Grand-bubba, that I almost forgot to hang my November word play pocket! :)
In between baking and nap time  I even attempted to make another woolly Crow ...but it still somehow looks like a black Duck!! ...hahaha   ...or maybe I should be aiming to make a Raven ... could it pass as a Raven do you think? ..hehehe   Obviously I'm not that good at drawing bird bodies freehand! ;)

Most of my day was happily spent baking..
 lots of yummy smelly spices and indulgent rich cream ...this recipe is not for the faint-hearted or the slim-of-hips! ..hahaha

A bit of blitzing ...with my blitzer ..hehe
 I adore the way Pumpkin pulp goes smooth and silky ...and that colour!...my mouth was starting to water already at this point :)

Yaaaay!...Pies in my oven :)
 this was only the first batch too ...  the second batch was ready and waiting its turn to go in the oven  ;) we had a total of  seven Pumpkin Pies baked ... the kitchen smelt heavenly all day !

We even roasted some of the pumpkin seeds..
 a drizzle of Olive oil, a good sprinkling of sea salt and 20-30 minutes in a hot oven  and out comes crunchy goodness on a tray :)

The sun shone on our Pumpkin Pies! :) hahaha
I'm pleased to report that they were all perfect pies!  I didn't drop or spill one little drop of pumpkin mixture so my kitchen stayed relatively clean too! :) Of our seven pies a few have already found their way to friends and family to fill their  tummy's,  but we've managed save two and  eat two whole pies for our greedy little selves ... hahahha   There is something special about warm Pumpkin Pie, a healthy ( or unhealthy!) dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of maple syrup that is just sooooo moreish ...and perfectly delicious!!!   :)  Pumpkin Pie is not to every ones taste, I bake ours as a sweet pie, a little bit like an English Custard Tart ...but yummier! :) I can probably guarantee that there will be no pies left by the weekend...but it's OK ... I have another two Pumpkins to blitz yet ...and I'll do my up most to try a freeze at least one of those  pies so we can enjoy it later in the month ...or even at Christmas! :)

Hugs Wendy x x